Item5962: Action Tracker breaks table

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Component: ActionTrackerPlugin
Reported By: TWiki:Main.ChrisHogan
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-- TWiki:Main/ChrisHogan - 26 Aug 2008

I have a topic which creates a list of actions such as:

%ACTION{ closed="" closer="Main.ChrisHogan" created="2008-08-13" creator="Main.ChrisHogan" due="2008-09-03" notify="" state="open" uid="000353" who="Main.ChrisHogan" }% fill in an *Asset Register* Public.CompanyAssetsRegister for HMW %ENDACTION%<br />%ACTION{ closed="" closer="" created="2008-08-13" creator="Main.ChrisHogan" due="2008-09-04" notify="" state="open" uid="000354" who="Main.ChrisHogan" }% Read Nonconforming Services and Products [[ISO9000.HandlingServiceFailure][PCG QS 004]] & ISO9000.DocumentControl - %ENDACTION%<br /><br />

If I do something simple like change the date (via the edit link) a blank line is inserted between the actions, breaking the table in two. I seems to occur if the line length is changed? As sometimes editting the text is fine, but one most occasions the blank is added.

This happens on our installation, as well (Twiki 4.2.0, Action Tracker Rev 16778, Firefox 3.0, IE 7). I can get this error by editing (via the Action Tracker editor) and saving - don't need to add any text, though I also get the error if I add or change text in one of the fields. There is nothing relevant in the Apache Error logs, nor anything relevant in the TWiki logs.

-- TWiki:Main.NinaGlatt - 09 Sep 2008

I have actually had it happen just changing the date - but I've also another similar table which (so far) hasn't had the problem. I cannot find anything different between to two action sets to give me any idea why it behavesi n this way. It started with the upgrade to TWiki 4.2 & the new Action Tracker.

-- TWiki:Main.ChrisHogan - 10 Sep 2008

We have three issue trackers, each customized in the same way except for the values for the headers, and perhaps an extra column here or there. All three have this symptom. I've attached the text from the topic preferences page in the hopes that someone can spot something I can't; I've had trouble with it before (the preferences disappear from the topic pref page and are appended with the action item to the topic itself).

-- TWiki:Main.NinaGlatt - 10 Sep 2008

Does the text in your actions wrap round? I think that if all my actions fit on one line, then it works, but if one (any one) is more than one line, then an extra return is added after the ENDACTION. If so that's 100% a bug

-- TWiki:Main.ChrisHogan - 11 Sep 2008

I have found:

$text = "$pretext$text\n$posttext";

on 310 of ActionTrackerPlugin - correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that deliberately insert a return where none was present before?

-- TWiki:Main.ChrisHogan - 11 Sep 2008

All of my actions wrap (without any content - just the attributes- each item is longer than one line). If I edit the topic so one of the actions can fit onto one line, and then edit that action using the item edit link, no newline is inserted.

As far as line 310 goes: I agree it's inserting a newline that wasn't previously there. However, I don't know perl so I couldn't tell you how that line affects the plugin.

-- TWiki:Main.NinaGlatt - 11 Sep 2008

My Perl's a bit ropey, but I think I might have a go at editting this & seeing what happens...

-- TWiki:Main.ChrisHogan - 12 Sep 2008

Well, simply taking out the "\n" seems to fix the problem...

-- TWiki:Main.ChrisHogan - 13 Sep 2008

Hm. I'll try that. Thanks!

-- TWiki:Main.NinaGlatt - 16 Sep 2008

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Summary Action Tracker breaks table
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