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Classification plugin installation debian installation

After several unsuccessful try to add the ClassificationPlugin to an existing (old: 1.1.5) installation I decided to start from scratch and start with a completely new debian setup. This "question" describes the adventures on the way. I ended up with a working plugin, so this question answers itself. I hope others that run into issues will find something useful in this story.

For foswiki I used the debian packages at:
deb stable main contrib
deb-src stable main contrib
  • apt-get install apache2 OK
  • apt-get install foswiki
    • The installation reported an error: /var/lib/dpkg/info/foswiki.postinst: -bd: not found
    • the diagnosis was a missing /usr/bin/htpasswd. Fixed by:
  • apt-get install apache2-utils OK
    • in retrospect this was listed as a suggested package in foswiki. But suggested packages are not automatically installed.
  • apt-get install foswiki OK with all dependent plugins
  • apt-get install foswiki-classificationplugin OK
  • Add ServerName Localhost to the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
    • the default apache page can now be accessed.
  • link /etc/foswiki/apache.conf
    • ln -s /etc/foswiki/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf-available/foswiki.conf
  • configure using:
    • fix the following reported errors:
      1. warning the http host and alias don't match
      2. protection on /etc/foswiki (make owner www-data)
      3. Jquery version. was 1.4.3 set to 2.0.1 (default 1.8.3)
      4. {JQueryPlugin}{Plugins}{Themeswitcher}{Enabled} was ticked. set default (off)
      5. no errors left. warning 2 left. Of no consequence.
  • Access to Main/Webhome fails!!
    • Error in error log: " AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /var/lib/foswiki/bin/view"
    • fixed on irc (related to Apache 2.4 vs 2.2. Update /etc/foswiki/apache.conf
      • In the section for the /bin directory,
      • After Allow from all
      • Add Require all granted
    • Same issue for /pub. same resolution
  • Access to Main.WebHome now works
  • Enable the following plugins
    • {Plugins}{BreadCrumbsPlugin}{Enabled} 1
    • {Plugins}{ClassificationPlugin}{Enabled} 1
    • {Plugins}{DBCachePlugin}{Enabled} 1
    • {Plugins}{FilterPlugin}{Enabled} 1
    • {Plugins}{FlexFormPlugin}{Enabled} 1
    • {Plugins}{FlexWebListPlugin}{Enabled} 1
    • {Plugins}{JQGridPlugin}{Enabled} 1
    • {Plugins}{NatEditPlugin}{Enabled} 1
    • {Plugins}{RenderPlugin}{Enabled} 1
  • Starting the ClassificationPlugin gives:
    • Can't locate Textpath in @INC (you may need to install the Text::Unidecode module) (@INC contains: path path . path path path path path path path path)
    • use cpan to install Text::Unidecode

At this point the ClassificationPlugin appears to work and I can see the WebHome page of the installed Applications.ClassificationApp. I follow the instructions on the foswiki Extensions.ClassificationPlugin page. My notes are a bit jumbled. Below is a list of all the things I did to get going.

I installed and activated the following plugins to get buttons and grids that I recognised.
  • apt-get install foswiki-editchapterplugin
    • to get the pencil with the chapter headings on the WebHome page of the created Knowledge web
  • apt-get install JsonRpcContrib
  • apt-get install MoreFormfieldsContrib
  • cpan install JSON
    • the three items resolved issues I had in previous installations of the ClassificationPlugin. I am not sure if they made the difference this time.
  • apt-get install foswiki-reddotplugin
  • apt-get install foswiki-imageplugin
  • apt-get install foswiki-topicinteractionplugin
    • these three plugins then made the functionality under Recent Changes operational
  • Make sure you enable every plugin installed!

At this stage I have not installed solr, but I believe I have a working ClassificationPlugin installation. Here are my observations on the Getting started instructions.

  • create a new web called "Knowledge" using _ClassificationTemplate
    • works without a hitch
  • create new categories on the Knowledge.Category topic
    • This had me puzzled for a long time. The secret is:
      • Right Click on the Test category displayed in the filter box!
  • create new categorizable and taggable content.
    • I used the NEW button on this topic. I am unaware of another way to create topics.

In closing; missing plugins create issues with invisible fields, buttons and other stuff. If they are all there, you should be in business.

-- BramVanOosterhout - 22 Jun 2015


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