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For some reason, I'm receiving "Automated notification of topic changes" at an e-mail address other than the one listed in my profile.

The address used is an old one that I don't want these notifications going to.

I only put my ~!Main.wikiname in subscription topics (never foo@random.tld format, so the mailer should be consulting my profile (which I changed at least a year ago.)

It seems to me that the mailer must have cached my old address someplace. This seems like a bug: I changed it in my profile, but the mailer isn't paying attention....

By the way, the "subject" box on this form needs a "Broken Functionality" entry -- not that it should be used often smile

-- TimotheLitt - 08 Oct 2012

The Email field on the user form is not used, and is only there for you to fill in if you are interested in showing an email address to the world.

Foswiki internally uses the email address managed by the Password Manager. You can change that address by using the form on

I think this was done to prevent account hijacking. Unfortunately the information on the ChangeEmailAddress page is incorrect. If the Password Manager is managing email addresses, Foswiki will never look elsewhere.

I'll fix up that text using the documentation task for 1.1.6 and 1.2.0

-- GeorgeClark - 08 Oct 2012

Hmmm, well I went there and it showed my old address.

I changed to what I want, and it confirmed that my email address is now the new one.

I went back to the page again just out of paranoia. It says I have no e-mail address registered! (list is blank)

I changed it again to what I want, with the same result.

I don't know what to believe, but either I'll keep getting e-mail at the old addres, or start at the new address, or get none at all frown, sad smile

In any case, still seems something is broken beyond doc text.

-- TimotheLitt - 08 Oct 2012

Foswiki knows your address as the acm address, so you will hopefully be all set. I'm not sure why it wouldn't display your address. The .htpasswd file is correct. The USERINFO macro will show you the information, but only to you. Guests or other non-Admin users cannot see your information.

guest has email

-- GeorgeClark - 09 Oct 2012

Okay, I've duplicated your issue. No idea what's happening. It's really strange. After clicking the "Return to ChangeEmailAddress " link, the page doesn't show the email address. Reloading the page still doesn't show it, but clicking in the URL bar and loading the page via that path shows the address. I enabled Firebug to trace the communications, and the problem doesn't happen as long as the firebug panel is open.

The problem does not happen on Chromium, however on Konqueror, the problem occurs, but the user actually looses their session and has to log in again. This needs a task I suspect.

I also can't recreate this on my local test systems. Seems to be specific to

-- GeorgeClark - 09 Oct 2012

I guess it's my day for wierdnesses. Thanks for investigating.

In case it helps, I was using IE9 when it happened to me. (I use 5 different browsers for testing one thing or another.)

-- TimotheLitt - 09 Oct 2012

Ooh! A bit more data. I got to this topic by clicking a link in the topic update notice. The macro in your first comment did not expand my email address. This opened a new tab (again in ie9).

After I submitted my comment (with add comment button), the email address appeared. I didn't have to login to post.

Hope this helps.

-- TimotheLitt - 09 Oct 2012

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