Release Plan

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Release 1.1.9

The next patch/bugfix release of Foswiki will be 1.1.9.
  • Release Candidate: October 2013
  • General Audience: November 2013

Release 1.2

The next major release of Foswiki will be 1.2. Release 1.1.x series is bugfix only,
  • ReleasePlanDiscussion
  • Feature Freeze:
  • Branch from: trunk
  • Branch date: TBD
  • Beta start:
  • Release target: q1 2015
Topic Summary Developer CurrentState
AJAXOnDemandCheckersForConfigure Update configure to allow Ajax based (fast) checking TimotheLitt MergedToCore
AddAWayToShiftHeadingLevels Add a headershift parameter to adjusted included header levels CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
AddDefaultTopicParameterToINCLUDE allow a list of topics to be specified so that we can use INCLUDE to allow customisation of shipped topic elements. SvenDowideit MergedToCore
AddDefaultValueToSTARTSECTION Add default value to STARTSECTION SvenDowideit MergedToCore
AddENDINCLUDEandSTOPSECTION Let's make an ENDINCLUDE to be consistent with ENDSECTION PaulHarvey MergedToCore
AddNatEditToCore Let's add NatEdit to the core CrawfordCurrie, MichaelDaum, SvenDowideit MergedToCore
AddOperatorsToQueries Add missing operators to query search and %IF CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
AddRegistrationValidationHandler Add a plugins handler for registration validation CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
AddRequestSetToCore Add ?Set+ etc to the core CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
AddTimeFeaturesToAttachmentLinks Add date formatting tokens to attachment links GeorgeClark MergedToCore
AddUpdatesPluginToDefaultRelease Add UpdatesPlugin to default release MichaelDaum MergedToCore
AddWebParamToAllCgiScripts add a defaultweb= parameter to all cgi scripts SvenDowideit MergedToCore
AdminApprovalOfNewUsers Should be able to audit new registrations CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
AllowGuestsToUseRESTAsDefault Remove rest from the default list of AuthScripts GeorgeClark MergedToCore
CancelButtonsShouldUseViewScript Never POST to a save script for purposes of cancelling an update GeorgeClark MergedToCore
ConsistentFormFieldValues Consistently displaying form field values   MergedToCore
ControlFoswikiTemporaryFileLocations Explicitly control the storage location of temporary files used by Foswiki GeorgeClark MergedToCore
DemandParseTables Demand-parsing of tables would solve several outstanding problems CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
DeprecateApacheHtpasswdModule Deprecate ApacheHtpasswd Module SvenDowideit MergedToCore
EngineContribsAsCoreExtensions Ship FastCGIEngineContrib and ModPerlEngineContrib as core extensions GeorgeClark MergedToCore
Enhancei18nArchitecture Enable internationalisation of plugins OlivierRaginel, MichaelDaum MergedToCore
EscapeTmlInEditor Add a little UI to make it easier to escape TML KipLubliner MergedToCore
FallBackToTopicWhenTrailingSpaceAndNoSuchSubweb Fallback To Topic When URL has Trailing Space And No Subweb exists but topic does SvenDowideit MergedToCore
FasterAccessToCreatorData Store creator and create date in metadata to improve performance SvenDowideit MergedToCore
HideIrrelevantConfigureOptions Configure has too many options, and often they are irrelevant CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
HtmlAttributesShouldUseSingleQuotes HTML attributes should use single quotes ArthurClemens MergedToCore
ImplementAddMeToAdminButton Implement the UI suggested by Crawford in the AddFurtherControlsOnSudo proposal GeorgeClark MergedToCore
IncreaseCacheControlMaxAgeForSystemWeb Increase max-age for static webs SvenDowideit MergedToCore
IntroduceForceDefaultUrlHostToggle Sometimes its necessary to force the hostname set in {DefaultUrlHost}. OliverKrueger GeorgeClark MergedToCore
LinksInPreview It would be useful to have links enabled in edit previews WillNorris GeorgeClark MergedToCore
MakeStartPageCOnfigurable Add HomePagePlugin as a core extension CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
MoveCPANLibToSeparateContrib Move foswiki core lib/CPAN into its own CpanContrib SvenDowideit MergedToCore
MultiStoreRefactor Refactor the Store to allow multiple plugable backends SvenDowideit CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
OneStepUserDeletion Create mechanism for easy user deletion - Move AntiWikiSpamPlugin remove user code to core. GeorgeClark MergedToCore
PluggableAccessControlImplementation Pluggable Access Control Implementation SvenDowideit MergedToCore
ProtectConfigureUsingHtigestByDefault Improve default protection of configure script GeorgeClark MergedToCore
RedesignLoggerAPI Modernize the Log API GeorgeClark MergedToCore
RefactorACLCheckOnResultSetAsFilter Refactor ACL Check and Pager on ResultSet As Filter SvenDowideit MergedToCore
RemoveDeprecatedEmptyDENYRule Finish off the deprecation of the empty DENY* Rules started back on TWiki GeorgeClark MergedToCore
RemoveTaintCheckingFromFoswiki Remove the -T flag from the foswiki scripts GeorgeClark, CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
ReplaceEditTablePluginWithEditRowPlugin replace edit table plugin with edit row plugin SvenDowideit MergedToCore
RequirePerl588 Move to 5.8.8 for various reasons SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey MergedToCore
ShipSubscribePluginWithFoswiki01x01 Ship the SubscribePlugin with Foswiki 1.2 AndrewJones MergedToCore
SpecFileSyntaxEnhancements Configure .spec file syntax needs improvments CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
SupportBlockquoteAndIndenting Support <blockquote> and paragraph indenting in TinyMCEPlugin PaulHarvey, CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore
SupportShorterACRONYMS We need support in my company for two letter ACRONYMS GeorgeClark MergedToCore
TopicAddressing Consistent methods for breaking apart topic names/"addresses" PaulHarvey MergedToCore
UnifyUnitTests Move to a single Unit Test suite that runs on multiple branches. PaulHarvey GeorgeClark MergedToCore
Use401ForCookieAuth Return 401 instead of 200 for auth failures CrawfordCurrie MergedToCore

Release 2.0

  • Target date:
  • Purpose: Main focus is usability, scalability and performance. This release will ensure that our users can safely grow their installation into the next decade.
  • SVN branch: trunk
  • Major Features:
    • Full UTF8 support
    • New Skin focused on usability
      • Improved topic interactions and workflows (see first design drafts and wireframes: RethinkingTopicInteraction, WireframesForNewReleaseSkin)
      • PatternSkin included for upgraders that prefer minimal changes in UI but with the usability and interaction improvements from the new skin.
    • ImportPlugin to simplify upgrading from older TWiki and Foswiki
    • ...

Topic Summary Developer CurrentState
AddDollarTotalToFormattedSearch Add $total(..) to FormattedSearch PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
AddHideOptionToSTARTSECTION Add a hide option to STARTSECTION PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
AjaxAccessFixes Ajax Access Fixes SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal
ConfigurableCookieNamesAndPaths Make cookie path and names configurable PaulHarvey UnderConstruction
ConfigurableURLIncludes It would be really helpful if URL includes could be enabled for only certain domains. MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal
CustomNewUserTemplates Enhance register script to specify a templatetopic param instead of hard-coded 'NewUserTemplate' PaulHarvey UnderConstruction
DatabaseStore Database store, or database cache, for high performance CrawfordCurrie AcceptedProposal
DeprecateAutoAttach Deprecate auto attachments, and make Update Attachments Plugin a default GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal
DublinCoreMetaData Publishing with Dublin Core meta data in head (scope 2.0) DrakeDiedrich AcceptedProposal
EnhanceIfStatementsAndAttrsParsing Add ability to have elsif sections KipLubliner UnderConstruction
FSAPluginHooks Plugin hooks to take advantage of Foswiki Stand Alone GilmarSantosJr AcceptedProposal
FormatArbitraryTimes Allow TIME macros to format any old time value, not just the current time PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
ImproveSecurityOfTemplateAuth Use Javascript to avoid passing the password in the clear. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal
NumbersAsUpperCase Allow numbers to be treated as uppercase instead of lowercase in WikiWords KennethLavrsen AcceptedProposal
PluginGarbageCollection Plugins need a working/temp file cleanup mechanism SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal
SimplifyTheStoreMetaSemantics Simplify The Store - Meta Semantics SvenDowideit UnderConstruction
TemplatingSearchResultSummaries Templating search result summaries ArthurClemens UnderConstruction
TopicDisplayName Let topics have a display title MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal
UseEnhanceAndMoveSpecFiles .spec files are under-used and only by configure. Would be nice to use them more OlivierRaginel AcceptedProposal
WysiwygFormFields Making Formfields WYSIWYG capable SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey UnderConstruction

Release 2.1

Not yet defined.

Topic Summary Developer CurrentState

Future Release

The following proposals have been accepted but are slotted for some future release - to be determined.

Topic Summary Developer CurrentState
CaseInsensitiveUserMapping Ignore differences in case between registration and login SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal
MakingVarVARTopicCapable %VAR should be able to return variables at the topic level, not only at the web level. MartinCleaver AcceptedProposal
MoreAttractiveForm Render form with more attractive appearance ArthurClemens AcceptedProposal
SupportLineThroughFormatTag Support underline and line-through text decorations PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
TopicCaseSensitivity URL's that have correct spelling, irrespective of case will goto that topic. SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal

Historical Releases

These releases may still be available for download but are not planned to get any more development.

Community Decision

The Community decided to restart with new release series.

The community voted on ReleaseNumberingDecisionVote and decided that the project starts it release series at 1.0.0 and follow a major.minor.patch release number scheme (e.g 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.1.0, 1.2.0, 1.2.1, 2.0.0 etc)

It has been decided by the community that we will release a patch release 1.0.0 where the main release focus is rebranding, compatibility with TWiki plugins, and fixing major bugs. A lot of terms will change in 1.0.0 because we cannot use the TWiki word anymore. See the RebrandingPlan for details.

Release 1.0

  • Has been released on 09 Jan 2009, see FoswikiRelease01x00x00
  • Purpose: The natural first step for all customers to move to the new project.
  • SVN branch: trunk in the period November will around 10 Dec, Then we branch out in a Release01x00 branch.
Also see the release 1.0.0 frequently asked questions.

Release 1.0.1

  • Has been built 23 Feb 2009 for release 24 Feb 2009
  • Plain patch release

Release 1.0.4

  • Released 19 March 2009

Release 1.0.5

  • Released 25 March 2009
  • security enhancement
  • general bug fixes
  • SpreadSheetPlugin new functions

Release 1.0.6

  • Released 21 June 2009
  • Major enhancement in cross-site scripting prevention
  • Many new bugfixes
  • Major EditTablePlugin update to fix how it works with SpreadSheetPlugin

Release 1.0.7

  • Released 20 September 2009
  • Wysiwyg editor has been upgraded to using Tiny MCE editor version 3.2.2
  • Several bugs fixed related to the Cross-Site Request Forgery feature
  • "Managing webs" feature redesigned for better usability

Release 1.0.8

  • Released 29 November 2009
  • Minor bug-fix release
  • Wysiwyg editor upgraded to Tiny MCE editor - 3.2.7

Release 1.0.9

  • Released on 17 January 2010
  • Another minor patch release to fix some bugs from the 1.0.8 release

Release 1.0.10

  • Released 8 September 2010
  • Minor patch release to fix some 70 bugs since 1.0.9.
  • Corrects several installation issues encountered on Windows with Perl 5.12.

Release 1.1

  • Released: 4 October 2010
  • Purpose: Introduce features that enhance usability and interaction with updates in skins and included plugins.
  • SVN branch: Release01x01
  • Major Features:
    • Updates Wysiwyg editor using the newer version of TinyMCE. For the enduser this is the major feature of 1.1. The major selling point. - DONE in 1.0.7
    • FoswikiCache
    • User and groups API updates to cater for - SD
    • revamped SEARCH system to prepare for full refactor in 2.0
      • FOREACH macro (extract format, header and footer from SEARCH) - SD
      • initial non-named ResultSets (internal to code only) - SD
      • pass more SEARCH params to SearchAlgor 's to enable faster query backends (also will enable other SEARCH types registration) - SD
      • paging for SEARCH&FORMAT - AC, SD, WN
      • (maybe - add universal format support to built in macros and Func (like USERINFO, GROUPS etc)) - SD
    • work from Security Audit currently underway - RM, CD, KL
    • ThinPrefsProposal - GSJ
    • Updated SlideShowPlugin - AC
    • Major overhaul of configure and the Extension installation process.

Topic Summary Developer
AddAltParamToICON Add an alt parameter to ICON CrawfordCurrie
AddEXPANDMacro EXPAND macro will enable cross-topic macro expansion CrawfordCurrie
AddFinishHandler Add a finishHandler() for plugins CrawfordCurrie
AddPagingToAllDistributedSearchTopics Add Paging To All Distributed Search Topics SvenDowideit
AddStaticContext Add a static context GeorgeClark
AddUserToGroupsOnRegistration Add User To Groups On Registration SvenDowideit
AllowJSCalendarContribToUseTimePicker JSCalendarContrib shall be corrected to allow usage of the built-in Time-Picker RaulFRodriguez
AllowLocalConfigurationForJSCalendarContrib Allowing local JSCalendarContrib configuration AntonioTerceiro
CleanUpWebPreferences Clean up WebPreferences MichaelDaum
CleanerConfigurePluginsPane The bin/configure Plugins pane should be more compacted and sorted by enabled state  
CleanerSyntaxForMetaDataAccess Support a cleaner syntax for quizzing meta-data CrawfordCurrie
ConfigureGuessedDirectoriesOnWin32 Foswiki guesses the paths and complains about backslashes on Win32 SvenDowideit
DebugPreferenceSettings Add simple debugging feature for macro values CrawfordCurrie
DelegateMoreProcessingToSearchAlgorithm Delegate More Processing To SearchAlgorithm SvenDowideit
DeprecateAfterAttachmentSaveHandler Deprecate afterAttachmentSaveHandler MichaelDaum
DeprecateAllowInlineScript Deprecate {AllowInlineScript} option in configure CrawfordCurrie
ExpertOptionForCookieDomainRealm Make the login managers cookie (domain) realm configurable. OliverKrueger
FoswikiCache A pluggable caching service and built-in HTML page cache MichaelDaum
GeneralSortingMechanism Add Sort::Maker to distributed CPAN libs ArthurClemens
ImproveExtensionBackupProcess should create a backup archive for extensions. GeorgeClark
ImproveWebSearchPages Integrate WebSearch, WebSearchAdvanced, Alphabetical search and SearchHelp ArthurClemens
MakeUserRegistrationAsLeanAsPossible Make UserRegistration as lean as possible ArthurClemens
MakeUserRegistrationCustomizable Make UserRegistration customizable ArthurClemens
MoveLogsToWorking Move logs to 'working' CrawfordCurrie
NormaliseRegexSyntax Agree on a minimum syntax for regexes CrawfordCurrie
ParamsInSquabs Allow params in a squab view Page?p=data CrawfordCurrie
ProcessAddToHeadAdds Process addToHEAD adds ArthurClemens
RecursiveTMPLDefinitions Enhance TMPL:DEF to allow recursive definition of template elements. SvenDowideit, ChunHuang
RemoveRedirectCGIQueryHandler Remove the unused and dangerous redirectCGIQueryHandler CrawfordCurrie
SearchNeedsAltParameter SEARCH needs an alt parameter in case of zero results ArthurClemens or SvenDowideit
SearchResultsPagination Search results pagination ArthurClemens (spec), SvenDowideit (code)
SearchSeparatorDefaultHeaderFooter SEARCH separator as newline after header and before footer ONLY when separator is not specified KennethLavrsen
ShipCompareRevisionsAddOnWithFoswiki01x01 Ship CompareRevisionsAddOn with Foswiki 1.1 WillNorris
ShipHistoryPluginWithFoswiki01x01 Ship HistoryPlugin with Foswiki 1.1 WillNorris
SoftAsserts A soft-failure-mode for ASSERTs MichaelTempest
SupportDollarPercent Also allow token to be spelled percent you avoid a common error CrawfordCurrie
ThinPrefsProposal Thin Prefs Mechanism GilmarSantosJr
TopicMovedMessageTooVisible Topic moved message at the bottom of normal view is too visible. Move to diff page LynnwoodBrown
UseVariableForSignature Make the signature format a variable ArthurClemens

Release 1.1.1

  • Released 26 October 2010
  • Significant Bug-Fix release

Topic Summary Developer

Release 1.1.2

  • Released 10 November 2010
  • Security Release
Topic Summary Developer

Release 1.1.3

  • Bug Fix Release
  • Released 16 Apr 2011

Topic Summary Developer
InheritWikiLinksTopics Allow a hierarchy of InterWikis topics AndrewJones

Release 1.1.4

  • Bug Fix and limited features
  • Release expected 20 Dec 2011

Topic Summary Developer
AddSMELLToPerlDoc Add SMELL, FIXME and TODO report to PerlDoc GeorgeClark
BetterPluginPackageDiagnostics It is helpful to upgraders to know which package Foswiki uses for each plugin GeorgeClark
ChangeApacheAuthToDigest Change (or Add in Addition) Apache Digest Auth GeorgeClark
EnhanceConfigureLogging Enhance Configure Logging GeorgeClark
ParameterizedVariables Discussion on implementing parameterized variables CrawfordCurrie
SupportSSLandTLSforSMTP Add support for SSL and TLS transport for SMTP GeorgeClark

Release 1.1.5

Release 1.1.5 was a bug fix and Security Focused release. It included some minor usability features.

  • Early beta install on 29 Feb
  • Feature freeze: 5th of March
  • String freeze: 10th of March
  • Build release candidate: 20th of March
  • Release - 31st of March

Topic Summary Developer CurrentState
AddFoswikiFuncGetScriptUrlPath Add a Foswiki::Func::getScriptUrlPath() API PaulHarvey MergedToCore
AddOptionalRegistrationEmailValidation Add more email controls to UI::Register. Options to filter Email Address, and/or force unique Email Address. GeorgeClark MergedToCore
AddPackageNavigationToPerlDoc Add package navigation to Perl Doc KipLubliner MergedToCore
AddPlusValuesToRadioAndCheckboxes Add +values to radio and checkbox formfields MichaelDaum MergedToCore
ChangeDefaultHtpasswdEncoding Change the default encoding from crypt to apache-md5 GeorgeClark MergedToCore
ImproveStatisticsHandlingForMissingTopics Add option to allow statistics script to auto-create missing topics, also add more authorization checks. GeorgeClark MergedToCore
SandboxWebNameShouldBeMapped The Sandbox Web name should be mapped through a config variable (2.0) GeorgeClark MergedToCore
USERINFOisTooRestrictive Allow USERINFO macro to display users that are not view restricted GeorgeClark MergedToCore

Release 1.1.6

Release 1.1.6 was a bug fix and Security Focused release. It included some minor usability features. We anticipate that 1.1.6 will be the final 1.1.x release. It should be followed shortly by the 1.2 feature release.

  • Feature freeze: 21 Oct 2012
  • String freeze: 28 Oct 2012
  • Alpha release: 28 Oct 2012 (Install on
  • Build Beta: 18 Nov 2012
  • Release Candidate: 25 Nov 2012
  • Release: 1 Dec 2012

Topic Summary Developer CurrentState
ChangeRenameBehaviourOnRenamingLinks Renaming links is currently too greedy on what it changes MichaelDaum MergedToCore

Release 1.1.7

Release 1.1.7 was a bug fix and Security Focused release, primarily intended to address the CVE's discovered late in 2012. It included some minor usability features. We anticipate that 1.1.7 will be the final 1.1.x release. It should be followed shortly by the 1.2 feature release.

  • Feature freeze: 5 Dec 2012
  • Release Candidate: 25 Jan 2013 (up to RC5)
  • Release: 1 Feb 2013

No feature proposals are planned for 1.1.7
Topic revision: r87 - 20 Nov 2014, MichaelDaum

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