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Problem with IE on posting URL Parameter?

We utilize the HTML form that set up URL parameters and then calls and executes a SEARCH using these parameters.

For example, this HTML page calls “GetEmployeeCompletions” passing URL Parameters.
<form  id="theForm" method="post"      action="%SCRIPTURLPATH{"view"}%/%WEB%/GetEmployeesCompletions"> 
<tr><td>Class: </td><td><input type="text" NAME="theClass" ></td></tr>
<input type="submit" class="foswikiSubmit"   value="Retrieve" />

And the page “GetEmployeeCompletions” looks something like this:
%SEARCH{" (CameoClassForm.%URLPARAM{theClass}% > 1) and 
(not (CameoClassForm.%URLPARAM{theClass}% = 'NLTFY')) " 
nototal="off" nosearch="on"  type="query    header="|  *ID*  |  *Personnel*  |  *Completion Date*  |"  
format="|[[$topic]]  | $formfield(Lastname), $formfield(Firstname)   | $formfield(%URLPARAM{theClass}%)| " }%

This works just fine using Chrome and Firefox browsers, but not in all versions of IE. Is there some type of option in IE to have it complete the URL Parameters before the retrieval? It appears it’s trying to do the search with the string “URLPARAM(theClass)” instead of the URL Parameter passed.

-- JoeMarandola - 05 Mar 2012

The input tag "theClass" is not closed.

-- ArthurClemens - 05 Mar 2012

Thanks Arthur. Yes I cut and pasted this to make it simplier and messed that up but it isn't my problem. And as I think about it, I don't believe this is a Foswiki problem, it obviously is a browser problem having to do with completing the URL Parameter pass before the page is presented. Note that the topic GetEmployeeCompletions only gives results as part of the Post action from the first page. After it completes its search, if you happened to edit it, then come back, it has errors since the URLPARAM text is there, not what was passed. With IE, it shows this same error right from the beginning, as if the URLPARAM was never substituted for.

I've been searching unsuccessfully on the web for an answer and was hoping maybe someone at Foswiki had the same issue (and solution). Thanks.

-- JoeMarandola - 06 Mar 2012

We found the problem and it was all mine. It was in the javascript, which I cut out of my example because I assume the problem was not there (boy how to handicap you guys).

A co-worker, really versed in javascript, just solved the problem that has been haunting me on other topics also.

Internet Explorer doesn't allow you to call .value on a "select", where Chrome and FF does.

-- JoeMarandola - 06 Mar 2012

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