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How can I use TWIKI.NET's discussion forum with Foswiki?

How can i create discussion forum in FOSWIKI.Same code which is used in twiki is not working in foswiki.Unable to create new topics in discussion forum.Do we need to change any code to make it work in FOSWIKI

-- MasterMaster - 25 Nov 2009

What exactly is the code you are using that is not working? I am not aware of a TWIKI.NET forum, so can not test it on Foswiki. Assuming it is just Topics (i.e. no plugins), it should work fine with Foswiki.

Please provide as much information as you can.

-- AndrewJones - 23 Dec 2009

it "SHOULD" work with Foswiki as long as you have the TWikiCompatibilityPlugin installed and enabled. if it does work, please report back that it does. if it doesn't, consider uploading the package here and the Foswiki community will port it.

you don't say which version of foswiki you are using. if it's 1.0.6 or later, you are probably running into issues with the Foswiki CSRF protections. perhaps you could contact your vendor to see if there is an updated version? the most recent release of TWiki should have the same "issues".

lastly, you can consider turning off the CSRF protection; see the detailed explanation in configure and in the TWiki to Foswiki upgrade guide.

-- WillNorris - 23 Dec 2009

Accepted Answer

Andrew, he's referring to TWiki:Plugins.TWikiDotNetForumAppAddOn. And yes, it is a pretty simple addon with just forms and topics: no extra Perl code.

Two things must be changed to get it working in Foswiki:
  1. Due to the stricter (i.e., better) security model in Foswiki, you are probably seeing the error "Bad Request: GET denied for save" when trying to create forums or topics. You just need to edit DiscussionForumAdministration and DiscussionForumBody to add the POST method to the <form...> lines, like so:
    <form [...whatever else was already there] method="POST">
  2. Then you will probably run into a permissions issue. Edit the following topics to change ALLOWTOPICVIEW from %MAINWEB%.TWikiAdminGroup to %USERSWEB%.FoswikiAdminGroup:
    • DiscussionForumAdministration
    • DiscussionForumTemplate
    • ForumMeta
    • ForumSandbox
The following steps are optional, but give it a more consistent look & feel with the other Foswiki webs:
  • Move /data/TWiki/TWikiDotNetForumAppAddOn.txt to the System web.
  • The installer also creates the directory /pub/TWiki/TWikiDotNetForumAppAddOn/ for two images. You can move that to the System web too, because the .txt file above uses relative links. You can then delete /pub/TWiki/
  • You will probably want to replace the Web*.txt topics in the Forum web (except maybe WebHome, because it has a link to DiscussionForumAdministration) with the same topics from another web (e.g., the hidden _default web).
  • Finally, edit DiscussionForumAdministration (again) to change a link from %TWIKIWEB% to %SYSTEMWEB%.
-- SeanMorgan - 24 Dec 2009

Hi all,

I am using Foswiki 1.1.2 on Windows. I cannot find plugin for Forum on Foswiki. Can anybody help me - where can I get it and how to install it? Thanks

-- AnneRK - 10 Dec 2010

Anne, the forum is not currently available for Foswiki, but you can download the forum from TWiki:Plugins.TWikiDotNetForumAppAddOn and follow Sean's advice from above in order to get it working.

-- AndrewJones - 10 Dec 2010

Thanks Andrew smile I will do that!

-- AnneRK - 10 Dec 2010

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