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Engine is any bug in Foswiki itself. Extension is in any Extension. Website are tasks related to this foswiki.org website. Marketing are tasks related to the marketing of Foswiki.

Note: while most of us use English, and would prefer it, please feel free to write parts of your bug report in your native language if necessary - someone will hopefully be able to attempt to translate, which should help us, help you smile

20 most recent changes

Id Applies To Summary State Priority Changed By
Item13331 Engine Wrong encoding in "View WikiText" when utf8 Confirmed Urgent GeorgeClark 19 Apr 2015 - 15:18
Item13364 Engine Configure Very bad user experience with the new configure - installing extensions New Urgent GeorgeClark 19 Apr 2015 - 13:50
Item13357 Engine Configure Configure issues installing older extensions Closed Urgent GeorgeClark 19 Apr 2015 - 13:50
Item13242 Extension UnifiedAuthContrib Implement initial version of UnifiedAuthContrib, a user mapper and login/password manager that integrates multiple authentication sources Being Worked On Normal JanKrueger 17 Apr 2015 - 14:40
Item9693 Engine Documentation Documentation updates for Foswiki 1.2.0 Being Worked On Normal GeorgeClark 16 Apr 2015 - 20:16
Item13376 Engine SEARCH Bookview only showing topic names New Normal TroyGoodson 16 Apr 2015 - 19:45
Item13326 Engine Configure, ConfigureBootstrap Bootstrap configure didn't detects configure's url Confirmed Normal GeorgeClark 16 Apr 2015 - 15:12
Item13332 Engine PseudoInstall Pseudo-install erroneously reports missing dependencies. Confirmed Enhancement GeorgeClark 16 Apr 2015 - 15:09
Item13370 Engine Configure Configure warns that working/README files are not writable, but MANIFEST has permission 0444. Waiting for Release Low GeorgeClark 16 Apr 2015 - 14:55
Item2006 Engine Windows -w switch on configure script can lead to non-functioning configure No Action Required Normal GeorgeClark 16 Apr 2015 - 03:40
Item13327 Engine FoswikiUIRename Deep recursion at wrong web rename Waiting for Release Normal GeorgeClark 16 Apr 2015 - 03:04
Item13372 Engine Encoding problems (utf8) on Macro arguments Confirmed Urgent GeorgeClark 15 Apr 2015 - 16:55
Item13375 Engine invalid content encoding using firefox http/2 Waiting for Release Normal MichaelDaum 15 Apr 2015 - 09:08
Item13374 Engine FoswikiPrefs Parameterized macros cause "Max recursive depth reached" warnings Confirmed Normal CrawfordCurrie 15 Apr 2015 - 06:51
Item13371 Engine WysiwygComponent Encoding problem on utf8 VERBATIM block Confirmed Urgent MichaelDaum 14 Apr 2015 - 09:47
Item13373 Extension DpSyntaxHighlighterPlugin several %CODE%-blocks on one topic get rendered as plain verbatim block New Enhancement RainerThierfelder 14 Apr 2015 - 08:49
Item13363 Extension EditRowPlugin: Insecure dependency in eval while running with -T switch Closed Normal BertoldAltaner 13 Apr 2015 - 20:07
Item13252 Engine Documentation Translation work for Foswiki 1.2 Being Worked On Normal ProjectContributor 13 Apr 2015 - 13:58
Item13352 Extension EditRowPlugin, FoswikiTables EDITTABLE macro is ignored, Undefined ARRAY reference in Tables::Reader due to unbalanced verbatim tag in topic. Waiting for Release Urgent GeorgeClark 13 Apr 2015 - 13:56
Item13366 Extension Topics without a value in the form field TopicTitle are not clickable and show no Topic name in Tables created by RenderTopicsOfType No Action Required Normal MichaelDaum 13 Apr 2015 - 12:08
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