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Complete Foswiki Features List

I have been investigating which wiki system to run on my website. While looking into Foswiki I notice that I was unable to find a "Features List" anywhere here on the site. I did find something called "Our Pick Of Features", but that is anything but complete. Also I found a list of sorts on however, I have no way to know how complete it is or if it is reflecting the current release Foswiki. Is it possible to get a simple and complete "Features List" for people that are looking into possibly using Foswiki? -- KeithParker - 22 Aug 2012

Could you elaborate on what you mean by "complete"? That is, what sort of features are you wondering about that you haven't seen mentioned here or on

-- AlexisHazell - 23 Aug 2012

Perhaps "complete" was the wrong word. However, as I said above I'm not entirely confident on just how accurate or current the list is at (it could be that I am simply not clear on how things work behind the scenes at WikiMatrix) so I always also go to the homepage of the wiki system to further evaluate. By default I expect the homepage of the wiki system to be more current than the WikiMatrix (because it is a separate site). Viewing the homepage of something can be very revealing. If it is in disarray and the presentation is poorly executed, then I can't but help to wonder how other things fare.

Below are some examples of what I was getting at for having a features list, and by automatic comparison what I did not find here.

- Go to and right there on the front page is a link that takes you to the "features" of Dokuwiki ( Granted, it is not a complete list, it does list at least thirty-four features along with built in links for further explanation.

- Go to and right there on the main menu you will find a "features" link. That page has nine highlighted main functions (such as wiki, blog, forum, calendar and events, etc), and for each one you will find an appropriate image along with a short list of the features available for that function. At the end of each of those lists is a link to more complete information.

- Go to and right at the top of the page you will find a short list of features with a link to more information. The features page lists over forty items each of which link to more information.

- Go to and there is nothing much at all about features. There is listed something about the text editor, dynamic pages, and hey, you can customize the layout of your site. By clicking on "about" in the main menu there can be found what is labeled "Our pick of features". The OPOF is a seven bullet list of some of what Foswiki can do, and only some of the items listed contained links to more information.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I think that having a decent list of features easily available goes a long ways to "sell" the wiki to new users. My two cents.

-- KeithParker - 24 Aug 2012

Okay. Well, I've recently started putting together Foswiki: The Book, and I'll try to put together a feature list similar to those you've referenced, and include it in the "Introduction" section.

-- AlexisHazell - 02 Sep 2012

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