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This question about Installation of Foswiki, Using an extension: Answered

Does Release 1.1.4 have Rendering Issues - Problems with TAB Macro, EditChapter

-- JoeMarandola - 12 Jan 2012

Specifically TAB does not "tab", each tab is display sequentially.Edit Chapter shows pencil but does nothing.

-- JoeMarandola - 12 Jan 2012

It sounds like there are JQuery issues.Did you upgrade from a previous 1.1.x release?After upgrade did you run configure and select the new version of JQuery?

You can see tabs working correctly on -

Not sure about EditChapterPlugin - do you have all the prerequisite's installed.It needs JSON if I recall correctly.

-- GeorgeClark - 12 Jan 2012

Yes, I upgraded from 1.1.3.

So I just downloaded the latest 1.1.4.tgz file and did an upgrade install again (unpacked and copied all the files).I have the latest version of JQuery (4.3.2).In the general settings for JQuery, I selected 1.7.1.My config has no errors and only 1 warning (Warning: Chili highlighter plugin is known to corrupt displayed text on Firefox 7 and Safari Rev. 6-17-2011.)

On JSON, I assume this is plugin JsonRpcContrib - here we have the latest installed (1.20).

Still have the same issues with Tab.I also believe the problem is connected with JQuery but not sure what the solution is.I could uninstall and re-install JQuery.

-- JoeMarandola - 17 Jan 2012

Just did an uninstall and reinstall of JQuery - did not make a difference.

-- JoeMarandola - 17 Jan 2012

Debug discussions on IRC.It's a plugin.One way to test is to use the debugenableplugins URL parameter to selectively enable plugins.The following would enable only the plugins shipped with Foswiki.Add to the list to see where things go awry.

-- GeorgeClark - 17 Jan 2012

Found it!Disabled JSPopupPlugin and %TAB works again.EditChapter, unfortunately, still does not.

-- JoeMarandola - 17 Jan 2012

We found that we have a browser error when trying EditChapter and it said could not find "NatEditPlugin".So we installed this plugin and now there are no errors - but unfortunately, it still does nothing.

-- JoeMarandola - 17 Jan 2012

I seem to be getting a similar error. When I click the pencil icon in IE7,I get a 'JSON' is undefined error. I have the JsonRpcContrib installed as well as the JSON perl module.In Chrome and Firefox, nothing happens at all.

-- WilliamMorgan - 02 Feb 2012

Please upgrade to the latest EditChapterPlugin.Release: 4.31 - Version: 14611 (2012-04-16).It has been tested with a "vanilla"1.1.5 and 1.1.4 installation.Also tested with 1.1.3, but it needs a new version of JQueryPlugin which is incompatible with 1.1.3, configure, unless patched - instructions in the "Compatibility" information in JQueryPlugin.

-- GeorgeClark - 16 Apr 2012

Thanks, George! Updated to 1.1.5 and appears we are ok again. EditChapterPlugin now operational. I was already on Release 4.31 on EditChapterPlugin.

-- JoeMarandola - 16 Apr 2012

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