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bin/configure and email fail with Symbol Lookup failure in Net::SSLeay

I cannot use /bin/configure on my Foswiki installation. All the rest of the foswiki pages are OK.

The page comes out blank and I see an error in the Apache log:

/usr/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib64/perl5/auto/Net/SSLeay/ undefined symbol: Perl_Gthr_key_ptr

This is clearly an internal issue with Perl, but I've updated my perl installation to the last available version with no effect. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the two packages perl-Net-SSLeay and perl-Crypt-SSLeay.

The configure script was working when I used it the last time (around last june) so I think some subsequent update harmed perl.

My environment:

  • CentOS Linux release 7.0.1406 (Core)
  • perl v5.16.3
  • foswiki 1.1.9

I'd appreciate any suggestion on how to fix or any workaround.

many thanks,

-- LucaFini - 16 Dec 2014

Do you have any more of a stack trace that shows who called what? Foswiki 1.1.9 doesn't reference Net::SSLeay It does use IO::Socket::SSL as part of the Foswiki::Net support for email over SSL, and I believe that might trigger a dependency on SSLeay. The Checker for MailMethod will attempt to require Net::SMTP::SSL. So you might try renaming lib/Foswiki/Configure/Checkers/Email/ to suffix .pmx to disable that checker and see if it helps.

-- GeorgeClark - 16 Dec 2014

Unfortunately I was not able to find out more info from the Apache log. Disabling MailMethod as you suggested does not solve the problem.

Buty today I've got the same error when somebody tries a "reset password". Here is the log from Apache (only one line with no stack trace):

[Wed Jan 07 14:39:02.437766 2015] [cgi:error] [pid 23653] [client] AH01215: /usr/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib64/perl5/auto/Net/SSLeay/ undefined symbol: Perl_Gthr_key_ptr, referer:

-- LucaFini - 07 Jan 2015


Just after the previous update to the issue, I solved the problem with:

cpan> upgrade Net::SSLeay

-- LucaFini - 07 Jan 2015

-- KIshorRajuskar - 17 Feb 2016

Hi I am very new to this system, Please correct if I am doing something wrong. I have Ubuntu version 14 . I am trying to setup perl-cgi project which is run perfectly on server which has old version of ubuntu.

On Latest ubuntu version I got error in apache error log : /usr/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/perl5/auto/Pg/ undefined symbol: Perl_Gthr_key_ptr [Wed Feb 17 11:28:25.800082 2016] [cgid:error] [pid 4966:tid 140253633378048] [client] End of script output before headers: index.cgi.

I dont know why this is and how I resolve it . Please suggest any perfect change/update to this error.

-- KIshorRajuskar - 17 Feb 2016

Are you trying to setup the Foswiki wiki server? Or some other random perl cgi script. Looks like it's an issue with Postgres database, but Foswiki doesn't use that by default, and we don't have an index.cgi. Unless this is specifically a Foswiki question, you are asking in the wrong place on an old closed support question.

-- GeorgeClark - 17 Feb 2016

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