Task Teams for Foswiki

What are Task Teams?

Task teams are the Foswiki way of organising work. They are like mini-projects within the Foswiki ecosystem. If you identify something - anything - that needs doing, you can create a task team and recruit people to that team to help. You don't have to create a task-team to work on Foswiki, but it helps a lot if everyone can see what is going on in the project, and makes it easier to get help. See TaskTeamGovernance for more information on how task teams work.

Anyone can join a Task Team - see ProjectCulture for why.

Creating a Task Team

Anyone can propose a new TaskTeam. This proposal will be reviewed by the proper administrative board, which will work with the Team proposer to define the charter for it.

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Current Task Teams

Click on the name of the team to see the detail of what it does, and where help is needed.
Name Description Status
DebianPackagingTaskTeam Coordination on packaging foswiki for the Debian distribution
AntonioTerceiro, DrakeDiedrich, GuilainCabannes, OlivierRaginel, SvenDowideit
InfrastructureTaskTeam Setting up and maintaining the server and network infrastructure
distributed among team members; shared responsibility*, GeorgeClark, JulianLevens, MarkusUeberall, MichaelDaum, OliverKrueger
ReleaseTaskTeam Manage the release process
SecurityTaskTeam Security Task Team handles security per the community agreed process
ArthurClemens, ColasNahaboo, CrawfordCurrie*, GeorgeClark, GilmarSantosJr, KennethLavrsen, OlivierRaginel, PaulHarvey, RafaelAlvarez, SvenDowideit, WillNorris
Legend: * = team leader

Task teams awaiting charter

The following task teams are in definition, and have not had their charter agreed yet.

Legend: * = team leader

Closed Task Teams

This is a list of task teams that are flagged "abandoned". While they still have a vital mission, they may be in need of your help forming a new team again.
Name Description Status
DocumentationTaskTeam To organise user, admin and developer documentation
ArthurClemens, CarlosBarros, CrawfordCurrie, DavidWolfe, IsaacRabinovitch, KennethLavrsen, KwangErnLiew, MartyBrandon, SebastianKlus, SueBlake, SvenDowideit, WillNorris
MarketingTaskTeam Carry out marketing on behalf of the project/community
TranslationTaskTeam Internationalisation of UI and documentation
AndreUlrich*, CarlosBarros, ChYang, CoriaXu, OliverKrueger, SebastianKlus, TolgaYaman, WillNorris
UserExperienceTaskTeam Sets and develops User Experience direction for both the releases of the software, the Website and its sub servers
WebsiteFacilitatorTaskTeam Define and execute on policies for the management of content on the project's wiki
WysiwygTaskTeam Push the envelope on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing features
CrawfordCurrie*, DrewStevenson, EugenMayer, GeorgeClark, LeilaPearson, PaulHarvey
Legend: * = team leader

Complete Task Teams

This is the list of task teams that fulfilled their charter and have formally been closed.
Name Description Status
AssociationBylawsTaskTeam Team that defines proposal for the initial bylaws for the Project Association
ContentMigrationTaskTeam Team to migrate content from Legacy web to Community/Development/Tasks webs
Legend: * = team leader

Task Team notes

  • You should have a leader of your task team, to act as the spokesperson for the team.
  • Collect ideas and proposals for work that needs to be done, and translate them to real tasks.
  • Do the tasks!
  • Leaders of Task Teams please make sure that your team defines Tasks (Add them in the Tasks web!). It is more important that you define what to do than doing it yourself. There are so many people out there that just want to help but do not know how. Not everybody can see immediately what needs to be done. It is so much easier for them to follow what you have already thought of!
  • Be welcoming and friendly to new contributors and offer concrete and easy actions to perform. We want work to be done. It is better to have somebody fulfill a small task instead of getting a very long cheer-up-mail.
  • Make sure everybody in your Team stays in contact. Proactively ask for people to fulfill tasks. Proactively tell others what is needed.
  • Search for supporters of your Task Team and make sure that you have enough help. Define exactly what skills your Task Team Members need.
  • Report on progress that your Task Team achieves.
  • Shape the community as a whole and help other Task Teams where necessary and possible.

Aren't sure?

People on a Task Team are committed to the job. They really want to help. It is absolutely no problem to join and get off again. Every contribution counts. But if you do not know whether you really want to be part of a Task Team right now there are also other possibilities to help. See our "HowYouCanHelp"-page for more info.



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