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Items marked as Waiting for Release

Items that are waiting for release haven't been released to yet (i.e. they are waiting for a Foswiki release, or haven't been uploaded to the Foswiki:Extensions web yet). Each report has a list of the checkins that relate to the resolution of the item.
Id Summary Applies To Priority Target Release
Item13892 CALC doesn't work in %SEARCH despite of what documention says. Extension SpreadSheetPlugin Normal patch
Item14279 CLI tools/configure fails to encode Password when run in prompting mode Engine Configure Urgent patch
Item14265 NatEdit plugin leaves UI blocked after some save errors Extension NatEditPlugin Normal patch
Item14266 Error enabling internationalization and languages Engine Configure, I18N Urgent patch
Item13831 JS error in System.LanguageSelector Engine Documentation, I18N, JavaScript Normal patch
Item14263 Mistype in Foswiki::Configure::Item Engine Foswiki::Configure::Item Low patch
Item14258 crashes on empty column format Extension EditRowPlugin Normal patch
Item14256 data loss when moving content from 1.x to 2.x Engine DataForms Urgent patch
Item14068 Excessive calls of getPreferences(LINKTOOLTIP) causes performance issues. Engine Performance Urgent patch
Item14066 Performance issue sorting list based on NFKD. Engine Performance, I18N Urgent patch
Item14253 WysiwygPlugin inserts extra spaces in front of square bracket links. Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal patch
Item14181 Bootstrap detects incorrect hostname, and may mis-detect https when behind a proxy. Extension ConfigureBootstrap Enhancement patch
Item14251 caching dialogs loaded via ajax does not work Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch
Item14250 wait for images by default in jquery.masonry Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch
Item14249 Foswiki::Net uses userinfo functions not available in older versions of LWP. Engine FoswikiNet Normal patch
Item14179 Foswiki 1.1.x: Crash in Configure::UIs::CGISetup for alpha versions of CGI. Engine Configure Urgent n/a
Item14092 attach.pattern.tmpl needs a hook for plugins to add properties. Extension PatternSkin Enhancement patch
Item14219 Add a contributed WebSideBar toggle cookbook. Extension PatternSkin Enhancement patch
Item14218 EditRowPlugin: edit button does not work when using Internet Explorer. Extension EditRowPlugin Urgent patch
Item14229 Upgrade JQueryPlugin to jsrender 0.9.83. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14228 Upgrade JQueryPlugin to blockui 2.70. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14174 Missing files in MANIFEST of EditRowPlugin. Extension EditRowPlugin Normal patch
Item14230 jquery.maskedinput initializer does not match documentation. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14216 MailerContrib mailnotify fails with wide character print when run from Web when unicode webnames are in use. Extension MailerContrib Urgent patch
Item14172 jquery.stars width incorrect in modal dialogs. Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch
Item14146 Configure permissions checker fails to check some files, excessively checks others and crashes trying to report utf8 names. Engine Configure Normal patch
Item14176 Don't add POSTDATA to TOC or QUERYSTRING. Engine Normal patch
Item14201 Add Pending Registrations report. Engine FoswikiUIRegister Enhancement patch
Item14213 EditRowPlugin: "Use of uninitialized value in addition" warning when clicking on Edit button. Extension EditRowPlugin Normal patch
Item14211 DataForms topic use the NEW macro. Should be N. Engine Documentation Normal patch
Item14169 Verification for {FeatureAccess}{Configure} in configure fails to handle login names. Extension Configure Normal patch
Item14173 Invalid call to foswiki.getScriptUrl() in foswiki.getPreference(). Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch
Item14227 Potential use of uninitialized value in a rating formfield. Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch
Item14150 Reload of a page in the cache fails to recompute strikeone keys. Engine PageCache Urgent patch
Item14236 EditTablePlugin doesn't create compressed / gzipped css and js. Extension EditTablePlugin Normal patch
Item14205 Autoconfig Email failing with recent versions of IO::Socket::SSL. Engine Configure, FoswikiNet Urgent patch
Item14170 Improve slideshow navigation - increase size of buttons. Extension SlideShowPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14226 Performance improvements to $.i18n(). Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14098 Approve User Registration should not require Verify User Registration. Engine FoswikiUIRegister Normal patch
Item14124 Make skin of a jquery.loader backend configurable. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item13986 Any changes to a topic text made after pushing the topic to the context stack are ignored even changes are related to topic-level preferences. Engine FoswikiPrefs Urgent patch
Item14123 foswiki.getPubUrlPath() fails with an uninitialized parameter. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14120 Remove outdated yuicompressor tool. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14121 Use svg in jquery.stars. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14064 Bad link in index.html in 2.1.0 and 2.1.2. Engine Documentation Normal patch
Item14077 INCLUDE{"topic,list"} fails if first topic is access denied. Engine INCLUDE Urgent patch
Item14122 Upgrade to fontawesome 4.7.0. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14104 Plain text password is sent by email in registration approval request. Engine FoswikiUIRegister Normal patch
Item13206 Upgrade to latest jquery-ui. Extension JQueryPlugin Urgent patch
Item13929 FileUtil doesn't work correctly with BSD tar. Engine Configure Urgent patch
Item10918 Improve javascript api to address individual tabs. Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item11548 INCLUDE{warn="custom"} only works for topic-missing warnings. Engine INCLUDE Normal patch
Item13578 Configure guesses relative path names with .. in them. Extension ConfigureBootstrap Enhancement patch
Item14209 Email wizard for SSLCaFile and SSLCaPath don't return any results. Engine Configure Normal patch
Item13963 Foswiki::Form::getField() might generate 'use of undefined value' warnings. Engine FoswikiForm Low patch
Item14238 Documentation for the reverted META:CREATEINFO is still in the release. Engine Documentation, QUERY Urgent patch
Item14204 Port JsonRpcContrib unit tests from master to Release02x01 - and fix error with redirectto revealed by test. Extension JsonRpcContrib Normal patch
Item13936 Need an altenate from address for wiki generated email. Engine FoswikiNet, Configure Enhancement patch
Item14078 Wysiwyg merges horizontal rules (---) into a preceeding list and looses the TML markup. Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal patch
Item14071 Register script reports zero values as missing registration fields. Engine FoswikiUIRegister Normal patch
Item14202 PageCache tweaks to control dependency growth. Engine PageCache, Performance Urgent patch
Item14212 fix "Use of uninitialized value $secondsSince1970..." in DateTimePlugin Extension DateTimePlugin Normal n/a
Item14180 Bootstrap enhancements and refactoring. Engine ConfigureBootstrap Enhancement patch
Item14063 Bootstrap fails to correctly detect path when mod_rewrite engine is disabled. Engine ConfigureBootstrap Urgent patch
Item14086 FCGI Service file is needed for systemd systems. Extension FastCGIEngineContrib Enhancement patch
Item14199 Registration confirmation process corrupts utf-8 wiki names. Engine FoswikiUIRegister, I18N Urgent patch
Item14175 remove browser detection in Logger Engine Normal minor
Item14177 performance improvements to template loader Engine Normal minor
Item14195 Loop in Foswiki::UI::View::revisionsAround under some conditions. Engine FoswikiUIView Urgent patch
Item14145 PatternSkin deprecation of beforetext/aftertext templates breaks compatibility with other skins. Extension PatternSkin Enhancement patch
Item14143 Configure should recommend setting SafeEnvPath for improved security. Engine Configure Enhancement patch
Item14102 Documentation suggest a Short URL configuration (renaming view script to xview) which is no longer supported. Engine Normal patch
Item13928 Mistypes to be fixed in the core. Engine Normal patch
Item14128 WebTopicEditTemplate not readable in restricted system web. Engine FoswikiUsability Normal patch
Item14080 MAKETEXT: implement argN parameters Engine MAKETEXT Enhancement minor
Item14048 multiple critical improvements to WorkflowPlugin Extension WorkflowPlugin Urgent  
Item13999 BulkRegistration overwrite user topic option broken. Remove the feature. Extension BulkRegistration Normal minor
Item13594 Implement Feature AddConcatOptionToAttrs Engine Enhancement minor
Item13882 Foswiki 1.1 webTopicCreator incompatible with latest JQuery Engine JavaScript Normal patch
Item13840 Build script manifest should not include PRE/POST UNINSTALL and should include DEPENDENCIES Extension BuildContrib Normal  
Item13762 replace references to subversion with git, mostly docu Extension BuildContrib Enhancement patch
Item13239 some javascript errors Extension JQTablePlugin Normal  
Item12443 %INSTANTIATE% Error Extension FullCalendarPlugin Urgent  
Item12627 PdfPlugin configuring binary path is not working Extension PdfPlugin Normal n/a
Item13122 UTF-8 and Mysql fixes from Markus Gerhold (prmdhost) on github Extension DBIStoreContrib Enhancement  
Item13000 "Use of uninitialized value $num..." Extension SyntaxHighlightingPlugin Normal n/a
Item11715 TalkContrib not displaying 'Discuss' buttons on topic pages. Extension TalkContrib Normal n/a
Item12360 LogDispatchContrib needs better compatibility with older loggers Extension LogDispatchContrib Normal n/a
Item11558 BatchUploadPlugin: remove dysfunctional references to private extension Extension BatchUploadPlugin Normal n/a
Item11166 Unit tests between release 1.1 and trunk are significantly different Extension UnitTestContrib Normal n/a
Item11177 SemiAutomatic test case fails if rcs,v file is older than the .txt cache file Extension UnitTestContrib Enhancement n/a
Item11128 UnitTestContrib test goes into an infinite loop if a dangling symlink is left in the test/unit directory. Extension UnitTestContrib Normal n/a
Item11167 Tests that require JQuery plugins will fail unless enabled Extension UnitTestContrib Normal n/a
Item11169 Tests that consist only of verify type tests don't run when part of a suite Extension UnitTestContrib Normal n/a
Item1359 Port TWiki:Plugins.ExitPlugin to Foswiki Extension ExitPlugin Enhancement n/a
Item2208 Port TWiki:Plugins.FootNotePlugin to Foswiki Extension FootNotePlugin Enhancement n/a
Item10052 BBB first comments Extension BigBlueButtonPlugin Urgent n/a
Item1347 Pseudo-install does not update settings from config.spec Extension Pseudo-install Normal minor
Item8392 No option to sort via order of appearance in DataForm def Extension FormFieldListPlugin Enhancement  
Item9191 Typo at VarCachePlugin topic Extension VarCachePlugin Low n/a
Item1624 TCAO TopicClassificationAddOn - "Bad Request: GET denied for save" Extension TopicClassificationAddOn Normal n/a
Item8289 KinoSearchContrib misses some dependencies or eval catching code Extension KinoSearchContrib Urgent n/a
Item2576 Documentation tweaks Extension BlackListPlugin Enhancement n/a
Item2186 Spacing added Extension BugsContrib Normal n/a
Item5766 $large formatting option not working Extension VotePlugin Normal n/a
Item5769 Allow for INCLUDE of vote plugin Extension VotePlugin Enhancement n/a
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