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Not finding all backlinks while renaming topic

Hey folks!

It seems to me that Foswiki has to different definitions for the term backlink. I created a web to manage raw materials. All user relevant topics begin with "RS" followed by a four digit number. For example "RS0022". In order to make the linking between one raw material and another more easier I enabled ControlWikiWordPlugin. Writing RS0022 results in RS0022 and works just fine.

However, when I look now for backlinks using the link at the bottom of the topic I found all other topics where RS0022 is mentioned.

Now I want to rename the topica via More Topic Actions. At the same time I want all the backlinks that I have just seen to get updated after renaming the topic. But here is the problem: The search defined here to find backlinks to the topic seems to differ from the above mentioned at the bottom of the topic.

In my test I had another topic RS0014 which had a backlink to RS0022 as plain text. Due to ControlWikiWordPlugin this gets a fully operable hyperlink. The find backlink function also identifies this as a backlink. The search while renaming the topic does not! There seems to be an extra line added to check if its an WikiWord or if the text is in brackets (because when I put brackets around RS0022 it gets recognized by the renaming function too). In the template baserename.tmpl which foswiki uses for renaming I could see the macro %LOCAL_SEARCH% und %GLOBAL_SEARCH% but could not find where they are set.

So to sum up:
  1. Why are there to definitions for backlinks?
  2. Is it possible for foswiki to detect that this is a "controlled Wiki Word" and recognize it as backlink in order to rename it?
  3. If not, where can I manually change the definitions for the backlink while renaming (local_search und global_search)?
Any help highly appreciated!

-- PaulHahler - 23 Aug 2010

The auto-updating of links in Rename is quite complex. Unfortunately there is no way to plug in recognition of non-standard linking as done by ControlWikiWordPlugin. I'm afraid that this might be very difficult to fix. ControlWikiWordPlugin works by finding the links during the rendering of the page. Rename works against the un-rendered topic contents. I'll add this as a limitation to the plugin, so the behavior is not a surprise.

-- GeorgeClark - 23 Aug 2010

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