Target completion date: Foswiki release 2.0

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Implement and support robust WYSIWYG editing solutions. Specifically:
  1. Upgrade Tiny MCE to latest version, and remain up to date
  2. Fully support UTF8 in WysiwygPlugin and TinyMCEPlugin (as far as allowed by the core)
  3. WYSIWYG in form fields (Tasks.Item8032, Development.WysiwygFormFields)
  4. Move TMCE wrapper JS to a JS toolkit, to ease enhancement
  5. Integrate enhancements into main code stream (Eugen's dialogs and Martin's form editing)
  6. Provide end-user and developer support , last modified Support questions were:

    • Question2045: Hi, After migrating some content from foswiki 1.0.4 into a new install of 2.1.6, we sometimes get th... 01 Apr 2020 - 19:57 by AaronWells
    • Question1891: When we try to upload an image using the "Manage Attachments" icon in the wysiwyg editor, it does no... 07 Aug 2018 - 15:14 by DevinBougie
    • Question1792: TLDR:Are there any plans to implement a better wysiwyg editor (tinymce ckeditor) and improve the wys... 26 Jun 2016 - 03:54 by GeorgeClark
    • Question1303: Greetings, When I go to the the Edit screen of a topic I get this dialogue box "Unable to install Ti... 25 May 2013 - 18:14 by XochiValdez
    • Question1125: Hello. It looks like line wrapping is not properly handled in recent versions of the TinyMCEPlugin. ... 09 Jul 2012 - 17:50 by DevinBougie
    • Question1090: Treeview DIV are resetted by Tinymce in the last version of foswiki (1.1.5) This means that using th... 18 May 2012 - 02:25 by GeorgeClark
    • Question1087: TinyMCE produces links to attachments of the form: FILENAME.txt or FILENAME.txt despite the followin... 11 May 2012 - 18:19 by JacobEtches
  1. Implement in-browser "end to end" unit testing via Selenium

Required Powers

  • Control over checkins to TinyMCEPlugin, WysiwygPlugin.
  • Ability to check in to core as required to enhance forms handling

Development Topics

Feature Proposals

Feature Proposal: Let's add NatEdit to the core Motivation NatEdit is: * pretty cool * simple * popular with the mostly normal but very slightly geeky p...
Feature Proposal: DeKi alike WYSIWYG Motivation Foswiki WYSIWYG is still very immature and unable to provide the easy interface required to %22less techee people...
Feature Proposal: Support blockquote and paragraph indenting in TinyMCEPlugin Motivation See Support.Question293 . Apparently using the indent buttons on pa...
Feature Proposal: Support underline and line through text decorations Motivation We currently lack the ability apply underlined or line through formatting to tex...
Feature Proposal: Syntax Highlighting Editor Motivation I use Movable Type. I really like the Syntax Highlighting option in the (otherwise simple textarea) edito...
Feature Proposal: Implement a rational way for mere mortals to adjust the level of HTML contamination permitted into their topics Motivation Content Policies Ti...
Feature Proposal: Formalise TML/HTML conversion requirements on a per editor, profile basis Motivation Editor Profiles We need to support multiple editors, and ...
Feature Proposal: Formalise TML/HTML conversion requirements on a per editor basis Motivation TinyMCE already has some specific quirks coded into WysiwygPlugin. ...
Feature Proposal: Making Formfields WYSIWYG capable Motivation WYSIWYG is accepted as a must have feature for every wiki nowadays. However, Foswiki doesn't do WY...
Number of topics: 9


EditorAPI Motivation This is a Brainstorming topic about how to organize the javascript behind the scene to implement different editors, even mix different edito...
Formalise a specification for a macro's arguments, among other things Prompted by WIBNIF thoughts over the last 6 months and then seeing that XWiki seems to have ...
Interaction patterns for Edit Research which interaction is best suited for the Edit action. The intention is to list a limited set of ideal interactions that can...
SynchroEdit http://synchroedit.com/ "SynchroEdit is a browser based simultaneous multiuser editor, a form of same time, different place groupware. It allows multi...
Taxonomy of macros shipped with core Actually we should consider non core plugins that are good examples of any type of macro that isn't represented in core and n...
Topic linker I came across this message box on Quora that lets you insert links to other pages. It would be nice as addon for Wysiwyg and CommentPlugin. The displ...
Wireframes for the Edit screen UPDATE: I moved the examples from other editors to WireframesEditScreenInspirations to allow a better overview of the mock ups we ...
Macros in the Wysiwyg editor intimidate users Create an API to make macros interactive objects in the editor Perhaps this functionality would ultimately go in Wy...
Number of topics: 9

Work Items



Deleted old discussion confirming move to JQuery for 1.1.

-- PaulHarvey - 24 Dec 2009

Status update: we have seen some tremendous work over the last few months, in stabilising and enhancing the code. Progress towards the stated goals, on the other hand, has been slow. I think we are unlikely to hit all our targets for 1.1.

Since we have been running for some time, I changed status to "Running".

-- CrawfordCurrie - 09 Dec 2009

I've added a list of task items that are on my mind, roughly grouped in a more readable way than the giant list produced by the Tasks web search.

With respect to the WysiwygTaskTeam goals, I am interested in:
  1. WYSIWYG in form fields (Tasks.Item8032) I hope work on Tasks.Item2297 will make it into a 1.1 release, which should remove a lot of hurdles that need to be jumped to achieve this goal)
  2. Move TMCE wrapper JS to a JS toolkit, to ease enhancement I hope to get this done in the first quarter of 2010
  3. Integrate enhancements into main code stream (Eugen's dialogs and Martin's form editing)I suspect these will be non-core features for some time, but working on TinyMCEPluginShouldBeMoreModular should make this less of an issue
Most urgent bug items that I am working on: Also added implementing Selenium as a worthy goal for the WysiwygTaskTeam. Thanks to MichaelTempest for point it out to me. It's desperately needed and would make me a lot more confident as we go about refactoring javascript and TML/HTML conversion code.

-- PaulHarvey - 24 Dec 2009

WYSIWYG on Formfields

  • Addressing the technical issues detailed very thoroughly in Tasks.Item8032.
    • Newline encoding of formfields messes up rendering of TML lists/tables.
    • Other encoding issues.
    • Javascript isn't reentrant.
    • WysiwygPlugin doesn't translate formfields.
  • Fundamental mechanisms for WYSIWYG are lacking
    • Not modular enough. Need to more easily accommodate special tml2html/html2tml requirements of multiple editors.
    • Not enough control of strictness/permitted content in the html2tml translation. Should be easy to specify, Eg. never allow HTML tables.
    • Javascript (non-TMCE specific ajax parts) should belong to WysiwygPlugin.
    • Javascript needs a re-write in jQuery.
      • $('textarea.foswikiEdit').foswikiwysiwyg({editor : 'TinyMCEPlugin', ...})
    • Need more communication with translator from client. More HTTP headers? Translator needs to know:
      • Editor used
      • TML policy
      • These two things may be changed by the user while editing
    • Need end-to-end testing via Selenium.

-- PaulHarvey - 20 Feb 2010

Hi, just installed Foswiki & trying out. So I like to let you know my first experiences that -excuse me- are most what I fear is what Foswiki lacks towards some others:

I don't like the editor, I like CKEditor through WYSIWYG like how CMS Drupal does. I have to change my browser so it can copy-paste. If using a user browser based editor, why not XStandard?

Then the Foswiki markup; there should be a list or link placed what is the markup and what can be done. The easy Mediawiki markup doen't work at all (without plugin) while they are the market leader with 80% of the market! doesn't work either; everything is written in one long line instead of the human line breaks, I make in the editor.

When I make a page it gets in between all kinds of internal technical pages I'm not interested in. I just want to see the list of user added pages; that should be empty and now only with one article I just have made.

Anyway, Foswiki is probably the second best wiki program and has some aspects that Mediawiki doesn't have; so continue the good work & I hope there is some issue queue where I can add feature requests.

http://wiki.abyz.info - Al

-- AlCamrib - 07 Oct 2010

"doesn't work either" => using the code tags "" doesn't place the next line on the next lien, unless one makes 2 lines space and then it makes 2 lines instead of one line

-- AlCamrib - 07 Oct 2010

  • You don't like the editor, fair enough. Foswiki 1.1 ships with the latest TinyMCE 3.3.8 (well, 3.3.9 is latest, plan on having it after we get Foswiki 1.1.2 out). This editor is quite a lot better than the Foswiki 1.0.x version (3.2.7).
  • An abridged markup syntax help is available right in the raw editor. I'm sorry you missed that, perhaps we need to make it more obvious on the edit screen.
  • Foswiki (TWiki, rather) existed quite a few years before Mediawiki did. Changing the syntax is a very expensive endeavour, for very little gain (I would be very surprised if somebody selected or did not select Foswiki because of lack of Mediawiki formatting syntax).
  • I don't understand why you think everything must be written on one big long line. I have gone to a lot of effort to remove this style of Foswiki TML coding in our official System documentation. Please check out our 'modernised' documentation at http://trunk.foswiki.org/System/FormattedSearch, rather.
  • Really, you should create a new web and not create things in the Main or System webs. This is the best way to avoid 'clutter' of system topics. But perhaps you are referring to WebChanges, WebSearch, etc. utility topics. I hope we can reduce the number of these in Foswiki 2.0, but it is an advantage that "everything is a topic" - even system templates (potentially) - it means you can modify the UI entirely from version-controlled wiki pages smile
  • The newline behaviour matches the (X)HTML philosophy - 'line-breaks are evil' - it's hard to translate the Foswiki TML meaning of 'newline' (spacing out code, line-breaks are to improve code readability) into XHTML paragraphs <p> elements.

Thank you for your feedback. I can sympathise with many of the problems you have listed. What I find in my own experience is that Mediawiki users miss the most: easy access to a fast report of all the edits that a user makes, and talk pages.

I hope you add your ideas to the Development area

-- PaulHarvey - 30 Oct 2010

This team has been closed as per decision of the general assembly. This doesn't mean that there won't be any activity anymore with regards to WYSIWYG. It will however continue on a more broader scope focusing the editing experience in Foswiki. A new task team will be instantiated if required.

-- MichaelDaum - 17 May 2014

TaskTeamForm edit

Summary Push the envelope on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing features
Team lead CrawfordCurrie
Participants DrewStevenson, EugenMayer, LeilaPearson, PaulHarvey, GeorgeClark
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Status Closed
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