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Id Summary Priority Current State
Item10134 CALENDAR macro breaks EDITTABLE macro when in same topic Normal New
Item10568 TablePlugin missing headercolorsorted Enhancement Confirmed
Item10574 sorting columns should work when you click on the sorting arrows Enhancement Confirmed
Item11156 TablePlugin makes rdiff extremely slow on topics w/> 100 revs Normal Confirmed
Item11245 TagCloudPlugin with INCLUDE breaks EditTablePlugin Normal New
Item11471 Display XML Source Code in table using EditTablePlugin Normal New
Item11560 Table rows can be removed even if changerows=add Normal New
Item11587 Calls to deprecated readTopicText and saveTopicText are in several public extensions Normal Confirmed
Item11657 EditTablePlugin why does the options table not show the value of the defaults? Enhancement New
Item11658 EDITTABLE does not work in multi-line syntax. Normal Confirmed
Item11659 EDITTABLE gets confused if any one row has more columns in the table than defined.. Normal New
Item11660 EDITTABLE does not play well with SlideShowPlugin Normal New
Item11661 EDITTABLE could do with an 'showaddrow=on' option so users can add a new row in view mode. (comment plugin style, or using comment plugin via an auto generated comment template. Enhancement New
Item11662 EDITTABLE - from zero table, you hit edit, and get, no empty rows. naf. Enhancement New
Item11687 TablePlugin ignoring footerrows when sorting columns Normal Confirmed
Item11989 EditTablePlugin should check for static context and not render the button or any other active components. Normal New
Item12539 "Prevent a Link" breaks table sorting Low Confirmed
Item12609 TablePlugin does not generate unique CSS row number Normal Confirmed
Item12736 EDITTABLE nested macros don't work Normal Confirmed
Item12815 Backend Perl error from Edittable and more! Normal New
Item13111 TABLE{ sort="off" is not honored by JQTablePlugin Enhancement Confirmed
Item13113 Update to latest javascript from github Enhancement Confirmed
Item13215 html4 attributes not supported by html5 Normal Confirmed
Item13245 Any emboldened header should make that column sortable Normal Confirmed
Item13262 EditTablePlugin breaks when using fcgi/fastcgi Normal New
Item1355 Preview renders text in other color Normal New
Item13689 can't customize header colors Normal Confirmed
Item13701 %EDITTABLE% not filtered Low Waiting for Feedback
Item1594 EditTable does not support multiple select Enhancement New
Item1929 ChecklistTablePlugin: use ICONURLPATH instead of ICONURL for SafeWikiPlugin compatibility Normal New
Item1999 EditTablePlugin should handle CALC in header and footer same as it does in labels Normal Confirmed
Item2214 JSCalendarContribInline conflicts with EditTablePlugin date format Normal New
Item2241 Edit Table should interpret sections when including table from another topic Enhancement New
Item2244 Checkboxes all pre-checked in new EditTable row Normal Confirmed
Item2334 EditTable Disappears During Edit if in Same Topic as Search with Expandvariables Normal Confirmed
Item2372 ChecklistTablePlugin missing dependencies Normal New
Item5239 Solution to editing long tables: Scrollable editable table with fixed header row Enhancement New
Item5976 TablePlugin needs to be able to do double column sorting Enhancement New
Item6016 EditTable almost works with Glue (but fails to save content) Normal New
Item8109 Wrong/Missing dependency information in TimeTablePlugin_installer Enhancement New
Item821 Allow links in EditTablePlugin dropdown Low New
Item8356 "Add Column" and "Move Column" Features Enhancement New
Item8656 Disable edit button of EDITTABLE if user is not allowed to edit page Enhancement New
Item8683 EditTablePlugin conflicts with HolidaylistPlugin Normal New
Item8830 EditTablePlugin might not allow more than one table wiehn used in a custom view template with sectional includes Normal New
Item9154 EditTablePlugin should offer a redirectto parameter for INCLUDEd environments Enhancement Confirmed
Item9651 wysiwyg converts bold table content to table heads Normal Confirmed
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