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Foswiki archived release

alert This release is superseded by Foswiki 2.1.6. Visit the download page.

See Release Dates for the complete list of available releases.

Highlights of this release

  • First patch to major new Foswiki release
    • 28 fixes and 3 enhancements
  • Hundreds enhancements relative to 1.1.9
  • Incorporates 49 "Feature proposals"
  • After in-depth security review, improvements made in 15 areas.
  • UTF-8 Core. Foswiki now uses utf-8 internally for comprehensive international character set support.
  • Foswiki virtual machine updated to Ubuntu LTS 14.04.

See ReleaseNotes02x00 for complete release notes.

For users:

  • New "Natural Edit" TML editor helps users learn the Topic Markup Language
  • New "block indent" TML markup ( Multiple of 3 spaces, :(colon) (space) indented text )
  • HomePagePlugin adds individualized homepage on login.
  • More realistic edit "preview" includes active links.
  • SubscribePlugin allows one-click subscribe for topic change notifications
  • Old EditTablePlugin has been replaced by the EditRowPlugin. This plugin provides enhanced capabilities and client-side sorting of tables.
  • Greatly improved support for international character sets.

For administrators:

  • New pluggable Store backend, and Plain File store available: higher performing and eliminates use of RCS.
  • New pluggable ACL processing with Read only and Admin only access settings
  • Simpler initial installation and bootstrap of settings.
  • internal admin login can be eliminated, avoiding use of shared passwords.
  • New configure interface requires JavaScript
  • New command-line configuration tool available
  • UpdatesPlugin alerts admin when updated extensions are available.
  • FastCGI and mod_perl supported "out of the box".
  • Simpler web server configuration: No need to apply special protection to configure script.

Translation status

As of this release,
  • Czech, Danish, French, German and Italian are >99% complete.
  • Traditional Chinese is >93% complete.
  • Dutch, Norwegian, and Portuguese (Brazil) are 70-88% complete.
  • Other languages are 60% complete or lower.
  • A new translation has been added: Klingon, 95% translated.

For more details on translation status, see Foswiki:Community.TranslationTeam and Foswiki's Weblate translation server. Foswiki is now using continuous translation, so contributions at any time are very helpful. Foswiki thanks the Translators for their Herculean efforts. If you are interesting in helping with the translation, please contact

ALERT! Security alerts or advisories apply to this release: This release is vulnerable to the above alerts. Instructions on how to mitigate these issues are described in the alert details.

Download Foswiki 2.0.1 from sourceforge

GPG Signatures and MD5 checksums are provided for verifying the integrity of the files for the primary download packages.

File GPG MD5 Description
download Foswiki-2.0.1.tgz GPG MD5 tar gz version of Foswiki
download GPG MD5 zip version of Foswiki

Upgrade packages

If you already have an earlier version of Foswiki 2.0.X installed, you can extract an upgrade package on top of the installation. The major.minor part of the release should not be changed by an upgrade package.

ALERT! Upgrade packages must not be used to upgrade older releases.

File GPG MD5 Description
download Foswiki-upgrade-2.0.1.tgz GPG MD5 upgrade tar gz version of Foswiki
download GPG MD5 upgrade zip version of Foswiki

<blockquote class="foswikiAlert"> *This release has not been built yet!*  This is a draft of the release announcement.  If you want an early start to testing, see Development.GitBasedInstall.</blockquote>

%INCLUDE{"Download.FoswikiReleaseViewTemplate" section="download"
  release="%FORMFIELD{"Release" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"

%INCLUDE{"Download.FoswikiReleaseViewTemplate" section="download"
  release="%FORMFIELD{"Release" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"

%INCLUDE{"Download.FoswikiReleaseViewTemplate" section="download"
  release="%FORMFIELD{"Release" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"
  url="{"Release" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"

%INCLUDE{"Download.FoswikiReleaseViewTemplate" section="download"
  release="%FORMFIELD{"Release" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"
  url="{"Release" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"

%INCLUDE{"Download.FoswikiReleaseViewTemplate" section="download"
  release="%FORMFIELD{"Release" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"
  url="{"ReleaseTag" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"

%INCLUDE{"Download.FoswikiReleaseViewTemplate" section="download"
  release="%FORMFIELD{"Release" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"
  url="{"ReleaseTag" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%"

| *File* | *GPG* | *MD5* | *Description* |
| [[%url%/Foswiki-%upgraded%%release%.tgz][%ICON{download}% Foswiki-%upgraded%%release%.tgz]] | [[%url%/Foswiki-%upgraded%%release%.tgz.asc][GPG]] | [[%url%/Foswiki-%upgraded%%release%.md5][MD5]] | %upgrade% tar gz version of Foswiki |
| [[%url%/][%ICON{download}%]] | [[%url%/][GPG]] | [[%url%/Foswiki-%upgraded%%release%.md5][MD5]] | %upgrade% zip version of Foswiki |%IF{"'%upgraded%'='' and '%FORMFIELD{"VMImage" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%'='1'" then="
| [[%url%/Foswiki-%release%-vmware.%FORMFIELD{"VMFormat" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%][%ICON{download}% Foswiki-%release%-vmware.%FORMFIELD{"VMFormat" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%]] | [[%url%/Foswiki-%release%-vmware.%FORMFIELD{"VMFormat" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%.asc][GPG]] | [[%url%/Foswiki-%release%-vmware.md5][MD5]] | [[Support.VirtualMachineImages][VM Image (instructions)]] |"}%%ENDSECTION{"download"}%

---+++!! Upgrade packages

   else="These packages can be used to upgrade __Foswiki Release %FORMFIELD{"UpgradeFrom" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}% or newer__. See [[#Upgrade_Instructions]] for further information"
   then="If you already have an earlier version of Foswiki %FORMFIELD{"ReleaseMajor" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%.%FORMFIELD{"ReleaseMinor" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%.X installed, you can extract an upgrade package on top of the installation. The =major.minor= part of the release should not be changed by an upgrade package."}%

%X% Upgrade packages must not be used to upgrade older releases.


Other downloads/installers

None at this time

Getting help & providing feedback

Don't forget to use the upgrade or installation guides. If you need help, there are several options:

We want to hear from you! Especially if you have noticed a bug, have some ideas we could use, or just want to contribute:

Known issues

There are still limitations with the store conversion script in Foswiki 2.0.1. Carefully review the limitations documented in the UpgradeGuide before converting your store.

The following issues have been reported against FoswikiRelease02x00x01. Tasks in "Closed" or "Waiting for Release" state will be fixed in the next release.

Major issues of Foswiki, to be fixed in: 2.0.2

The following "urgent" issues have been marked for resolution in Foswiki 2.0.2

Id Summary Component Current State
6 years
configure does not set initial values when extensions are installed with an external package manager.
distro:00c9e7389753 distro:921ed8f9164e distro:9a3b4612bfff distro:ed3aabefa0fd distro:b8a7893cfa4a distro:69baaf25c3f5 distro:e597e35ec868 distro:242a57cf630d distro:5088ec2bd570 distro:1f7f01184216 distro:2804659007c4 distro:e54f9dfa39fc distro:b2b931647f3c distro:c4703e9e5341
ConfigurePlugin Closed
6 years
PERL type configuation settings lose their formatting when LocalSite.cfg is saved.
ConfigurePlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin does not work on page with TABLE macro.
distro:45bceb5d9e7c distro:956a65673331 distro:b99811da932a distro:e0f5ba59ba75 distro:ab48972c1f9d distro:cc3e182967a4 distro:581bd6e6910a TablesContrib:ee2f9bed9785 TablesContrib:198175cb59a4 distro:01df15f83db2 distro:21c9304cb9b9 distro:24a5f4d2f4ba distro:346900b82757
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
Login form populated with incorrect path info.
distro:526290089f8d distro:d2517b1846e8
FoswikiRequestCache Closed
6 years
Foswiki 2.0 is 350% slower doing query SEARCH compared to 1.1.9.
6 years
Error renaming a symlinked web using Support.PlainFile Store.
PlainFileStoreContrib Closed
6 years
Page cache pollution by illegal path components.
6 years fails on perl 5.10.1 - Encode constants are not exported.
FoswikiTools Closed
6 years
AutoViewTemplatePlugin: reports Invalid template name ( Warning: Can't find named section viewtemplate in topic...) when used in "section" mode and no section exists.
AutoViewTemplatePlugin Closed
6 years
Hide "Title" field in natedit when unused.
NatEditPlugin Closed
6 years
BuildContrib not properly copying copyright information releasing an extension
distro:04dca6d946c4 distro:9a922343a75f distro:994f94b51310
6 years
Foswiki::Func::saveFile was changed in Foswiki 2.0 to use utf-8 encoding.
FoswikiFunc Closed
6 years
Templates with leading comments disturb jquery-ui.
JQueryPlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin not working on mod_perl systems.
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
Add jquery-2.1.4 and 1.11.3 to cure a Safari bug.
JQueryPlugin Closed
6 years
SlideShowPlugin no longer allows scrolling down when the page is a little longer than the display.
SlideShowPlugin Closed
6 years
TablePlugin injected css is overwritten by the default style sheets disabling any table attributes.
TablePlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin puts the edit button the wrong place when EDITTABLE comes before TABLE.
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin deletes macros from text area fields.
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
Some attachments can be unreachable with non-UTF8 store encoding.
distro:bd1370ecab3f distro:62c2f1e8e1a7 distro:0f499eb41281 distro:bcb6ce91455c distro:8d379427bad8 distro:3918c7a3632f
FoswikiStore Closed
6 years
With iso-8859-1 store, it's possible to create unreachable topics and attachments.
distro:8366b8a2cdbc distro:9ec1ba127a17 distro:47f2d3e6a6e5 distro:59642e42a30c distro:bca91a0f39b7
FoswikiStore, PlainFileStoreContrib, RCSStoreContrib Closed
6 years
Unable to move attachments if target topic is not a Support.WikiWord.
FoswikiUIRename, FoswikiUsability Closed
6 years
PatternSkin themes are not working.
distro:a2c2200c80bb distro:0d9b34a1bc05 distro:f046d4d5ada7
PatternSkin Closed
6 years
JQueryPlugin (6.13) version of jquery.foswiki.js fails in 1.1.9 installation. Support.BuildContrib corrupts compressed javascript.
distro:775498952344 distro:18ecebad2da7
BuildContrib, JQueryPlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin makes Support.TablePlugin apply its formatting to the wrong column.
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin adding and deleting rows fails in TestCases/TestCaseEditTableJavaScript.
distro:f6384ff6dc43 distro:aeb5dd16a31e
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin does not always handle the EDITTABLE macro correctly case 2.
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin creates massive copies of macros when you edit tables.
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin make the headline sort mark up the wrong column as the sorted.
EditRowPlugin Closed
6 years
Return Support.EditTablePlugin to the 2.0.2 MANIFEST.
EditRowPlugin, EditTablePlugin Closed
6 years
Rename fails across symlinked directories in RCS Store.
distro:bca91a0f39b7 distro:3d80f8f7f141
RCSStoreContrib Closed
6 years
EditTablePlugin uses unescaped braces and calls CGI::param in list context.
distro:94795ea1422f distro:f1cee9837ffc
EditTablePlugin Closed
6 years
Set+ Unset+ save script arguments are unusable from the CLI engine.
FoswikiEngine Closed
6 years
EditRowPlugin Support.TestCaseEditTableMacrosInSettings removes content of footer and label type cells.
EditRowPlugin Closed

Upgrade Instructions

In-place upgrade to Foswiki Release 2.0.1 from any release prior to Foswiki 2.0.0 is not recommended. Install Foswiki 2.0.1 as a new release, configure, and then migrate data to the new installation.

ALERT! Caution:There are a number of significant changes that require action before migrating data from an old release. Carefully review the release notes.
  • 2.0.1 requires that all working/tmp/cgisess_* files be removed during the upgrade. All users will have to log in again after the upgrade.
  • JavaScript is now required for many operations.
  • New default PlainFileStore cannot coexist with existing RCS revision files. If new store is selected, a conversion script must be run.
  • Foswiki now defaults to utf-8, Before importing data, you must either match previous encoding, or convert the data from the old store to the new character encoding.
  • Empty DENY rules must be changed to ALLOW * wildcards. Or the old feature must be enabled in the configuration.
  • Sessions use IP Matching by default. If your site supports roaming / mobile users or is behind a proxy, this must be disabled.
  • Installation process has changed. Do not visit bin/configure as your first URL. Go directly to your default view url and then follow the link to configure.
  • Foswiki no longer ships with CPAN perl modules. Install CPAN prerequisites using your local system package manager, or cpanm
  • Perl 5.8.8 is the minimum perl release. Perl 5.18 or higher is recommended.
  • Foswiki now predominantly uses 'single quotes' in generated HTML, and "double quotes" in macros. The change to singe quotes in generated HTML may require some rework of Foswiki macros.
  • Some versions of CGI should be avoided (especially 4.10-4.13) to prevent corruption of international characters in topics when utf-8 is enabled.


Please refer to the INSTALL.html which can be found the downloaded tgz/zip. It can be also found on in the System.InstallationGuide

Upgrade Instructions

In-place upgrade from any release prior to Foswiki 2.0.0 is not recommended. Older Foswiki installations should install Foswiki as a new release, configure, and then migrate data to the new installation.
  • See System.UpgradeGuide for details on upgrading from older versions of Foswiki
  • See System.SystemRequirements for the latest System Requirements.
  • Be sure to take a backup!
  • The upgrade packages excludes files "commonly" modified, for example, WebHome, WebPreferences, AdminGroup, etc. If your installation has modified other topics, or template files, those updates will be lost!
  • If you use tar, then you can extract the upgrade package on top of your installation by using: (Be sure to run this as your web server user to avoid changing file ownership.)
cd /var/www/foswiki
tar --strip-components=1 -zxf /path/to/Foswiki-upgrade-2.0.x.tgz


  • This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  • This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
  • See the GNU General Public License for more details, published at

Release Details

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