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Smart Edit Contrib

Smart Edit is a JavaScript editor "à la wikipedia" for Foswiki. It is a WYSIWISAD (What You See Is What Is Saved On Disk smile editor.

It takes an alternate approach to the WYSIWYG one, as its goals are to be
  • useful, even for experienced wiki users
  • predictable: What you see is what will be saved
  • reliable: use only the standard plain text edit mode (textarea) of the browsers to avoid bugs of their rich text (dom) mode
  • unobstrusive: as long as you do not use the toolbar, you are still using the traditional raw wiki editor

For this, it assists editing WikiSyntax by providing the following features as JavaScript code:
  • Foswiki syntax insertion (click the B button to make bold text)
  • Keyboard shortcuts: hit TAB to ident and shift-TAB to outdent
  • Configurable menus to insert icons and useful constructs, like various CommentPlugin types
  • A dynamic Foswiki link selection, to insert links to topics with an incremental ("search-as-you-type") menus
  • An interactive search

Smart Edit is a JavaScript application, working on Firefox , *Internet Explorer 8+* and Mozilla 7.1+ . The code is clearly ugly (it was my first real javascript program), and should be rewritten as it can be too slow on big topics. It is however much faster on firefox, meaning that you will be able to edit comfortably 15k topics with IE and 80k topics on Firefox. However, we use it as our default editor daily since 2006 on our intranet.


Features and user manual


Supported styles : Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Formatted, Verbatim, Blockquote, Heading 1 to 6.

How does it work ?

When you click on the bold button (for example), Smart Edit gets your selection and inserts the bold tags at the right place. This editor doesn't have a context engine so if you click 2 times on the bold button, you will have 2 bold tags.

SmartEditContrib aumatically detect blanks and line break to insert tags at the right place.


List types : Normal (bullet) and numered.

How does it work ?

Basically, it works like styles but a minimal context was developped to help you.

  • A click on the list button add a list item a the beginning of the current line. You do not need to put the cursor at this place or to select the while line.

  • You just type * and 1 space, then you type your text and when you type on the "return" key, the list item is automatically created.
  • If you are editing a list item and you hit the return key, a new list item will be created with the same indentation in the next line.
  • To indent or outdent a list item, you can just hit the "TAB" key of "SHIFT TAB" like in others editors
  • SHIFT+RETURN creates a br tag on the next line

  • External links
    • Smart Edit provides you a simple and intuitive interface to insert a link. You can also watch a preview of the given link.

  • Internal links
    • A dynamic interface help you to select and insert a Foswiki link. You just have to select one web in a list, then choose a topic by its name with auto completion assistance.


Configuration via the Foswiki macros SMARTEDITICONSITE, SMARTEDITICONWEB, SMARTEDITICONUSER that take a list of XML values of the ICON graphics and its LABEL like
<tselement><tsname> LABEL </tsname><tsstring> ICON </tsstring></tselement>
e.g. <tselement><tsname> %ICON{lock}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{lock}%</tsstring></tselement>

To add more than one element, you just have to copy from <tselement> to </tselement> and to complete each one.

Warning: the ICON and LABEL should only use double quotes ", not simple quotes '. The %ICON{...}% construct uses double quote, as in <img src="...">, you should not use <img src='...'> otherwise smartedit wont run and you will stay in raw edit.

Use : Just open the icon chooser with icon button and click on your image to insert it into the text.


Basic insertion : Smart Edit provides you some basic tags to insert that are <nop>, <br /> and <hr />. But it is possible to configure personal strings to insert by editing a simple Foswiki macro.

Configuration : via the Foswiki macros SMARTEDITSTRINGSITE, SMARTEDITSTRINGWEB, SMARTEDITSTRINGUSER that take a list of XML values of the STRING to insert and its LABEL like
<tselement><tsname> LABEL </tsname><tsstring> STRING </tsstring></tselement>
e.g. <tselement><tsname> Today's Date</tsname><tsstring> %GMTIME{$year-$mo-$day}%</tsstring></tselement>

To add more than one element, you just have to copy from <tselement> to </tselement> and to complete each one.

Warning: the ICON and LABEL should only use simple quotes ', not double quotes "

Smart Edit also provides you a search toolbar. You just have to type your text and you know automatically if the typed text is found into the textarea.

Info : When you are entering text into the search text box, a click on the "*return*" key automatically selects the first occurence of your text. Textarea size

Smart Edit gives you the ability to increase or decrease the textarea height with these buttons: . You can also set the textarea size to the exact number of lines in your text by clicking on the "Auto fit" button.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • TAB - Indent the current line (no selection needed)
  • SHIFT+TAB - Outdent the current line (no selection needed)
    • If there is a list item into the current line, automatically go to the next line and add a new list item with the same indentation
    • If there is a list item into the current line and no text, automatically go to the next line, deleting last empty list item
    • If your the text in the current line is indented, go to the next line with the same indentation
    • Go to the next line, add a br tag with the same indentation

Contrib Install new release

When a new release is available, you just have to download the zip file and to unzip it from your foswiki root directory.

Contrib Installation Instructions on pattern-based skins

  • unzip/untar the plugin at the root level of your foswiki install
  • If you use the default pattern skin, just put in your Main.SitePreferences a
      * Set SKIN = smarteditor, pattern
  • Note that it should be compatible with other pattern modifications, e.g. Set SKIN = smarteditor, editdefault, pattern
  • Add the following declarations to the same Main.SitePreferences topic. You can expand and/or modify these at will

   * Due to bugs on other browsers, Smartedit will refuse to run on browsers
     other than Gecko-based ones (firefox) and Internet Explorer 8 or more. To
     force it to run anyways, set the variable in your preferences:
      * Set SMARTEDITFORCE = on

---++ Smartedit
Warning: only use simple quotes ', not double quotes " in the following 3 vars:
   * Set SMARTEDITSTRINGSITE = <tselement><tsname>Today's Date</tsname><tsstring>%GMTIME{$year-$mo-$day}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>User name</tsname><tsstring>%WIKIUSERNAME%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Signature</tsname><tsstring>--&nbsp;%WIKIUSERNAME% - %DATE%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Comments, signed and dated, added at top</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='top'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Comments, signed and dated, added at end</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='bottom'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Comments, signed and dated, added immediately before</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='above'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Bullet item added immediately before</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='bulletabove'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Wiki thread mode comment, signed and dated</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='threadmode'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Comments, signed and dated, added recurse after comment box</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='belowthreadmode'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Comments, signed and dated, added immediately below</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='below'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Comments, signed and dated, added at top of table below</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='tableprepend'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Comments, signed and dated, added at end of table above</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='tableappend'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Add before the comment box, after the last comment</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='after'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Action of Action Tracker added to action table directly above</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='action'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Tablerows adding on end</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='table'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Talk using TOC adding on end</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='toctalk'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Create a list of annotated bookmarks</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='bookmark'}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname>Post to a different topic and return to here</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>COMMENT{type='return'}%</tsstring></tselement>
Warning: only use single quotes ', not double quotes " in the following 3 vars:
   * Set SMARTEDITICONSITE = <tselement><tsname> %ICON{info}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{info}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{more}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{more}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{note}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{note}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{pencil}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{pencil}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{question}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{question}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{stargold}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{stargold}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{starred}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{starred}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{stop}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{stop}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{target}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{target}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{tip}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{tip}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{warning}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{warning}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{wip}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{wip}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{watch}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{watch}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{wrench}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{wrench}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{person}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{person}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{group}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{group}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{key}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{key}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{lock}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{lock}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{new}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{new}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{todo}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{todo}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{updated}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{updated}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{done}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{done}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{closed}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{closed}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{choice-yes}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{choice-yes}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{choice-no}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{choice-no}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{choice-cancel}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{choice-cancel}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{minus}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{minus}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{plus}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{plus}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{home}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{home}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{left}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{left}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{right}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{right}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{up}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{up}%</tsstring></tselement><tselement><tsname> %ICON{down}%</tsname><tsstring>%<nop>ICON{down}%</tsstring></tselement>

Adaptation to non-pattern based skins

You will have to adapt your skin for it. the principles are detailed in the README-SmartEditContrib.txt in the distrib

Contrib Info

  • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Toolbar to help edit Foswiki content

Add-on Author: Gael Crova (Special thanks to Colas Nahaboo and Frederic Luddeni for their help and feedback)
Add-on Version: 15 Apr 2009 (v3)
Change History:  
15 Apr 2009: v3: Version for Foswiki 1.0.4 (Colas Nahaboo), bug where smartedit was running at the same time as the wysiwyg editor fixed, new variable SMARTEDITFORCE, disabled on IE 6 and 7 because of bugs, text coloring is now using the same conventions as the wysiwyg editor
23 Jan 2008: v2: Version for TWiki Freetown, 4.2.0
18 Aug 2006: IE Toolbar width fixed
16 Aug 2006: Tab and SHIFT-TAB events disabled in Opera - Help in a specific topic with the viewprint template
16 Aug 2006: Blanks in external links fixed
10 Aug 2006: solved display bug for insert internal link
09 Aug 2006: solved some bugs on TWiki 4.0.2
09 Aug 2006: Removed some debug information
08 Aug 2006: HTML Tags corrected
08 Aug 2006: IE display fixed - wiki link bugs fixed
07 Aug 2006: Initial version
CPAN Dependencies: none
Other Dependencies: none
Perl Version: 5.005
License: GPL
Contrib Home: http://foswiki.org/Extensions/SmartEditContrib
Support: http://foswiki.org/Support/SmartEditContrib

-- Gael Crova - 07 Aug 2006
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