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INCLUDE: Warning: Can't find named section xxx in topic yyy

I write:
%INCLUDE{"ConsolidatedWbs" section="refms"}% 
; I get:
Warning: Can't find named section refms in topic<nop>Home/BramVanOosterhout.ConsolidatedWbs 

If I remove section="refms" all sections in ConsolidatedWbs are returned.

In ConsolidatedWbs I write
%STARTSECTION{"refbtf" type="include"}%
Source: _[[%PUBURL%/%WEB%/ConsolidatedWbs/FujitsuSAPBusinessChangeRealisationWithMidMarketExplanation%28MethodologyDeck%29v03.ppt][Fujitsu SAP Business Change Realisation With Mid Market Explanation (Methodology Deck)v03.ppt]]_
%ENDSECTION{"refbtf" type="include"}%

%STARTSECTION{"refms" type="include"}%
Source: _[[%PUBURL%/%WEB%/ConsolidatedWbs/Generic_MS_Transition.mpp][Generic MS Transition]]_ schedule. The bracketed (number) indicates the line number in this schedule.  
%ENDSECTION{"refms" type="include"}%

What am I missing?

-- BramVanOosterhout - 12 Jul 2013

I just reread the documentation of STARTSECTION. It says: "Sections of type include may not be given a name. "

So I assumed that INCLUDE will include named sections of type section.

Change the type and hey presto. All good.

As usual: "The problem is between the seat and the keyboard"

-- BramVanOosterhout - 12 Jul 2013

Tried to change the doco of include to state that INCLUDE with section="..." includes sections of type="section" but I don't have access.

-- BramVanOosterhout - 12 Jul 2013

Which topic is it that needs docu-fix? Could you file a task pointing to it, please? Thanks.

-- MichaelDaum - 12 Jul 2013

This one: System.Macros

It says under INCLUDE{topic} -- include another topic:
section="name" Includes only the specified named section, as defined in the included topic by the STARTSECTION and ENDSECTION macros. Nothing is shown if the named section does not exists. section="" is equivalent to not specifying a section

And under STARTSECTION -- marks the start of a section within a topic it says: (Now that I know it seems perfectly obvious)
  • Sections may be given a name to help identify them, and/or a type, which changes how they are used.
    • type="section" - the default, used for a generic section, such as a named section used by INCLUDE.
    • type="include" - like ... except that you can have as many include blocks as you want which are all merged into one when included ( is restricted to only one). Sections of type include may not be given a name.

I would change to the description of INCLUDE to say:
|section="name" | Includes only the specified named section, as defined in the included topic by the STARTSECTION {section="name" type="section"} and ENDSECTION macros.

-- BramVanOosterhout - 19 Jul 2013

I have added Tasks.Item12554

-- BramVanOosterhout - 19 Jul 2013

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