Release Plan

Release 2.0.1

The next patch/bugfix release of Foswiki will be 2.0.1
  • Release Candidate: 27 July 2015 (Install onto
  • General Audience: 01 August 2015
  • Released from: master branch

Release 2.1

The next minor release of Foswiki will be 2.1
  • Feature Freeze: TBD
  • Release from: master
  • Branch date: TBD
  • Beta start: TBD
  • Release target:
Topic Summary Developer CurrentState
AddConcatOptionToAttrs Add +"more" and key+"more" options to Foswiki::Attrs JulianLevens AcceptedProposal
ConfigurableURLIncludes It would be really helpful if URL includes could be enabled for only certain domains. MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal
MakeZonesLessIntrusive Make zones less intrusive, especially for non-HTML output PaulHarvey. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal
ReduceImpactOfCGIDotPMinFoswiki Reduce impact of in Foswiki MichaelDaum GeorgeClark UnderConstruction
TopicDisplayName Let topics have a display title MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal

Candidates for 2.1 need further investigation / consideration

Topic Summary Developer CurrentState Concerns
AddBacklinksToQuery Make faster Backlinks possible JulianLevens UnderInvestigation  
AddRegistrationTokenToUserinfo Add $registration token to USERINFO MichaelDaum UnderInvestigation  
DeprecateHTTPandHTTPS Deprecate and restrict VarHTTP and VarHTTPS macros due to security concerns PaulHarvey UnderInvestigation  
PreventRedundantFileReadsInStore Prevent redundant file reads in store MichaelDaum UnderInvestigation  
SplitTopicAttachmentNameFilters Split the topic and attachment name filters, and block colon from topic names GeorgeClark UnderInvestigation  

Future Release

The following proposals have been accepted but are slotted for some future release - to be determined.

Topic Summary Developer CurrentState
AddADDWORKINGDAYSToSSP Add ADDWORKINGDAYS to SpreadSheetPlugin KennethLavrsen AcceptedProposal
AddDataFormCreatorWizard Use a Foswiki app to develop WikiApps SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey UnderConstruction
AddDollarTotalToFormattedSearch Add $total(..) to FormattedSearch PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
AddHideOptionToSTARTSECTION Add a hide option to STARTSECTION PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
AdoptACSSFramework Adopt a CSS framework from another project ArthurClemens AcceptedProposal
AjaxAccessFixes Ajax Access Fixes SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal
AllowTypedData Allow data forms, Foswiki::Form field types and registerMETA to specify data/index types for query/search algo's w/indexes SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal
CaseInsensitiveUserMapping Ignore differences in case between registration and login SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal
CentralizeAndHideAdminInstructions Add administrative instructions for TWikiRegistration tailoring LynnwoodBrown AcceptedProposal
ClarifyReleaseProcessForCoreExtensions Clarify the core extension release process. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal
ConfigurableCookieNamesAndPaths Make cookie path and names configurable PaulHarvey UnderConstruction
CreateISODateFormat Create an ISO datetime format ArthurClemens UnderConstruction
CustomNewUserTemplates Enhance register script to specify a templatetopic param instead of hard-coded 'NewUserTemplate' PaulHarvey UnderConstruction
DatabaseStore Database store, or database cache, for high performance CrawfordCurrie AcceptedProposal
DeprecateAutoAttach Deprecate auto attachments, and make Update Attachments Plugin a default GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal
DublinCoreMetaData Publishing with Dublin Core meta data in head (scope 2.0) DrakeDiedrich AcceptedProposal
EasyDevelopment Fast VM developer environment with Vagrant provisioning JulianLevens, OlivierRaginel AcceptedProposal
EnhanceIfStatementsAndAttrsParsing Add ability to have elsif sections KipLubliner UnderConstruction
ExtractAndCentralizeFormattingRefactor Refactor format rendering to use FoswikiIterators (adds paging, consistency and speed) SvenDowideit UnderConstruction
FSAPluginHooks Plugin hooks to take advantage of Foswiki Stand Alone GilmarSantosJr AcceptedProposal
FormatArbitraryTimes Allow TIME macros to format any old time value, not just the current time PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
FreezeRevisionNumberingScheme Cast in stone the topic revision numbering scheme used by the RCS-based stores MichaelTempest AcceptedProposal
GroupNamesShouldBeLanguageIndependent Group names should be language independent   UnderConstruction
ImproveSecurityOfTemplateAuth Use Javascript to avoid passing the password in the clear. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal
InGMTIMESupportTwoDigitWeek Suggestion for true two-digit week format in GMTIME OlivierRaginel AcceptedProposal
LoadDifferentTopicVersions Simple syntax for specifying specific topic versions PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
MakingVarVARTopicCapable %VAR should be able to return variables at the topic level, not only at the web level. MartinCleaver AcceptedProposal
MoreAttractiveForm Render form with more attractive appearance ArthurClemens AcceptedProposal
NumbersAsUpperCase Allow numbers to be treated as uppercase instead of lowercase in WikiWords KennethLavrsen AcceptedProposal
PluginGarbageCollection Plugins need a working/temp file cleanup mechanism SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal
PreferenceValuesInDifferentContexts Retrieve preference values in different contexts CrawfordCurrie AcceptedProposal
ResultSets Result Sets to abstract search results, lists, and GROUP definition SvenDowideit UnderConstruction
SearchOrderByTopicElement Make Search order param consistent with query SvenDowideit AcceptedProposal
SimplifySEARCHParameters Simply SEARCH parameters SvenDowideit UnderConstruction
SimplifyTheStoreMetaSemantics Simplify The Store - Meta Semantics SvenDowideit UnderConstruction
SupportLineThroughFormatTag Support underline and line-through text decorations PaulHarvey AcceptedProposal
TemplatingSearchResultSummaries Templating search result summaries ArthurClemens UnderConstruction
UnifyDocumentationViaFoswikiBook Create an online 'book' on F.o that facilitates discovery and use of existing documentation, as well as being suitable for conversion to print form AlexisHazell AcceptedProposal
UseEnhanceAndMoveSpecFiles .spec files are under-used and only by configure. Would be nice to use them more OlivierRaginel AcceptedProposal
WysiwygFormFields Making Formfields WYSIWYG capable SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey UnderConstruction
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