Item8368: NatSkinPlugin broken after update to 5563 (2009-11-17)

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Reported By: Foswiki:Main.UrsBeyerle
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After updating NatSkinPlugin to 5563 (2009-11-17) I see two problems:

  1. bin/natsearch is no longer executable
  2. natsearch does not work


The permission in the tar file of bin/natsearch looks ok
# tar tfvz NatSkinPlugin.tgz
-rwxr-xr-x www-data/www-data 1431 2009-09-14 19:54 bin/natsearch
However, after the installation a get the following warning
CGI bin directory/srv/www/foswiki/bin
Warning: natsearch might not be an executable script - please check it (and its permissions) manually.
I had to do manually
chmod 755 bin/natsearch

I see the following errors in the apache log:
[Thu Dec 17 23:38:28 2009] [error] [client] mkdir /home/nobody: Permission denied at /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0/CPAN/ line 539, referer: https://wiki.xx/foswiki/bin/configure?action=InstallExtension;;extension=NatEditPlugin
[Thu Dec 17 23:38:28 2009] [error] [client] Installation of DBCachePlugin failed: 3328, referer: https://wiki.xx/foswiki/bin/configure?action=InstallExtension;;extension=NatEditPlugin

Further natsearch is broken with the new bin/natsearch. I get
Not Found
The requested URL /foswiki/bin/natsearch/Main/WebHome?limit=100&search=something was not found on this server.

Rolling back to the old bin/natsearch solves the problem
# ll natsearch.bak
-rwxr-xr-x 1 wwwrun www 1431 2009-09-14 19:54 natsearch.bak

# diff natsearch.bak natsearch
< use Foswiki::UI;
< use Foswiki::Plugins::NatSkinPlugin::Search;
< Foswiki::UI::run(\&Foswiki::Plugins::NatSkinPlugin::Search::searchCgi, 'natsearch' => 1);
> use Foswiki ();
> use Foswiki::UI ();
> $Foswiki::engine->run();

-- UrsBeyerle - 18 Dec 2009

Did you update NatSkin as well? Please run configure and save at least once.

-- MichaelDaum - 18 Dec 2009

Yes, all my extension are up-to-date.

I have now re-installed NatSki and NatSkiPlugin over configure.

The problem still remains.

What do you mean by "run configure and save at least once"?

-- UrsBeyerle - 04 Jan 2010

Did you click on the "Save changes" button in http://myfoswiki.local/bin/configure ?

-- MichaelDaum - 05 Jan 2010

I'm having exactly the same problem, and yes, I saved my changes. There is an long dependency trail that the auto-installer does not correctly resolve. NatSkinPlugin depends on NatEditPlugin which depends on DBCachePlugin which depends on DBCacheContrib. Particularly the DB extensions don't install cleanly because CPAN is disabled and Time::ParseDate is often not a standard package. It's a lot of work even for a very good skin. Even after resolving all of these, I'm getting the same error message above from natsearch. Also, natsearch always needs manual execute permissions.

-- KenMalsky - 07 Jan 2010

Hi. I saw in Support.Question333 that installing NatSkinPlugin is supposed to generate a Config.spec. I'm not seeing lib/NatSkinPlugin/Config.spec. What can I uninstall to try again? NatSearch still isn't working for me, After chmod-ing, ther error in the apache log is: ... Premature end of script headers: natsearch, referer: <URL where I used the search box>.

-- KenMalsky - 20 Jan 2010

Try MichaelDaum will sort it out with the next release smile

-- PaulHarvey - 20 Jan 2010

OK. That worked. Thanks!

-- KenMalsky - 26 Jan 2010

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Summary NatSkinPlugin broken after update to 5563 (2009-11-17)
ReportedBy Foswiki:Main.UrsBeyerle
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