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  • Foswiki - The free and open source Wiki

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  • Foswiki is an enterprise collaboration and information sharing tool targeted for professional use in many types of companies: from small businesses to large organizations.

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Foswiki is an enterprise collaboration and information sharing tool targeted for professional use in many types of companies—from small businesses to large organizations.

Foswiki is a wiki: a website with easily editable web pages. It looks like a normal web site but it encourages contributions, edits, updates, questions, and answers from its users. It's a powerful way of enabling a community to communicate asynchronously using intranet or public internet websites. Foswiki is simple to learn and use. It aims to provide a transparent way for you to publish and exchange your ideas with others over the web and eliminates the one-webmaster syndrome of outdated intranet content.

Foswiki supports storing structured data—name-value pairs—and provides advanced query tools that enable users without programming skills to build powerful yet simple applications to process information and support workflows. Developers can extend the functionality of Foswiki with plugins.

Foswiki is a fork from the TWiki project. Restrictions on the use of the TWiki brand resulted in many of its developers starting the Foswiki project. Foswiki is backwards compatible with all content from older TWiki installations.

Foswiki 1.1 ships with TWikiCompatibilityPlugin installed by default, thus if activated enables most extensions made for TWiki to work under Foswiki.

Foswiki is released under the GNU General Public License.

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Foswiki is an enterprise collaboration and information sharing tool targeted for professional use in many types of companies—from small businesses to large organizations.

Foswiki is a wiki: a website whose pages can be easily edited within your browser. In the wiki tradition, the raw markup text is easy to read and edit by power users. For users less comfortable with editing the markup directly, Foswiki includes a flexible WYSIWYG editor that makes updates a breeze.

In addition to providing a common repository for information sharing, Foswiki supports structured data (in the form of name-value pairs), data input forms, and query commands using SQL-like syntax. With these building blocks, advanced data entry, query, and filtering applications can be implemented by Foswiki users, entirely via the browser, without any need for access to the Foswiki server. Common enterprise applications deployed on Foswiki include project status dashboards, to-do lists, inventory systems, knowledge bases, workflow systems, and bug trackers.

Foswiki programming is macro based, similar in style to the functional programming approach of programming with Excel macros. Thanks to Foswiki's extensible architecture, there are a wealth of plugins available that support many different capabilities, such as drawing diagrams, generating graphs, event calendars and timelines, action tracking, publishing to PDF and many, many more.

In today's Internet world, security is paramount for any public website. Foswiki is hardened against attacks, including cross-site request forgeries, thanks to a security team with an excellent track record of fast and effective responses to security issues. Foswiki supports individual and group-based authorization to protect sensitive information. For the enterprise, Foswiki can integrate with your LDAP server for authentication and access control.

For admins who need to customise their sites, Foswiki is highly reconfigurable. If you need to integrate your own programs and tools into the backend server, you can easily create your own plugins to define new macros that meet your needs, using basic Perl code. The user interface is defined entirely in template files that can be readily modified to take on your desired look and feel, and works beautifully with the latest JavaScript frameworks such as YUI and JQuery. Unlike many leading Wiki implementations, Foswiki uses a text-file based database on the server. This mature, proven technology minimises the very real risk of database corruption, and makes it really simple for your own server-side scripts to operate on wiki data, independent of the wiki engine.

Foswiki runs on Windows and Unix platforms, including Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. It can be run under Apache, IIS, or any other web server with similar capabilities. It can be also be run as a standalone webserver from a USB key. For a quick dry run, you can try out one of Foswiki's ready-made virtual machine images. Foswiki supports fastcgi and mod_perl to improve performance, and provides a load balancing plugin for scalable deployments.

Thanks to an international community of contributors, Foswiki's UI has been translated into a variety of languages, including Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Sweden, and Chinese (simplified and traditional). This same community provides free, online support, which is regularly praised as highly effective and friendly by Foswiki users.

Come and try out the premier Perl-based wiki with a vibrant, active community!


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