Content of /usr/local/etc/rc.d/foswiki file for FreeBSD 10.2:


# PROVIDE: foswiki                                                                                   
# REQUIRE: DAEMON                                                                                    
# KEYWORD: shutdown                                                                                  

. /etc/rc.subr


# foswiki params                                                                                     
if [ -r /usr/local/etc/$name ]; then
    . /usr/local/etc/$name

# foswiki defaults, if file does not set param                                                       
: ${foswiki_user:=www}
: ${foswiki_group:=www}
: ${foswiki_root:=/usr/local/www/foswiki}
: ${fcgi:=foswiki.fcgi}
: ${bind:=}
: ${children:=3}
: ${max_requests:=-1}
: ${max_size:=250000}
: ${check_size:=10}
: ${quiet:=true}
: ${pidfile:=/var/run/$}

# load /etc/rc.conf params                                                                           
load_rc_config $name
: ${rc_debug=yes}

# echo foswiki_root: $foswiki_root                                                                   

desc="Foswiki backend server"
# Not sure why to set PATH or what to set it to.



    chown $foswiki_user:$foswiki_group $pidfile
    command_args="-n $children -l $bind -p $pidfile -d -c $check_size -x $max_requests -s $max_size"
    if $quiet; then
        command_args="$command_args -q"

run_rc_command "$1"

sample content of /usr/local/etc/foswiki file:

Configuration listed above works with service foswiki start, stop and status commands. Other commands were not tested.

Fixes look reasonable.

-- Sergei G; 12 January 2017

Fixing some typos, please check and verify my changes.

-- Manas; 7th January 2017

Variable foswiki_root shoud be probably renamed to app_root. Variables foswiki_user and foswiki_group have special meaning to FreeBSD rc processing and thus require specified names. However, this naming convension collides with foswiki_root and that's why app_root is a goot alternative.

-- Sergei G September 28, 2015

The initial version of the Foswiki (1.0.6) port has been committed to the FreeBSD ports tree, and more information may be found here: At the moment, Foswiki plugins are not packaged as individual ports, but support for that is coming in a future version of the port.

-- GregLarkin - 10 Aug 2009

The first version of a FreeBSD port of Foswiki is available, and I'd like some Foswiki users on FreeBSD to give it a try before I commit it to the ports tree.

It can be downloaded from: Install the port with the following commands:
cd /usr/ports
sh foswiki.shar
cd www/foswiki && make install clean

I'm interested in feedback for any of the following questions and more:

- Does the port have the correct OPTIONS?
- Are all necessary dependencies included?
- Is the sample Apache config file acceptable?
- Is the pkg-message clear enough?
- Are you able to get a working Foswiki installation without too much
manual tweaking?
- Does the port uninstall cleanly?

Uninstalling does leave a number of files and directories around (see
dirrmtry statements in pkg-plist) because I cannot predict how many new
topics will be created inside of the installation directory.

This port doesn't install of the plugins yet, but those will follow.

-- GregLarkin - 15 Jun 2009
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