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Installation of foswiki (latest version) working, but with no graphic elements showing

-- GregMendel - 07 Feb 2012

Installed foswiki on Centos 5.6 (kernel 2.6.18). Foswiki runs, but without ANY graphical elements (no icons, all in plain font, only black and link [blue] colors, etc.). Icons are available and have the proper permissions.

(A similar Ubuntu installation is fine, using the Ubuntu installer)

Viewing the same CentOS installation shows a couple of the left sidebar icons (colored squares) but others just show as empty squares (no color at all)

Any ideas?

Check by accessing the asset urls directly in the browser to see if the webserver has permissions.

-- ArthurClemens - 07 Feb 2012

-- GregMendel - 07 Feb 2012

Thanks! I just did. For example,

permission is denied to: foswiki/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/searchtopic.png

But isn't this normal? I mean, the user is not supposed to have access directly to this URL?


-- GregMendel - 07 Feb 2012

No. Foswiki by default allows the web server to serve pub files. Attachments, graphics, javascript and css. You can configure Apache to redirect access to attachments to the viewfile script however it has a significant performance hit. When that is required, it's preferred to have a hybrid approach. Still allow css, javascript and graphics from the System web to be served directly by Apache. Configure a redirect rule to only force the user web attachments through viewfile.

See the ApacheConfigGenerator. it has an option to generate these redirect rules. Also System.AccessControl#Controlling_access_to_attachments

-- GeorgeClark - 07 Feb 2012

When I use a totally default foswiki.conf file generated by the ApacheConfigGenerator, it prevents any access to anything below the documents (those that are installed directly at ../foswiki). So I changed to editing the .txt file, which works somewhat, but as described above. The server this is installed on has around 6 other sites hanging off the same Apache2 server, and I suspect that there is a collision with some of the parameters in the other sites. However, I have not yet even succeeded in figuring out the differences between the foswiki.conf file generated by the ApacheConfigGenerator and the the one created by me from the .txt file.

Needless to say, the procedure on the site that lists the step-by-step instructions on CentOS installation (an older version--I think 1.09? and CentOS 5.2) and followed to the letter, resulted in a non-functional installation.

-- GregMendel - 07 Feb 2012

OK, resolved .

It was some (yet unknown) stuff in the main httpd.conf which services 6 separate (virtual hosts). Since the include for the ../conf.d/*.conf files was right at the beginning of the httpd.conf, I guess some settings were overridden.

Much obliged for the help, THANKS!

-- GregMendel - 07 Feb 2012

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