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Items that are waiting for release haven't been released to yet (i.e. they are waiting for a Foswiki release, or haven't been uploaded to the Foswiki:Extensions web yet). Each report has a list of the checkins that relate to the resolution of the item.
Id Summary Applies To Priority Target Release
Item12495 In form fields of type "select", space after a value and before the delimiting comma makes the value selectable and it saves but will reset on next edit. Engine DataForms, FoswikiForm Normal patch
Item14461 Formfield select values containing entities will reset on next save Extension DataForms Normal patch
Item14518 JQueryPlugin should warn configure if an older version of jquery is selected. Engine JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch
Item14415 TopicUserMapping places non-ASCII users in wrong position in WikiUsersTopic Extension I18N, TopicUserMappingContrib Normal patch
Item14515 Foswiki 2.1.3 cannot run on Windows "Aux" is a reserved filename on windows. Engine PlatformWindows Urgent patch
Item14452 Not a HASH reference at .../lib/Foswiki/Plugins/PublishPlugin/ line 208 Extension PublishPlugin Urgent  
Item14323 Update to latest TinyMCE version Extension TinyMCEPlugin Urgent minor
Item14343 Minor topic rearranging to further simplify upgrades. Engine FoswikiUsability Enhancement minor
Item5969 Support IPv6 addresses in Square Bracket links Engine UrlHandling Enhancement minor
Item14416 SpreadSheetPlugin LISTSORT doesn't correctly sort unicode - Needs to NFKD the strings. Extension I18N, SpreadSheetPlugin Normal minor
Item14434 Translated text with reserved characters used in WebCreateNewTopicComponents will create wrong HTML Engine FoswikiRender Normal n/a
Item14431 Dependencies check for DBD and DBI::Pg are broken by unexpected VERSION strings. Extension Configure Normal patch
Item14429 tools/configure generates invalid perl structure Engine configure Normal patch
Item14462 {AuthScripts} is hidden unless Template Login is in use. Extension Configure Normal patch
Item14488 PatternSkin is missing "body" zone used by NatSkin and many extensions Extension FoswikiTemplates, PatternSkin Enhancement patch
Item14492 HtPasswdUser implements bcrypt with a hard coded cost. {Htpasswd}{BCryptCost} is ignored. Engine HtPasswdUser Normal patch
Item14448 plugin list empty on page reload Extension UpdatesPlugin Normal patch
Item14471 HistoryPlugin not properly rendering date tokens as stated in doc Extension HistoryPlugin Normal patch
Item14472 use jquery.prop instead of attr to get/set properties Extension ConfigurePlugin Normal patch
Item14476 fix init scripts; add systemd service Extension WebDAVContrib Enhancement  
Item1549 TML-to-HTML conversion entered into Editor's undo-history Extension TinyMCEPlugin Low minor
Item14117 TML sends TinyMCE into an eternal loop Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal minor
Item14463 Verification for {FeatureAccess}{Configure} in configure fails to handle login names (cont.) Extension Normal patch
Item14455 Malformed AdminDocumentationCategory Engine Normal patch
Item14460 Login/Logon actions should create session when guest sessions are disabled. Engine Normal patch
Item14456 Debug errors Extension JsonSQLPlugin Normal  
Item14447 _readKeyValues is a dog Engine Normal patch
Item14380 Foswiki should have option to use X-Forwarded-For to determine Client IP in reverse proxy configuration. Engine FoswikiEngine Enhancement minor
Item14390 FORMFIELD macro no longer accepts field title (i.e. name with spaces) Engine Normal n/a
Item14394 Unparseable Config.spec causes a hard fail when DEBUG is on. Extension Configure Urgent minor
Item14395 Failure to check result from readTopic causes error Extension InterwikiPlugin Normal minor
Item2489 WysiwygPlugin Constants should use export instead of aliasing it to some WC module Extension WysiwygPlugin Enhancement minor
Item13909 Support expansion of standard macros during topic creation from template. Engine Enhancement minor
Item14342 Implement Additive Topic ACLs feature. Engine AccessControl Enhancement minor
Item13905 I'd like a way to make FW-level comments in topics. Engine FoswikiRender Enhancement minor
Item13632 Duplicate Report, Install and Remove buttons at end of New Extensions page Extension ConfigurePlugin, FoswikiUsability Enhancement minor
Item14387 Improve performance sorting template candidates Engine Normal minor
Item14070 Improve "Create a link to the attached file" formatting options and defaults. Engine FoswikiAttach Enhancement minor
Item14375 Embedded META reader allows spaces in parameter names Engine Urgent patch
Item14371 bulk_copy is not re-entrant Engine FoswikiTools Enhancement minor
Item14360 Add VarPARENTTOPIC Engine FoswikiUsability Enhancement minor
Item14329 Memory leaks in Foswiki Engine Performance Normal minor
Item14356 Content type lost when loading from page cache Engine Normal major
Item12230 WysiwygPlugin: tml2html: introduces spurious hidden whitespace in HTML table cells that contain blank lines Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal minor
Item10239 Class Attribute is missing after Wysiwyg Transfer of Table Nodes Engine WysiwygPlugin Normal minor
Item13344 Wysiwyg corrupts markup with mixed indent (:) and list markup Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal minor
Item9651 wysiwyg converts bold table content to table heads Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal minor
Item12388 HTML2TML relies on XML-specific ' entity Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal minor
Item9790 Update and modernise the UI for BulkRegistration Engine BulkRegistration, Documentation, TopicUserMappingContrib Enhancement minor
Item13999 BulkRegistration overwrite user topic option broken. Remove the feature. Extension BulkRegistration Normal minor
Item14003 Back out Foswiki::Address incomplete and needs review Engine Normal minor
Item14179 Foswiki 1.1.x: Crash in Configure::UIs::CGISetup for alpha versions of CGI. Engine Configure Urgent n/a
Item14212 fix "Use of uninitialized value $secondsSince1970..." in DateTimePlugin Extension DateTimePlugin Normal n/a
Item14175 remove browser detection in Logger Engine Normal minor
Item14177 performance improvements to template loader Engine Normal minor
Item14080 MAKETEXT: implement argN parameters Engine MAKETEXT Enhancement minor
Item13594 Implement Feature AddConcatOptionToAttrs Engine Enhancement minor
Item13882 Foswiki 1.1 webTopicCreator incompatible with latest JQuery Engine JavaScript Normal patch
Item12443 %INSTANTIATE% Error Extension FullCalendarPlugin Urgent  
Item12627 PdfPlugin configuring binary path is not working Extension PdfPlugin Normal n/a
Item13000 "Use of uninitialized value $num..." Extension SyntaxHighlightingPlugin Normal n/a
Item11715 TalkContrib not displaying 'Discuss' buttons on topic pages. Extension TalkContrib Normal n/a
Item12360 LogDispatchContrib needs better compatibility with older loggers Extension LogDispatchContrib Normal n/a
Item11558 BatchUploadPlugin: remove dysfunctional references to private extension Extension BatchUploadPlugin Normal n/a
Item11166 Unit tests between release 1.1 and trunk are significantly different Extension UnitTestContrib Normal n/a
Item11177 SemiAutomatic test case fails if rcs,v file is older than the .txt cache file Extension UnitTestContrib Enhancement n/a
Item11128 UnitTestContrib test goes into an infinite loop if a dangling symlink is left in the test/unit directory. Extension UnitTestContrib Normal n/a
Item11167 Tests that require JQuery plugins will fail unless enabled Extension UnitTestContrib Normal n/a
Item11169 Tests that consist only of verify type tests don't run when part of a suite Extension UnitTestContrib Normal n/a
Item1359 Port TWiki:Plugins.ExitPlugin to Foswiki Extension ExitPlugin Enhancement n/a
Item2208 Port TWiki:Plugins.FootNotePlugin to Foswiki Extension FootNotePlugin Enhancement n/a
Item10052 BBB first comments Extension BigBlueButtonPlugin Urgent n/a
Item1347 Pseudo-install does not update settings from config.spec Extension Pseudo-install Normal minor
Item8392 No option to sort via order of appearance in DataForm def Extension FormFieldListPlugin Enhancement  
Item9191 Typo at VarCachePlugin topic Extension VarCachePlugin Low n/a
Item1624 TCAO TopicClassificationAddOn - "Bad Request: GET denied for save" Extension TopicClassificationAddOn Normal n/a
Item8289 KinoSearchContrib misses some dependencies or eval catching code Extension KinoSearchContrib Urgent n/a
Item2576 Documentation tweaks Extension BlackListPlugin Enhancement n/a
Item2186 Spacing added Extension BugsContrib Normal n/a
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