Taxonomy of the Development Web

The Development web contains all the topics that are related to the development of Foswiki:
  • New Features requests
  • Coding Standards
  • Development Procedures
  • Developers Documentation
  • Release Tracking
  • Feature Brainstorming
  • Anything else the developers feel that should be here.

Development Topic Classification

Name Type Tooltip Message
Select one... option  
DevelopmentOfDevelopment option To bring development further
BrainStorming option Ideas are oozing out of someone's head...
ShortcutTopic option Used to classify needed abbreviations.
AdminTopic option Relates to administration of this content
SupplementaryDocumentation option This content helps end users in some way, but is too obscure to include in the standard documentation set
DeveloperDocumentation option Documentation used by developers, not usually of interest to non-developers.
GatewayTopic option Topic used to group related topics
CheckinRequest option Topic used for a CheckinRequest to Subversion
FoswikiDeveloper option a successful CheckinRequest to Subversion
ExtensionsDevelopment option Active development of extensions

Note: DefineTerm has been removed from the TopicClassification list.
Reasons: We are not a dictionary, we are not wikipedia, it just clutters our site (remember Codev).

Supporting Topics

Gateway Topics

All categories have an associated gateway topic that can be used to quickly locate all the topics belonging to it. Just click on the category name on the table above.

There is also special gateway for topics that has not been classified, SearchForUnclassifiedTopics.

Special topics

What should not be in Development

The following topics will be moved to their proper place by the WebsiteFacilitatorTaskTeam


I think it is important to keep all taxonomy discussion in one place instead of spreading them on the WebTaxonomy topics in different webs.

-- MichaelDaum - 11 Nov 2008 - 08:06
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