Item12845: Adding table row after last row where last row contains a link gives unexpected link in new row

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Applies To: Extension
Component: TinyMCEPlugin
Reported By: LeilaPearson
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Last Change By: CrawfordCurrie
Steps to Reproduce
  1. In WYSIWYG mode, create a table using the create table button
  2. In the last row of the table, type a WikiWord in one of the cells
  3. Save the page
  4. Edit the page again.
  5. Select the last row of the table, and use the "add row after" button to add a new row.
  6. Type some text in the new cell under the cell containing the WikiWord

Expected Result
  • The text should just be regular text

Actual Result
  • For some reason, the first character of the text becomes a link to the WikiWord you entered in the row above. If you switch to wiki text mode you will see, for example:
    | WikiWord | text |
    | [[WikiWord][R]]egular Text | |

  • Confusing for end users.
  • A bit frustrating to correct as well. Backspace over the linked character in WYSIWYG mode and you get an underlined character (no longer a link) but that still isn't what you want. Only selecting the character and deleting it seems to have the desired effect.

-- LeilaPearson - 03 Apr 2014

Confirmed the same thing happens in trunk too.

-- LeilaPearson - 04 Apr 2014

I dug into this a bit more. The relevant code seems to be in editor_plugin_src.js in pub/System/TinyMCEPlugin/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/table/. The insertRow function inserts new rows and cells by cloning the reference row and cells.

I also verified that the same issue occurs when inserting a row before a row that contains a link.

-- LeilaPearson - 07 Apr 2014

This is an issue in the TinyMCE Editor itself, not the WysiwygPlugin. The best we could do is try to update to TinyMCE version 3.5.10. The latest 4.x version is not currently compatible with Foswiki. See

-- GeorgeClark - 08 Apr 2014

I was able to reproduce this on the Tiny MCE 3.x demo page but I couldn't reproduce it on the 4.x demo page I guess this means there's no fix in the 3.x branch. How much work would it be to make Foswiki work with the latest 4.x version?

-- LeilaPearson - 12 Apr 2014

This appears to have been an artifact of TinyMCE. I can't reproduce it with 4.5.3.

-- Main.CrawfordCurrie - 24 Mar 2017 - 15:28

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Summary Adding table row after last row where last row contains a link gives unexpected link in new row
ReportedBy LeilaPearson
Codebase 1.1.9, trunk
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AppliesTo Extension
Component TinyMCEPlugin
Priority Normal
CurrentState No Action Required
TargetRelease n/a
ReleasedIn n/a
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