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Item9683: WYSIWYG edit too slow to be ready

Priority: Low
Current State: No Action Required
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Target Release: n/a
Applies To: Engine
Reported By: LarsEik
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Last Change By: PaulHarvey
When creating a new topic or editing an existing with WYSIWYG it just takes too long before it is ready to input text. About 15 seconds I've counted.

It says: Please wait... retrieving page from server.

I don't know if it's related but I'll probably create another task for it: a few times the text I entered was not there after save (editing existing topic). The topic then had old content. Just a small note, will create separate task if I can reproduce again.

Running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit. fastcgi on apache2.

-- LarsEik - 15 Sep 2010

Hi Lars,

This is almost a duplicate (or at least will be fixed when I close it) of Item9408.

The idea is to eliminate the "Please wait..." message by getting rid of the separate TML2HTML request, serving the edit screen with both TML and WYSIWYG content in the same page. This way TinyMCE is able to edit the topic content at the instant that it is ready.

I'm just trying to find a spare couple of hours. Hope to do this before end of September.

However, I am concerned that you are seeing 15 second transitions. This is unusal.
  1. Are you using Firebug's netpanel? This is very CPU intensive and gives exaggerated numbers.
  2. How much of the load time is "javascript" vs "retrieving page from server"? Ie. Does it take a long time to see the TinyMCE editor itself, or is most of the 15s spent waiting for the topic content?
    1. Does this happen for all topics, or only interesting/large documents? Is it 15s on new empty documents too?
    2. Are you using FastCGI?
    3. Are there any clues in the apache/foswiki logs?
    4. What is the spec of your Foswiki server - and is it a VM? Using top during a transition, can you see that the rest script uses most of the CPU for the whole time?
    5. Is the HTML2TML (switch to raw edit) just as slow?
  3. If most of the time spent waiting is browser/javascript time, could you please share the browser you are using and the CPU/RAM spec of your PC?
    1. Do you know if your server is configured with mod_exires properly so that the browser doesn't ask for JS/CSS/etc files that it's already cached? you should be able to confirm this by studying the webserver's access log to see what files are requested when you view a topic. If everything is cached and working properly, only the /bin/view or /bin/edit request should be made by the browser.

So, before closing this task as a duplicate of Item9408, we need to:
  1. Establish whether it's javascript or server CPU issue; or something else
  2. If we suspect CPU issue on the rest script, cook up a time ./rest -topic WyisywgPlugin/tml2tml.... command we can use for testing + confirmation.

-- PaulHarvey - 16 Sep 2010

Also, what version of perl you have

-- PaulHarvey - 16 Sep 2010

I also got this two times:
There was a problem retrieving http://ipaddress../foswiki/bin/rest/WysiwygPlugin/tml2html: GENERAL 0

The WYSWYG editor loads fast, it seem to be the conversion or fetching of content that takes long. I had HttpCompress on but but is off now.

perl 5.10.1. I'm not using firebugs netpanet, but I have it installed (disabled). FastCGI is running. The server is a DELL PE2950, Quad core Intel CPU with 8GB RAM. So far I'v just tested on my computer which is Ubuntu 10.04 with FF 3.5 and Chrome.

Will test more a later and go over with firebug, verify DNS etc.

-- LarsEik - 16 Sep 2010

Lars, 15s sounds ominously like Support.Faq18. I wonder if it's just Apache that's not finishing the page request.

-- PaulHarvey - 16 Sep 2010

Oh boy...I switched to mod_fcgid....Yes, that radically improved performance! Insane stuff...Someone should remove mod_fastcgi from all pages on the internet smile

-- LarsEik - 16 Sep 2010

So I wasn't the only one bitten by this. I created Item9701.

-- PaulHarvey - 17 Sep 2010

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Summary WYSIWYG edit too slow to be ready
ReportedBy LarsEik
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AppliesTo Engine
Priority Low
CurrentState No Action Required
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