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Item11602: generalise WebPermissionsPlugin rendering

Priority: Enhancement
Current State: New
Released In: n/a
Target Release: n/a
Applies To: Extension
Component: WebPermissionsPlugin
Reported By: SvenDowideit
Waiting For: SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey
Last Change By: SvenDowideit
pharvey   pharvey needs somebody to fund somebody to write a ShowAccesPlugin that doesn't suck   [05:33]
SvenDowideit   you mean update WebPreferencesPlugin? 
as the backend is there, all you need is a better UI design 
I made it totally tmpl based iirc, as i refused to admit that my UI (which was designed by the client) was the 'best'   [05:33]
pharvey   I just wanted something completely dumb: those who can view, those who can change. A complete list of both.   [05:37]
SvenDowideit   a topic? or a web?   [05:37]
pharvey   On a given topic.   [05:37]
SvenDowideit   thats totally done iirc   [05:37]
pharvey   done where?   [05:37]
SvenDowideit   the topic WebPerms UI is a webform build with macros 
and those macros are all building blox that give that basic info 
one mo, i'll go confirm   [05:38]
pharvey   it's ok, you're probably right; I seem to recall users preferring the dumb list, for some reason I couldn't see how to reproduce the change/view tables using WebPermissions.   [05:39]
SvenDowideit   %EDITGROUPS% and %EDITUSERS% 
for change perms 
%VIEWGROUPS% and %VIEWUSERS% for view 
SvenDowideit bets that theres a little de-htmlifying needed 
which we can fo by using the new FORMAT op   [05:39]
pharvey   The background is that users aren't confident of the actual ACL situation... feel happier with a total enumeration to confirm, rather than guessing/trusting their understanding of group membership so I can replace my dumb table with VIEWUSERS   [05:41]
SvenDowideit   yup, hardcoded in 200? to make html form options 
peasy thing to do - specially in an oops dlg so that its not happening every render 
hell, you can use the webperms topic acl UI as is already 
as that _is_ an oops dlg   [05:41]
pharvey   I've got a "Show permissions..." link on each page   [05:42]
SvenDowideit   y, zactly   [05:42]
pharvey   my recollection is that WebPerms gives shows you the group membership - not the actual, complete list in terms of users   [05:43]
SvenDowideit   write up some info on what you/they need it to look like, i'll tell you what needs doing 
yup, very likely, but foswiki's much better at groups than in 2006   [05:43]
pharvey   we ended with a plugin which does the same in confluence, exact same issue there too 
(users more confident getting confirmation in terms of lists of users who can view/edit, rather than trusting group membership, even if they're ACL'ing via groups rather than individuals) 
'course, with some LDAP groups containing thousands of users, that can be ... challenging, technically   [05:43]
SvenDowideit   very true, back when cdot and i wrote these bits 
we were pushing the boundaries of twiki a loong way 
we had to make a TWiki::FuncUsers module to get access to what we needed 
and then had to wait a year or so to get it in the next major release 
i dont' think either of us have re-architected it since 
wow,and there are tmpl expansion macros that you'd like that are very hidden   [05:45]
pharvey   gac410 tidied up some grey areas IIRC   [05:47]
SvenDowideit   ya   [05:47]
pharvey   pharvey revisits WebPermissionsPlugin   [05:47]
oh man: I wrote up in 2009 already :) 
DavidPatterson attached an updated WebPermissionsPlugin that I'm not sure was ever committed

-- SvenDowideit - 05 Mar 2012

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