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Components other than Extensions

Number of topics: 100

Extensions (Plugins, Contribs, AddOns, Skins)

Number of topics: 630

Create another component

Please don't create duplicate components

<div style="padding:.5em; background-color: #ffc; color: #000; text-align:center; font-weight: bold">This is Foswiki %WIKIVERSION%</div>

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 "Component=~'.*\b%INCLUDINGTOPIC%\b.*' AND (CurrentState='New' OR CurrentState='Confirmed' OR CurrentState='Waiting for Feedback' OR CurrentState='Waiting for Release' OR CurrentState='Proposal Required' OR CurrentState='Being Worked On' OR CurrentState='Needs Merge' OR CurrentState='Needs Developer' %URLPARAM{"closed" encode="off"}%)" web="%INCLUDINGWEB%" excludetopic="ItemTemplate" topic="Item*"
 limit="%URLPARAM{"limit" default="%LIMIT%"}%"
 header="| *Id* | *Summary* | *Priority* | *Current&nbsp;State / Waiting&nbsp;for* | *Creation&nbsp;Date* | *Last&nbsp;Edit* |" format="| [[$web.$topic][$topic]] $formfield(Component) | $formfield(Summary) <br /> $formfield(Checkins) | $formfield(Priority) | $formfield(CurrentState) $formfield(WaitingFor) $formfield(ReleasedIn) | $createdate | $date|" }%
| %IF{"%CALC{$ROW()}%='1'" then="<span style='background : #808080;'> %WHITE% No %URLPARAM{"queryType" default="Active Items"}% Found %ENDCOLOR% </span>" else="Summary"}%  | |  | %IF{"%CALC{$ROW()}%='1'" then="" else="%CALC{"$COUNTITEMS( R2:C$COLUMN()..R$ROW(-1):C$COLUMN() )"}%"}% | %IF{"%CALC{$ROW()}%='1'" then="" else="%CALC{"$COUNTITEMS( R2:C$COLUMN()..R$ROW(-1):C$COLUMN() )"}%"}% | |

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See also: %ICON{help}% [[Support.%INCLUDINGTOPIC%][Support.%INCLUDINGTOPIC%]], %ICON{download}% [[Extensions.%INCLUDINGTOPIC%]], %ICON{code}% [[Development.%INCLUDINGTOPIC%]]

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