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Task Team for the Infrastructure


Target completion date: 2008-10-27

Infrastructure Task Team has been "Running" as per decision at community meeting 3/11/08.

If you want to participate in this project, add your name to the "Participants" field in the form, and send your ssh key to one or more of the existing members.

Members are in the InfrastructureTaskTeamGroup.


  • find, and gain commitment for, project web servers
  • provide admin support for the project servers
  • ensure service of project servers, including
    • subversion repository
    • translation infrastructure
    • unit tests
  • Ensure all standard admin expectations (backup, security etc) are fulfilled.
  • Audit registered users and ensure that spammers are dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • manage the mailing lists (currently on sourceforge)
  • handle content takedown demands issued against quickly and effectively

Required Powers

  • root access all the servers
  • recognition as the "admin team" prominent on Foswiki site
  • remove spam and legally infringing content.

DNS hosts

Address Description Address the master wiki site testing site running from svn trunk (updated every 15 minutes) our Subversion repository obsolete Trac web interface to Subversion shutdown the staging server from which all the cdn servers can sync from. (it is Weblate translation framework  
We plan to have geo-dns for and, with syncing so that a user's request comes from the closest server to that user, and then any change URL's will get directed to the master server. See DistributedServersPlan for details.

Move to Tasks and add SEARCH
  1. add hosts for each donated host
  2. set up our own DNS servers with geo-dns
  3. write plugin for advanced url output


Owner Address OS Purpose Notes
Foswiki community root@ FreeBSD Main site, SVN chroot+chbind jail
SvenDowideit nextwiki@ Debian DNS, CDN VMware
KwangErnLiew root@ Debian FoswikiBot VServer
IgorNikolic - - from TUD - Netherlands  
ScottWalsh - - Release mirror Need about two hours lead time during 1300-2100 GMT, and eight hours outside that window.
JanKrueger (modell aachen)   Weblate  


SVN Commit access

  1. ssh
  2. cd /home/svn
  3. vi nextwiki.access
  4. Add the users to the respective groups (in alphabetical order): wiki-releasers, wiki-dev, twiki-dev, twiki-plugins
  5. Then mail them and the foswiki-dev list a welcome based on this canned message
  6. change the CheckinRequest topic's category to FoswikiDeveloper
  7. Add them to the DevelopersGroup
  8. Commit emails and twitter posts work from /home/svn/nextwiki/hooks

Nightly builds (VM)

Sven's machine takes care of this.

  • runs a build at 1:30am Sydney time, and outputs results to Sends an email to foswiki-svn on unit test failure - no news is good news.

Foswiki accounts

Admin Skills

Name OS
ColasNahaboo Debian and Ubuntu, most unixes (weaker)
CrawfordCurrie Debian, RHEL, Windows XP, OSX (weak)
KoenMartens *BSD, Linux (any distro), other unices (eg OSX, AIX, Solaris, ...)
KwangErnLiew Debian
OliverKrueger Debian (Atari ST, Suse)
OlivierRaginel Debian, Solaris, SLES, *BSD, so most SystemV unices
SvenDowideit Debian, Solaris, OSX, RHEL, WindowsNT ->2003 server
WillNorris Debian, OSX, RHEL
KennethLavrsen RHEL, Centos
PaulHarvey Debian


Discussion Archive.

  • Possible Mac Mini OSX server - &
  • Virtualisation of the servers
    • Linux VServer
    • Solaris 10 Zones
    • VMware or VirtualBox
    • Tinderbox with different configurations and architectures

2009 Status Update

Things we have done

  • enabled commit access for XXX new developers
  • ported TWikiBot to FoswikiBot; installed; added new module to tweet from IRC; enabled RSS feeds to see wiki page changes and incoming tweets from within IRC

New things we need to do

Note from the association board; the excellent work of this team in keeping the servers running, and responding quickly to untoward events, has been critical to the project to date. Keep up the good work!

The association board has a duty to establish the PrivacyPolicy and is looking to this team to help ensure it is implemented.

Sven, can we have a status update please?

-- CrawfordCurrie - 09 Dec 2009

Removed EugenMayer from this group on his own request.

-- OliverKrueger - 10 Apr 2010

An action plan is required to move to a new server.

-- MichaelDaum - 14 Mar 2013

Sven seems to have left the building. So the Team Lead seat is vacant. Anybody of the Participants to volunteer?

-- MichaelDaum - 23 May 2014

I'd like to join and see if I can help

-- JulianLevens - 23 May 2014

I refined and modernised the goals above. Shouldn't Florian be a member of this team, given that it's his server that is providing the unit testing service?

-- CrawfordCurrie - 03 Jun 2014

TaskTeamForm edit

Summary Setting up and maintaining the server and network infrastructure
Team lead distributed among team members; shared responsibility
Participants KoenMartens, CrawfordCurrie, KwangErnLiew, OliverKrueger, OlivierRaginel, WillNorris, ColasNahaboo, KennethLavrsen, GeorgeClark, PaulHarvey
Charter Date 3 Nov 2008
Next Review Due After association is formed
Status Running
RelatedTopics DistributedServersPlan, WelcomeDeveloper, CheckinRequest, FoswikiDeveloper, InfrastructureTaskTeamItems, PootleTranslationServer
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