Status of porting extensions to Foswiki

Foswiki aims to be totally transparent about what extensions actually work, and what value they can bring. We are not interested in marketing hype or FUD, we are interested in bringing value to end users.

Foswiki has the power to use many TWiki® extensions without modifications when used with the TWikiCompatibilityPlugin. However many, many TWiki extensions have become obsolete over the years, and other extensions will benefit from the "makeover" they get in the process of being ported to the Foswiki namespace.

The following tables show the current status of all TWiki extensions. The list is assembled from Subversion and from the list of published extensions on It does not list new extensions developed for Foswiki alone.

  • In SVN means "Developed in Subversion" - is the topic in the TWiki repository marked as "Developed in SVN"? If not the Foswiki subversion version cannot be trusted!
  • Namespace means the development namespace of the extension. Many extensions in the Foswiki namespace support auto-porting to TWiki, and extensions in the TWiki namespace can be run in Foswiki using the TWikiCompatibilityPlugin. So this is mainly a statement of how much the author/maintainer cares about the extension; if they have ported to Foswiki, they definitely care.
  • Author/Maintainer - who is the most likely person to look after it. A person means the author has asked to be contacted.
The assumption is that if an author is not registered on this site, then their extensions should be help wanted or dropped.

If you make any updates to the status of these extensions please help out by maintaining these tables

You can use Item1008 to delete dropped extensions from SVN.

See also: GuidelinesForTWikiExtensionTransformation.

Extension is in Foswiki space - foswiki

Extension In SVN Author/Maintainer Status Notes
Summary N: 4
Y: 176
ActionTrackerPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki  
AliasPlugin Y OthelloMaurer, MichaelDaum person foswiki  
AntiWikiSpamPlugin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
ApprovalPlugin Y AndrewJones foswiki
AttachContentPlugin Y MeredithLesly, KennethLavrsen, ArthurClemens foswiki  
AttachLinkPlugin Y TimotheLitt person foswiki Author still develops in TWiki as well. Foswiki version ported
AttachmentListPlugin Y VinodKulkarni, SopanShewale, ArthurClemens foswiki  
AutoCompletePlugin Y AndrewJones foswiki AndrewJones has ported. Tasks.Item1249
AutoViewTemplatePlugin Y OliverKrueger person foswiki  
BarcodePlugin Y StevenSprouse foswiki  
BatchUploadPlugin Y MartinCleaver, ArthurClemens foswiki AndrewJones has ported. Tasks.Item1250
BeautifierPlugin Y LingLo, BryanThale foswiki Tasks.Item8844
BehaviourContrib Y ArthurClemens foswiki  
BibliographyPlugin Y AntonioTerceiro foswiki Ported by AndrewJones. Tasks.Item1251
BlackListPlugin Y Foswiki port: KennethLavrsen foswiki  
BlogAddOn Y ArthurClemens foswiki  
BreadCrumbsPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki  
BrowserBoosterPlugin Y OliverKrueger person foswiki  
BugsContrib Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
BuildContrib Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki  
CasLoginContrib Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
CalendarPlugin Y AndreaSterbini foswiki  
ChartPlugin Y KennethLavrsen foswiki  
ChecklistPlugin Y DanielRohde person foswiki  
ChecklistTablePlugin Y DanielRohde person foswiki  
ClassificationPlugin Y MichaelDaum foswiki  
CommentPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie foswiki  
CompareRevisionsAddOn Y KennethLavrsen foswiki  
ControlWikiWordPlugin Y GeorgeClark foswiki Merge functions of StopWikiWordLinkPlugin and SingletonWikiWordPlugin
CounterPlugin Y RahulMundke, WillNorris foswiki  
CpanContrib Y WillNorris foswiki  
DatabasePlugin Y TaitCyrus foswiki LarsEik Tasks.Item8018
DateTimePlugin Y AurelioAHeckert, ArthurClemens foswiki  
DBCacheContrib Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki  
DBCachePlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki  
DBIQueryPlugin Y VadimBelman foswiki Ported by CrawfordCurrie Tasks.Item9369
DebugLogPlugin Y SvenDowideit foswiki  
DirectedGraphPlugin Y ColeBeck, GeorgeClark foswiki  
DirectedGraphWebMapPlugin Y MagnusLewisSmith, MichaelTempest foswiki  
DistributedServersPlugin Y SvenDowideit foswiki  
DojoToolkitContrib Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
DoxygenPlugin Y JohnKnutson New version being developed. Former devs: WillNorris, LeafGarland. Old code in "twiki" branch
DpSyntaxHighlighterPlugin Y AndrewJones foswiki  
EasyTimelinePlugin Y MikeMarion foswiki Ported by AndrewJones. Tasks.Item1252
EditChapterPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki  
EditRowPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki Auto-ported TWiki version available
EditSyntaxPlugin Y PeterThoeny foswiki  
EditTablePlugin Y ArthurClemens foswiki  
ExcelImportExportPlugin Y ThomasWeigert person foswiki  
ExitPlugin Y IanBygrave person foswiki Ready for testing.
ExplicitNumberingPlugin Y MartinVlach, ThomasWeigert person foswiki  
ExternalLinkPlugin Y ArthurClemens foswiki
FamFamFamContrib Y SvenDowideit person foswiki
FamilyTreePlugin Y CrawfordCurrie, GeorgeClark person foswiki
FastCGIEngineContrib Y GilmarSantosJr foswiki  
FileListPlugin N     Extension has been renamed to AttachmentListPlugin
FilterPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
FindElsewherePlugin Y MikeBarton foswiki
FirebugLitePlugin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki
FlexWebListPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
FlowchartPlugin Y AurelioAHeckert / KennethLavrsen foswiki  
ForEachPlugin Y MagnusLewisSmith, KennethLavrsen foswiki Port done. Not yet bug fixed and released
FormFieldListPlugin Y ArthurClemens foswiki
FormPlugin Y ArthurClemens foswiki
FormQueryPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie, ThomasWeigert person foswiki
FreeMindPlugin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki
GaugePlugin Y PeterThoeny, TaitCyrus foswiki AndrewJones has ported Tasks.Item1254
GenPDFAddOn Y BrianSpinar, TWiki:Main.WadeTurland, Foswiki:Main.GeorgeClark foswiki Conversion started
GetAWebPlugin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki
GlobalReplacePlugin Y PaulineCheung foswiki
GluePlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
GoogleAnalyticsPlugin Y ArthurClemens foswiki
HeadlinesPlugin Y PeterThoeny foswiki
HistoryPlugin Y KennethLavrsen foswiki
HolidaylistPlugin Y PeterJones, DanielRohde person foswiki
HostnamePlugin Y AndrewJones foswiki Ported by AndrewJones . Tasks.Item1255
HttpsRedirectPlugin Y StephaneLenclud foswiki Ported and published on
IfDefinedPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
ImageGalleryPlugin Y MichaelDaum, WillNorris person foswiki
ImagePlugin Y CraigMeyer, MichaelDaum person foswiki
InterwikiPlugin Y AndreaSterbini, PeterThoeny foswiki
JQueryPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
JSCalendarContrib Y CrawfordCurrie foswiki
JSPopupPlugin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki
JSUnitContrib Y ArthurClemens foswiki
LatexModePlugin Y ScottHoge foswiki
LdapContrib Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
LdapNgPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
LightboxPlugin Y HenriAanstoot, ScottHoge foswiki
LinkOptionsPlugin Y AurelioAHeckert, ItaloValcy foswiki
LocalCityTimePlugin Y PeterThoeny foswiki Problems with mod_perl 2 due to use of $ENV{TZ}? Ported by CrawfordCurrie
LocalTimePlugin Y NathanOllerenshaw & SvenDowideit foswiki
LoginNameAliasesPlugin Y ClaussStrauch & SvenDowideit foswiki
MailerContrib Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki
MailInContrib Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki
MathModePlugin Y GraemeLufkin, MichaelDaum person foswiki
MediaWikiTablePlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
MediaWikiToFoswikiContrib Y MichaelDaum person foswiki been renamed accordingly
MeetingBingoPlugin Y KennethLavrsen foswiki
MetaWorkflowPlugin Y AndrewJones foswiki AndrewJones has ported Tasks.Item1256
MicroformatsPlugin Y SvenDowideit foswiki
MsOfficeAttachmentsAsHTMLPlugin Y MartinCleaver foswiki Ported and improved (simplified) by CrawfordCurrie
NatEditPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
NativeSearchContrib Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki
NatSkinPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
NatSkin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
NewUserPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki
NuSkin Y DavidPatterson foswiki Ported by CrawfordCurrie
MediaPlugin Y PiersGoodhew, SvenDowideit person foswiki
OrphanFindPlugin N JeffCrawford foswiki Ported by PaulHarvey
OrphansPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki
PatternSkin Y ArthurClemens foswiki
PerforcePlugin Y StephaneLenclud foswiki Ported and published on
PersonalInfoAddOn Y ArthurClemens foswiki
PreferencesPlugin Y ThomasWeigert foswiki Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
PublishPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie et al foswiki Replaces PublishContrib
QuickMenuSkin N VernonLyon foswiki  
RackPlannerPlugin Y DanielRohde person foswiki LarsEik, Tasks.Item8030
RandomTopicPlugin N MichaelSparks foswiki Tasks.Item8786
RatingContrib Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki Tasks.Item1258
RedDotPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki  
RedirectPlugin Y SteveMokris foswiki AndrewJones has ported Tasks.Item1259
RenderFormPlugin Y DanielRohde foswiki  
RenderListPlugin Y PeterThoeny person foswiki  
RenderPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki  
RenderTableDataPlugin Y ArthurClemens foswiki GeorgeClark is porting
RevCommentPlugin Y KennethLavrsen, SteffenPoulsen foswiki  
RevisionLinkPlugin Y RichardBaar, KennethLavrsen foswiki  
SafeWikiPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki  
SendEmailPlugin Y ArthurClemens, MichaelDaum foswiki  
SignaturePlugin Y ThomasWeigert foswiki  
SkillsPlugin Y AndrewJones foswiki AndrewJones has ported. Tasks.Item1260
SlideShowPlugin Y PeterThoeny person foswiki  
SmartEditContrib Y GaelCrova (ColasNahaboo) foswiki  
SmiliesPlugin Y AndreaSterbini, PeterThoeny foswiki  
SnazzyRoundedCornersContrib Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
SoapClientPlugin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
SpacedWikiWordPlugin Y ArthurClemens foswiki  
SpreadSheetPlugin Y PeterThoeny person foswiki  
SubscribePlugin Y CrawfordCurrie foswiki  
SubversionStoreContrib Y CrawfordCurrie foswiki  
SyntaxHighlightingPlugin Y AndrewJones foswiki AndrewJones has ported. Tasks.Item1261
TablePlugin Y JohnTalintyre, PeterThoeny, ArthurClemens foswiki  
TagCloudPlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki  
TagMePlugin Y PeterThoeny, ArthurClemens foswiki Ported by CDot
TalkContrib Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
TestFixturePlugin Y CrawfordCurrie foswiki  
ThumbnailPlugin Y TimotheLitt person foswiki Author still develops in TWiki. Foswiki version ported
TimelinePlugin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
TimeSincePlugin Y MichaelDaum person foswiki  
TimeTablePlugin Y DanielRohde person foswiki  
TinyMCEPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki  
TipsContrib Y PaulineCheung foswiki  
TocPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie foswiki CrawfordCurrie 22/12/2009 - merry christmas!
ToolTipPlugin Y PatrickNomblot, GeorgeClark foswiki  
ToPDFPlugin Y EugenMayer foswiki  
TopicClassificationAddOn Y LynnwoodBrown person foswiki  
TopicCreatePlugin Y StanleyKnutson, PeterThoeny, PaulineCheung foswiki AndrewJones has ported Tasks.Item1262
TopicDataHelperPlugin Y ArthurClemens foswiki  
TopicTranslationsPlugin Y AntonioTerceiro foswiki  
TopicUserMappingContrib Y SvenDowideit foswiki  
TreeBrowserPlugin Y ThomasWeigert, StephaneLenclud foswiki Ported and published on
TreePlugin Y SlavaKozlov, StephaneLenclud foswiki Ported and published on
TWikiDrawPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie foswiki ported and improved as JHotDrawPlugin
TwistyPlugin Y RafaelAlvarez, MichaelDaum, ArthurClemens foswiki  
TypographyPlugin Y EricScouten, WillNorris foswiki  
UnitTestContrib Y CrawfordCurrie et al foswiki  
UpdateAttachmentsPlugin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
UpdateInfoPlugin Y ChrisHuebsch, SteffenPoulsen foswiki  
VarCachePlugin Y KennethLavrsen foswiki  
VotePlugin Y MichaelDaum foswiki CDot ported it
WebAutoIncPlugin Y OliverKrueger person foswiki  
WidgetsSkin Y SvenDowideit foswiki  
WorkflowPlugin Y ThomasHartkens, ThomasWeigert, CrawfordCurrie foswiki  
WysiwygPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie person foswiki  
X509UserPlugin Y TimotheLitt person foswiki Author still develops in TWiki. Foswiki version ported
XmlRpcContrib Y MichaelDaum person foswiki  
YahooUserInterfaceContrib Y SvenDowideit person foswiki  
MoveableTypeSkin Y SvenDowideit person foswiki use WidgetsSkin for a MT4 compatible CSS skin
WikiWorkbenchContrib Y MichaelDaum foswiki formerly known as TWikiWorkbenchAddOn

Author has requested that they be left to do the port - work by author

Extension In SVN Author/Maintainer Status Notes
appears broken if not been published in Foswiki        
AutoCompleteAddOn Y ArthurClemens work by author  
BlogPlugin Y MichaelDaum person work by author work in progress
ComponentEditPlugin Y SvenDowideit work by author  
ExecuterContrib Y StephaneLenclud work by author  
FootNotePlugin Y IanBygrave person work by author In progress Tasks.Item2208
HTTPDUserAdminContrib Y SvenDowideit person work by author
InlineEditPlugin Y SvenDowideit work by author
InterwikiPreviewPlugin N IanBygrave person work by author TBD Tasks.Item2209
MostPopularPlugin N KoenMartens work by author
NavbarPlugin N ColasNahaboo work by author I wont be working on it soon however.
DavidPatterson has been maintaining this locally and volunteers to port it to Foswiki.
OpenIDUserContrib N SvenDowideit person work by author
SearchEngineKinoSearchAddOn Y MarkusHesse, SvenDowideit work by author  
SpanishTWikiContrib N SebastianKlus person work by author  
SynonymPlugin N SvenDowideit work by author  
TaskExeContrib Y StephaneLenclud work by author  
TaskExePlugin Y StephaneLenclud work by author  
TWikiAjaxContrib Y ArthurClemens work by author Should be ported using JQueryPlugin
TWikiAjaxPlugin Y ArthurClemens work by author Should be ported using JQueryPlugin
TWikiInstallerContrib N WillNorris work by author  
TWikiPluginInstallerContrib Y WillNorris work by author  
TWikiShellContrib Y MartinCleaver, RafaelAlvarez work by author By what was this obsoleted?
UserHomePageAddOn N ColasNahaboo work by author  
WikiwygContrib Y SvenDowideit person work by author  
XmlXslPlugin N MartinCleaver and friends work by author  
Summary N: 9
Y: 15

Author wants help with the port help wanted

These extensions have not been ported to Foswiki yet. This is usually because no-one has expressed an interest in them; in many cases it means "help we don't even know if this works or has any value" so you can help by installing these extensions, testing them and updating the Notes column, even if you have limited Perl skills.

Extension In SVN Author/Maintainer Status Notes
appears broken if not been published in Foswiki        
AddDBMGroupPlugin N CloyceSpradling help wanted  
AdvancedManageContrib N SaschaVetter help wanted  
AdvertsPlugin Y MartinCleaver help wanted  
AgentPlugin N AndyThaller help wanted  
AnyWikiDrawPlugin Y WernerRandelshofer person help wanted  
AutolinkDDTSPlugin N JonathanCline help wanted  
AutoNavigationPlugin N AndrewMoise person help wanted  
BenchmarkContrib Y HaraldJoerg help wanted  
BugzillaLinkPlugin N FlorianGnaegi help wanted Port ongoing: see Tasks.Item2197 (by SaschaVetter )
BugzillaQueryPlugin N RichardBaar help wanted  
CacheAddOn N PeterKlausner help wanted  
CacheChooserAddOn N JensRoeder help wanted  
ChildTopicsTag Y MeredithLesly help wanted  
ChildTopicTemplatePlugin N DeanCording help wanted  
CliRunnerContrib Y HaraldJoerg help wanted  
CommonHeaderFooterPlugin N ClifKussmaul person help wanted please contact ClifKussmaul if you use or want this
ConfluenceToFoswikiContrib Y TWiki:Main.SophanShewale, porting by WillNorris help wanted need people with Confluence installations to help test
ContributorsPlugin Y AndreaSterbini, PeterThoeny, DuckySherwood help wanted  
ControlsPlugin N ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
CreateTopicTag Y MeredithLesly help wanted  
EditContrib Y ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
EditHiddenTablePlugin Y ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
EditInTablePlugin N RudiBierach help wanted  
EditTablerowPlugin Y ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
EFetchPlugin N ColeBeck help wanted  
EmbedBibPlugin N DonnyKurniawan help wanted  
EmbedPDFPlugin N JohannesMartin help wanted  
EmbedQTPlugin Y DonnyKurniawan help wanted  
EmbedTopicPlugin N DavidBourget help wanted  
ExifMetaDataPlugin Y PascalBuchbinder help wanted  
ExtendedSelectPlugin Y EricSchwertfeger help wanted  
ExtTopicListPlugin Y MeredithLesly help wanted
FakeBasicAuthRegPlugin N MikeMoretti help wanted
FallbackPlugin Y MeredithLesly help wanted
FormFieldsPlugin N JohnTalintyre help wanted
FormPivotPlugin N JohnTalintyre help wanted
FormsAddOn N ThomasWeigert help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
FundraisingPlugin Y BenVoui help wanted
GenerateSearchPlugin N ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
GitPlugin N ThomasWeigert person help wanted  
GoogleAjaxSearchPlugin Y ArthurClemens help wanted
GpgkeyPlugin N TriBble help wanted
GuidPlugin Y BruceDillahunty help wanted
ImgPlugin Y MeredithLesly person help wanted
ImgTag Y MeredithLesly help wanted
ImmediateNotifyPlugin Y WalterMundt & JuergenPabel help wanted
InclTag Y MeredithLesly help wanted
IncludeIndexPlugin N PeterKlausner help wanted
IncludeRevisionPlugin N JustinHickman help wanted
PingBackPlugin Y MichaelDaum help wanted unfinished plugin, help wanted
JSPwikiToTWikiAddOn N NilsBoysen help wanted
KwikiToTWikiAddOn N FredMorris help wanted
LDAPPasswordChangerPlugin N LuisCamposDeCarvalho person help wanted obsoleted by LdapContrib
LdapPlugin N GerardHickey help wanted
LoadTagsPlugin Y MeredithLesly help wanted
MacrosPlugin N CrawfordCurrie help wanted
MailReminderPlugin Y AshishNaval help wanted
MailToTWikiAddOn Y AlanBurlison help wanted
MessageBoardPlugin N LuisCamposDeCarvalho help wanted
MetasearchTag Y MeredithLesly help wanted
MovableTypePlugin N JasonTromm help wanted
MrdIdPlugin N BrianSpinar help wanted
MultiEditPlugin Y ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
MultiLangPlugin Y FrankLichtenheld help wanted
NavBarAddOn Y PeterThoeny help wanted
NotificationPlugin N RichardBaar help wanted
PatentLinkPlugin Y Main.AK47 help wanted
PeerPlugin Y SteveRoe help wanted
PhantomPlugin N AlexeyEfimov help wanted
PhotoarchivePlugin Y MarkusKolb person help wanted sucessfully installed and adapted PhotoarchivePlugin 31 Oct 2006 (V1.004) to run on Foswiki (RobertLaufer)
PhpWikiToTWikiAddOn N JuanGrigera help wanted  
ProjectPlannerPlugin N KiranBondalapati help wanted  
ProtocolTlaPlugin N JonathanCline help wanted  
PrototypeContrib Y ArthurClemens help wanted  
QuickCalendarPlugin Y JonathanCline person help wanted  
QuickSearchPlugin Y DaveAlsup help wanted  
QuizPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie help wanted  
RecursiveRenderPlugin Y WalterMundt help wanted  
RollupPlugin N MarcusAhnve help wanted  
SablotronPlugin N CharlieReitsma help wanted  
SearchSummaryPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie person help wanted  
SearchToTablePlugin N KenKachnowich help wanted  
SectionalEditPlugin Y DanBoitnott person help wanted  
SecurityPlugin N MichaelGindonis help wanted  
SetVariableAddOn N DonnyKurniawan help wanted  
SlashFilenamePlugin N JonathanCline help wanted  
SlideNavPlugin Y GeorgeNevilleNeil help wanted  
SmartEditPlugin N ThomasWeigert help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
SnmpCommandPlugin Y PeterJones help wanted  
SourceHighlightPlugin N ChrisWinters help wanted  
StylePlugin N DaleBrayden help wanted  
SvgPlugin N AntonioTerceiro help wanted  
SyncContrib Y MartinCleaver help wanted  
TableToolAddOn N IwanMouwen help wanted  
TemplateToolkitPlugin Y HaraldJoerg help wanted  
TextSectionPlugin N NorbertWindrich help wanted  
ThreadedDiscussionPlugin Y ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
TitleTag Y MeredithLesly help wanted  
TopicReadersPlugin N PatrickNomblot help wanted  
TopicReferencePlugin Y JeffCrawford help wanted  
TopicVarsPlugin N TrippLilley help wanted  
TouchGraphPlugin Y ChristopherHuhn help wanted  
TracQueryPlugin Y ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
TWikiCacheAddOn N RichardBaar help wanted  
TWikiDrawSvgPlugin Y ChristopheRei, GuillaumeWenger help wanted Needs merging into JHotDrawPlugin
TWikiReleaseTrackerPlugin N MartinCleaver help wanted Very useful for reconciling modified Fostwikis, but would need help
TWikiUmlPlugin N CarlosManzanares person help wanted  
UploadToTWikiAddOn Y PeterThoeny help wanted  
URLCachePlugin N ArildBergh help wanted  
UseModWikiToTWikiAddOn N LesOrchard help wanted  
VersionLinkPlugin N EdLott help wanted  
WeatherPlugin N AndreBonhote help wanted  
WebPermissionsPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie, SvenDowideit person help wanted Work appears to be ongong: Tasks.Item1484
WorkFlowAddOn N ThomasWeigert help wanted Reading the history of WorkflowPlugin I am wondering whether this is not outdated. I will have to study the code. -- Th.
WorkflowReportsContrib N PaulHoesli person help wanted  
XmlQueryPlugin N PatrickDiamond help wanted  
YetAnotherDBCacheContrib N ThomasWeigert person help wanted See YetAnotherFormQueryPlugin
YetAnotherFormQueryPlugin N ThomasWeigert person help wanted This extended FormQueryPlugin substantially. However, it needs to be clarified how much of this type of functionality can be done with the new search feature, and whether it might not be better to merge the added functionality there.
YetAnotherXpTrackerPlugin Y RichardBennett, MartinWatt, ThomasWeigert person help wanted Thomas has confirmed he wants it ported
Summary N: 65
Y: 54

Dropped dropped

These extensions have been evaluated by a variety of Foswiki developers (often their author), and placed here for a variety reasons, as noted.

If you see a plugin that you use, don't despair! This is not a "permanent banishment" area. Some of these plugins are listed because we don't think they have a user base. Perhaps you can help by porting the plugin into the Foswiki namespace? (try the core/tools/twiki2foswiki script) Or, ask for our help with the conversion (and possibly enhancements).

NOTE: All skins except NatSkin, PatternSkin, WidgetsSkin, QuickMenuSkin have been deprecated, but can easily be revived if interest warrants.

Extension In SVN Author/Maintainer Status Notes
appears broken if not been published in Foswiki        
AccessStatsPlugin Y StephaneLenclud person dropped Obsoleted by author
AlbumOfSnapsPlugin N AshishNaval dropped Code is full of security issues, and seem unmaintained -- OlivierRaginel - 12 Dec 2008 - 00:05
AmbarSkin N RaviASV  
ApplicationAuthenticationAddOn N SopanShewale dropped Functionality in core, author not maintaining
AuthPagePlugin N CrawfordCurrie dropped Functionality in core
BeeWikiPlugin N JanPrichystal, MichalDovrtel, VasekDovrtel dropped upstream no longer exists
BibtexPlugin Y MichaelDaum, ScottHoge person dropped very old plugin, not maintained for quite some time
BlueSkin N ThorstenSommermann   Too old and unmaintained to port
BoundedTablePlugin N BramVanOosterhout dropped Use MediaWikiTablePlugin instead!
CaboteriaSkin N TobyCabot   Too old and unmaintained to port
CacheContentPlugin N MeredithLesly person dropped Obsoleted, no maintainer
CategoryPlugin Y AlexKane dropped Never released
ClassicSkin N PeterThoeny dropped Obsoleted, no maintainer
ConditionalPlugin N JeroenVanDongen dropped Should be dropped? Never finished, Obsoleted by VarIF.
CopyCatSkin N MattWilkie dropped Obsoleted, no maintainer
CssZenGardenSkin N SvenDowideit dropped Zengarden author requested it not be released as license does not permit it.
DakarContrib Y MichaelDaum dropped No longer required
DallasSkin N DavidWeller dropped Obsoleted, no maintainer
DandruffSkin N JeroenVanDongen dropped Obsoleted, no maintainer
DateFieldPlugin Y CrawfordCurrie dropped Functionality in core
DefaultPlugin Y AndreaSterbini, PeterThoeny dropped Bring it back as part of TWikiCompatibilityPlugin if anyone ever misses it
DiskUsagePlugin Y MartinCleaver dropped I don't have a need for it.
DistributionContrib N MartinCleaver dropped part of TWikiReleaseTrackerPlugin
DolphinToTWikiAddOn N PeterThoeny dropped ancient wiki system, most conversions probably happened a decade ago
DragonSkin N ClaussStrauch dropped Unmaintainer
EditTWikiExternalEditorAddOn N EdTaekema dropped Obsoleted
EmbedFlashPlugin Y ArthurClemens dropped integrated into MediaPlugin
EmbedPlugin Y MartinCleaver dropped
EncryptedPagesPlugin N RichardJEllery dropped Obsoleted
EndNotePlugin N IanBygrave dropped Left over after renaming to FootNotePlugin
FeedbackPlugin N FrankHartmann dropped Obsoleted
FileUploadPlugin N EdgarKlerks dropped Obsoleted
FirefoxBoosterPlugin Y OliverKrueger dropped Removed from SVN after renaming to BrowserBoosterPlugin
FlexibleSkin N AntonioTerceiro dropped Obsoleted
FloatingMenuSkin N TaitCyrus dropped Obsoleted
FormMeta2ExcelAddOn N ClausLanghans person dropped Obsoleted
FreeSkin N AurelioAHeckert dropped Obsoleted
FuncContrib Y CrawfordCurrie dropped Functionality in core
FuncUsersContrib Y CrawfordCurrie dropped Functionality in core
GenHTMLAddon N CrawfordCurrie dropped Replaced by PublishPlugin
GetAWebAddOn Y   dropped replaced by GetAWebPlugin using restHandler
GetAWebAddOnAthens N   dropped The name says it all
GnuPlotPlugin Y AbieSwanepoel dropped Some code is very peculiar (and potentially insecure) -- OlivierRaginel - 12 Dec 2008 - 00:05
GnuSkin N   dropped Obsoleted
GuestBookPlugin N RahulMundke, DevenPuri dropped Obsoleted
HiddenTextPlugin N DonnyKurniawan dropped Obsoleted
HideInEditModePlugin N MeredithLesly person dropped Obsoleted
HobbesSkin N TorbenGB dropped Obsoleted
HtmlFormsPlugin Y SvenDowideit person dropped use FormPlugin
HtmlMetaPlugin N DougClaar dropped I'm not using this any more, so I'm not planning on revisiting it. If someone wants to use it, and needs some help, I guess I can look at it, but I'm not going to touch it otherwise.
IndexServerSearchForMsIisAddOn N MartinCleaver dropped
IrcLogPlugin N WillNorris dropped Obsoleted
JavaPasteAddOn N CatherineMacLeod, MartinCleaver dropped
JQueryDevPlugin Y StephaneLenclud person dropped
JQueryTwistyPlugin Y RafaelAlvarez, ArthurClemens, MichaelDaum person dropped - obsolete, integrated into TwistyPlugin
- SeanMorgan disagrees: this one has slicker animation and a lighter footprint because it doesn't need TwistyContrib.
- ArthurClemens answers: TwistyPlugin no longer uses -Contrib, so the argument is moot.
JSCalendarAddOn N ThomasWeigert dropped Functionality in JSCalendarContrib
KinoSearchPlugin N DavidGuest dropped Obsoleted, use the contrib
KoalaSkin N ColasNahaboo dropped Works only in Cairo, not ported to 4.x
KupuContrib Y CrawfordCurrie dropped Obsoleted by author
KupuEditorAddOn N DamienMandrioli & RomainRaugi dropped Obsoleted, old code no longer works
ListOfSkinsPlugin N TedPavlic dropped Obsoleted
LkfSkin N   dropped Obsoleted
MailInAddOn N   dropped Obsoleted
MakeCtrlTopicsListAddOn N DetlefMarxsen dropped Obsoleted
MaketextCompatibilityPlugin Y OliverKrueger dropped Removed from SVN, was needed for Cairo
MasonPlugin N GilmarSantosJr person dropped Not needed anymore and no time to maintain
MaxImageSizePlugin Y MartinCleaver dropped
MikebSkin N MikeBarton dropped Obsoleted
MoreFuncContrib Y MeredithLesly dropped Functionality in core
MoreVarsPlugin Y ? dropped Functionality in core
MosaicSkin N PohlBjoern dropped Obsoleted
NavPlugin N MikeBarton, AlbertoBaez dropped Obsoleted
NetgrepPlugin Y ToniPrug dropped This plugin has been obsoleted by the combination of the standard INCLUDE macro and the FilterPlugin.
NewsPlugin Y ColasNahaboo dropped Not needed now that Formatted search exists
NotifyOnChildModificationTopic Y XavierREDON dropped CrawfordCurrie recommends this be obsoleted; the functionality is covered by MailerContrib, and it appears unmaintained
OoPlugin Y ? dropped Never released
OpenIdUserContrib N person dropped Obsoleted
PdfPlugin N PeterKlausner dropped Appears to be predecessor of GenPDF. Most likely obsolete?
PerlDocPlugin Y PeterThoeny dropped Functionality in core
PhantomSkin N AlexeyEfimov dropped Obsoleted
PhotonSkin N   dropped Obsoleted
PlainSkin N PeterThoeny dropped Documents the core templates only
PluginBenchmarkAddOn Y PeterThoeny dropped Misleading and inaccurate
PluginCvsToolsAddOn N   dropped Obsoleted
PluginsInstaller Y ? dropped Never released
PodPlugin Y JoenioCosta, NelsonFerraz, AndreaSterbini dropped Functionality in core
PowerEditAddon N CrawfordCurrie dropped Obsoleted by author
PowerEditPlugin N CrawfordCurrie dropped Obsoleted by author
PrintSkin N PeterThoeny dropped Documents core templates only
PrologPlugin N AndreaSterbini dropped Obsoleted
PseudoXmlPlugin N WillNorris dropped retire proof of concept
PublishAddOn N   dropped Defunct
PublishWebPlugin Y PeterThoeny person dropped Most of its feature(s) should be covered by PublishPlugin, and as the maintainer won't maintain it...
QuickPostPlugin N   dropped Obsoleted
RedirectBySubdomainAddOn N MartinCleaver dropped
SchedulerContrib Y MartinCleaver dropped Never released
SearchEnginePluceneAddOn Y SopanShewale, JoanMVigo dropped plucene is no longer under active development; KinoSearch has same goals, same history, still perl, and is a better implementation
SeeSkin N MattWilkie dropped Obsoleted
SessionPlugin N TedPavlic dropped Functionality in core
SharedCode N   dropped Obsoleted
SimpleBlueSkin N JoergFiedler  
SimpleSkin N PeterMasiar dropped Obsoleted
SingletonWikiWordPlugin N MartinCleaver dropped Deprecated by new ControlWikiWordPlugin
SiteMinderPlugin N MartinCleaver and friends dropped Obsoleted
SlashdotPlugin N   dropped Obsoleted
SlimKoalaSkin N NilsBoysen dropped Obsoleted
SmartEditAddOn N   dropped Replaced by SmartEditContrib
SmartSessionPlugin N   dropped Obsoleted
SnibPlugin N IanBygrave dropped
SpellCheckAddOn N ? dropped Ancient, no maintainer
SpellCheckerPlugin N MikeBarton dropped Obsoleted
StopWikiWordLinkPlugin Y PeterThoeny dropped ClifKussmaul could help. Deprecated by ControlWikiWordPlugin. GeorgeClark
SubscribeAddOn N MarkusBajones dropped Replaced by SubscribePlugin
TdbContrib Y CrawfordCurrie person dropped Obsoleted by author
TigerSkinPlugin N SteveRoe, JohnTalintyre dropped Obsoleted
TodaysVisitorsPlugin N OliverKrueger dropped Removed from SVN, superseded by UserInfoPlugin
TWikiDeploymentSpiderAddOn Y ? dropped Who cares?
TWikiSDKAddOn N RafaelAlvarez dropped  
TWikiUserMappingContrib N   dropped replaced by UserMappingContrib
TwistyContrib Y ArthurClemens dropped Foswiki'd but obsolete: TwistyPlugin now provides the css+js code
UserCookiePlugin N SvenDowideit dropped Obsoleted
UserInfoPlugin Y MichaelDaum dropped out of order for some time, got no use for it, somebody wants to take over?
VariablesPlugin N MikeEggleston dropped Obsoleted
VisualConfirmPlugin N KoenMartens dropped Obsoleted
VoidSkin N DaleBrayden dropped skin
VoodooPadXmlRpcAddOn N WillNorris dropped upstream provider has disappeared
WebDAVPlugin N CrawfordCurrie dropped Unmaintained; a replacement is under development
WebServicesAddOn N   dropped Obsoleted
WtfPlugin N CrawfordCurrie dropped Obsoleted by author
Summary N: 91
Y: 38


Extension In SVN Author/Maintainer Status Notes
appears broken if not been published in Foswiki        
AbusePlugin N RahulMundke    
BBCodePlugin N JosKunnekes    
BlauSDM N LuisBustamante    
CaptchaPlugin N KoenMartens, KwangErnLiew    
ClamAVPlugin N EdgarKlerks    
ColorPickerContrib N FlavioCurti    
CopyMsOfficeTableAddOn N FrankPauw    
CopyrightPlugin N AleksandarErkalovic    
CortadoPlugin N ThadeuCascardo    
DailyComicsAddOn N GillesEricDescamps    
DblClickEditPlugin N PatrickNomblot person    
DiffWordByWordAddOn N FredericLuddeni    
DiscussionForumAddOn N AndreUlrich    
DropDownMenuAddOn N AurelioAHeckert person    
EditorDaemonAddOn N TimEdwards    
EmailObfuscationPlugin N StephenGordon    
EnhancedXpTrackerPlugin N SrikanthRevanuru person    
ExcelExportTwikiTableAddOn N JohnRouillard, SteveRJones, ElliotSchwartz, JosMaccabiani, BrankoBange    
ExcelImportExportAddOn N ClausLanghans    
FirefoxExtensionAddOn N DavidBright  
FirefoxTWikiSearchBoxAddOn N MatthiasThullner, DougClaar   As my "contribution" was small, and for a quite old version of Firefox, I won't be revisiting this. DougClaar
FluidPivotsPlugin N MariaDelCarmenHuertas person  
ForUserLanguagesPlugin N SergejZnamenskij  
GenApplicationPlugin N RolfSabsch  
GenericWikiToTWikiAddOn N JamesTillman  
GenPDFLatexAddOn Y ScottHoge  
GNATSQueryPlugin N NiallMurray  
GnuSkinPlugin N JoachimNilsson  
GoogieSpellContrib N SteveStark  
GoogieSpellPlugin N StephenGordon  
GoogleSearchPlugin Y AshishNaval  
HidePasswordPlugin N MikeEggleston  
IndexGenAddOn N AleksandarErkalovic  
InstallPasswordAddOn N HaraldJoerg  
IrcPlugin Y WillNorris  
KatepartHighlightingAddOn N KevinGoeser  
LaTeXToMathMLPlugin Y SimonClift  
LocalizeContrib N AleksandarErkalovic  
LoginEmailPlugin N ByronIgoe  
MailPageAddOn Y LynnwoodBrown  
MarkupEditorContrib N ChristopherOezbek  
MercurialContrib N TimJanssens  
MozillaSidebarAddOn N RichardDonkin  
MsWordToTWikiMLAddOn N JosMaccabiani, MerlijnVanDeen, MikaelOlenfalk, PabloCaskey, TouseefLiaqat, DougClaar, MiloValenzuela, AlexanderStedile, SeanMorgan   My sole contribution here was to fix a merge error many, many versions back, so I will not be revisiting this. DougClaar
MultiSearchAddOn N RyanFreebern, VitoMiliano  
NamespaceManagerAddOn N VinodKulkarni  
NathanviSkin N VittorioZuccala  
NewTopicEventPlugin Y WillNorris  
NotifyOnChildModificationPlugin N    
OoProjectPlannerPlugin N AndrewBarber  
OpenOffice2TWikiAddOn N WadeTurland  
PageStatsPlugin N WillNorris  
ParseTopicTablesPlugin N MikeEggleston  
PerlSamplePlugin N AndreaSterbini, FrancoBagnoli  
PhoenixSkin N AndrewLevine  
PhpBb3LinkPlugin N MarkoRintamaki  
PloticusPlugin Y SteffenPoulsen    
PollPlugin Y AndreaSterbini    
PopUpCalculatorAddOn N GillesEricDescamps    
PostgreSqlAutoDocPlugin N RalfSchaer    
PostgreSqlPsqlPlugin N RalfSchaer    
ProgramsPlugin N AndreaSterbini    
PrologSamplePlugin N      
PublicCacheAddOn Y ColasNahaboo person    
RandomQuotePlugin Y JasonTromm    
RandomReplacePlugin N ScottParrish    
RcsSyncAddOn N TimJanssens    
RecentChangesPlugin N KoenMartens    
RemixAddOn N AleksandarErkalovic    
RemoteFileAttachPlugin N JosKunnekes    
RequireRegistrationPlugin N ByronIgoe    
ReservationPlugin N SrikanthRevanuru person    
ReStructuredTextPlugin N SteveRJones    
ReviewBoardPlugin N SrikanthRevanuru    
RevRecoverPlugin N PeterAlbiez    
RicherSyntaxPlugin N FrancoBagnoli    
RolebasedRenderingPlugin N person    
RoundEdgeSkin N PeterThoeny    
SearchEngineSwishEAddOn Y StanleyKnutson    
SearchPDFPlugin N AndyBeardsall    
ShortURLPlugin N KarlKaiser    
ShowAccessPlugin N person    
SlidePlugin N GeorgeNevilleNeil    
SlidyPlugin Y SteffenPoulsen    
SnmpCommandPlugin N PeterJones    
SpellerPagesPlugin N MagnusLewisSmith    
SuggestLinksPlugin N AndreaSterbini    
SvnPlugin N VasekOpekar    
SwiPrologToPostgreSqlAddOn N      
TabbedNavigationAddOn N PankajPant    
TestlinkQueryPlugin N MarkoRintamaki    
TestSkin N ElisabethRotrou    
TextTogglePlugin N PatrickDiamond    
TopicCryptPlugin N XavierREDON, AlexIancu    
TouchGraphAddOn N PeterKlausner    
TranslateTagPlugin N ?    
TWikiInstallerWindowsContrib Y ?    
XinhaEditorPlugin N VasekDovrtel    
XpTrackerPlugin Y RichardBennett, MartinWatt, Thomas Eschner, AnthonPang, AndreaBacchetta, RafaelAlvarez person    
ZwikiToTWikiAddOn N PaulWise    
Summary N: 86
Y: 14
Topic revision: r222 - 12 Dec 2017, GeorgeClark
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