Website Facilitator Task Team

ALERT! This task team is closed.

"To boldly gnome where no man has refactored before...."


To keep the project wiki running smoothly by working on the day to day maintenance tasks, and working to implement the plans of the UserExperienceTaskTeam.

Currently, it must also work with ContentMigrationTaskTeam to help bring the goodies from the Legacy web

Simplifying the usage modes and automating and building tools to make it possible for more than one person to work on these tasks without running over each other is vital.

Ensure provision of the following services to the Foswiki community by:
  • Up-to-date plugins web, reflecting the subversion trunk and latest non-svn uploads
  • Correct and reliable functioning of phone-home features, as required by end-user configure

For the avoidance of doubt, specific exclusions:
  • Maintenance of the hosted Foswiki documentation.
  • Structure of the Foswiki site (webs etc) except where it impinges on the service webs (Main, System, Plugins)
  • Look and feel of the site(s)

This group is officially running sice 2008-11-03, as per decision at Community meeting.

Periodic Tasks

  • Remove bogus registrations like "BillClinton", "FooBar", etc.
    • Bogus registration will be removed upon 48 hours after contacting the registered user by email
  • Remove any non-user page from Main, except those that seem to be tools for the users (example: RafaelAlvarezSearchFu)
  • Remove bogus Groups once a month. A bogus Group is a group that is not part of the cannonical set (to be defined by the community).
  • Watch the wiki-gnome mailing list for bogus registrations, requests for help, login issues etc
  • Watch for unclassified topics, and classify them. Use SearchForUnclassifiedTopics
  • Keep the SiteMap updated.
  • Keep the Taxonomy topic on each web updated (Community,Development).

see TWikiOrgWebsiteFacilitatorRole for additional ideas

No permission to view EMailLookup

Required Powers

  • WebsiteFacilitatorGroup membership
  • At least one AdminGroup member
  • Membership of a to be created Mailing list wiki-gnomes or similar, which will be the email address the site emails (ie, on registration) will be directed so that work can be distributed.
  • wiki-gnomes will need to be the %WEBMASTEREMAIL% for all Foswiki OSS project services.

ie - everything except the kyptonite.

Help Wanted

We need help from people with the following skills/attributes:
  • Wiki mastering
  • Refactoring/Editing
  • Taxonomy design and implementation
  • Sniffing out spammers
  • Bravery

The WikiGnome user

WikiGnome is a special user whose activity is not reflected in the WebChangesForAllWebs page. It is used by the WebsiteFacilitatorTaskTeam to boldly gnome without worrying about spamming the change page. The one and only rule for using the WikiGnome user is that the topic to be modified must be at lease 3 days old. If the topic is more recent, please use your own user to modify it, so it still appears in the change list (it is an active topic afterall).

Discussion and Suggestions

Please, put all your comments, suggestions and discussions in the talk page

Rafael, can we have a status update please?

-- CrawfordCurrie - 09 Dec 2009

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Summary Define and execute on policies for the management of content on the project's wiki
Team lead
Charter Date 3 Nov 2008
Next Review Due After association is formed
Status Closed
RelatedTopics UserExperienceTaskTeam InfrastructureTaskTeam
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