In this early stage, we're just going to use the one wiki server - there are enough infrastructures to re-build already.

for week 2&3 : distributed static file serving (pub/TWiki only) - rsync and Sven's writing code - yay.


Foswiki will be set up with geographically distributed servers, all serving the same up-to-date content.


  • Who will be providing the Geo-DNS? Will we have our own DNS servers?
    • I guess Association can pay for it. Any list of good providers?
    • I guess we can run our own.. we have 2 full servers that we can use now
  • Do we want perfect sync-ing of the contents?
    • Data can then be synced via any number of ways - crsync, rsync, bittorrent, elephant, or more likely Crawfords ReadWriteOfflinePlugin.
    • If not, what's the delay that we can accept?


Each International will have its own subdomain.


  • No-brainer, easily done.
  • ...


Each server platform will also have its own subdomain.


  • Is it the same as the main sites?
    • If no, is it publically accessible? Or kept within the TaskTeam for testing purposes?
      • If it's kept for testing purposes, should we have multiple sites for different skins? And multiple sites running on different Foswiki versions (see Item27)?
    • initially, these are the main sites, but with aliases to make testing easier.



  • What happens when we have language specific community/support?
  • Do we cater for all Webs?

General Discussion

  • What are the capabilities for all platforms to adhere to the above plan? What are its shortcomings?
  • Do we only support Apache? Or will Lighttpd, Nginx, etc. be considered too?
    • In Sven's opinion, we support whatever someone is willing to set up and maintain.
  • Any guidelines on which distributions are allowed? e.g. are unstable distros allowed?
    • What are the security implications? When one server is compromised, we are doomed...?
    • In Sven's opinion, we support whatever someone is willing to set up and maintain.
  • Need for load balancer?
    • the above geo-dns is load balancing. If (in the unlikely event) we need even more load balancing, the geo-dns servers I looked into a few months ago also do load based distribution.
  • What sort of extension can be built to help?
    • Sven have an idea how to do this using very few lines of plugin code, but don't let that stop anyone writing it smile
  • Separate 'static' content servers (Static == pub files that don't require permissions - Skin data at least)
    • to be able to geo-locate static info even when going the long route to a master edit server.
    • no security implications on protected files in pub - as we only serve non-premission restricted pub files
  • Master data server (long term goal? - no, this is easier to implement than having edits on more than one system)
    • When a user hits edit, they are sent to the appropriate master server for that web's content (so that non-technical users don't get surprised wrt star-merges) with some kind of server to server communications to transfer their session.

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