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This question about Installation of Foswiki: Answered

Non functional WebCreateNewTopic

After installation of Foswiki on a Win2000 system the Create New Topic function does not present the usual form. instead shows the attached screen which can be edited but is just a page called WebCreateNewTopic. Any idea what prevents the form from loading?
Is there anything in the logs (either apache logs and./or foswiki logs)?

A vague possibility is that one or more template files aren't readable (file permissions?)

-- CrawfordCurrie - 26 Jan 2009

If the win2000 machine is installed as server, you might run into file-permissions like Crawford stated. Because the apache-user wont have sufficent access to the c:/program-files folder and therefore not for the Foswiki folder. For Desktops, its not that restrictive. I ran into similar usues the last time on a windows server.

-- EugenMayer - 26 Jan 2009

Since TWiki 4.2, that page should contain only these lines:
   * Set VIEW_TEMPLATE = WebCreateNewTopic

Perhaps you've migrated content from an older installation?

-- ArthurClemens - 26 Jan 2009

It was a Strawberry Installation so no migration involved - however I changed the above to point specifically at the System Template of the same name and the problen was fixed.
   * Set VIEW_TEMPLATE = System.WebCreateNewTopicTemplate

This doesn't seem right as I look at an old twiki installation and the topic is as you describe Arthur - did something not get copied or does a path to the template need to be set?

Update : I need to make the changes to the Sandbox too and any other subsequent webs created.

-- BrianTibbels - 27 Jan 2009

Actually, this should be enough:

   * Set VIEW_TEMPLATE = WebCreateNewTopic

This will find the template in System web. If this does not work, perhaps the template path setting is messed up (there is a setting in configure for this).

-- ArthurClemens - 27 Jan 2009

I have checked the configure settings and the paths in the General Paths section appear to me all correct. I cannot tell which one refers to the System folder of the wiki - there is only one which points to the foswiki/template folder. ( D:/PROGRA~1/Foswiki/Foswiki/templates ). This folder was the default folder used by the strawberry installation.

-- BrianTibbels - 27 Jan 2009

OK I have a fix unless someone advises me otherwise - in the expert settings of configure the {TemplatePath} was set to the following after installation -

On adding System.$nameTemplate the template works as expected. It may be worth looking at the installation to see if that path has been omitted as there is no web called Foswiki in the "Strawberry" installation. That could be an oversight due to there have being a TWiki web in the past. If you agree I can close this as answered.

-- BrianTibbels - 28 Jan 2009

I can confirm that the above works and the Strawberry Installation misses this template path out after another fresh install.

-- BrianTibbels - 28 Jan 2009

gads, thats not nice. looks like strawberry1.0.0-3 is just around the corner :/ - That 'Foswiki' web mistake would be due to an over-zealous search&replace.

thanks for the debugging Brian.

-- SvenDowideit - 29 Jan 2009

this is definitely dealt with in the 1.0.4 installer

-- SvenDowideit - 20 Mar 2009

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