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(04:27:56 AM) IngoWolf: I have problems, getting DIRECTEDGRAPHPLUGIN to work
(04:28:00 AM) IngoWolf: DirectedGraph Error (20):
(04:29:23 AM) IngoWolf: setting debug=1 does not change the output
(04:36:55 AM) IngoWolf: solved - path settings were wrong - but documentation could be improved

[10:38:01 AM) IngoWolf: gac410: well, the error 20 was wrong path to {Plugins}{DirectedGraphPlugin}{magickPath}  /usr/bin/convert
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(10:38:44 AM) IngoWolf: gac410: error 25 came with wrong path to {Plugins}{DirectedGraphPlugin}{enginePath} /usr/bin/
(10:39:21 AM) gac410: Okay - thanks.  I'll add that.    did you have magickPath and enginPath set, or were they defaulting to the default system path?
(10:40:51 AM) IngoWolf: gac410: "which GraphViz" gives no output, so maybe a hint to the default bin path would be helpful
(10:41:22 AM) IngoWolf: gac410: wait, i delete them
(10:41:55 AM) gac410: The most recent version should use the programs found in the system path - that is now the default in the Config.spec.  
(10:42:26 AM) gac410: Note that there is no such program as GraphViz -   try "which convert"   for ImageMagick,  and "which dot" for GraphViz
(10:43:18 AM) gac410: I was trying to make the plugin run without any configuration needed if the tools are all found on the default path.
(10:48:44 AM) IngoWolf: gac410: well, you are right, i should not have set any path - it works with default (but not with false path) - so maybe for noobs like me point it out that one should first try if it works before touching path settings :-)
(10:49:18 AM) gac410: Okay - I'll add something to that effect, also I'll add the error codes that you ran into.
(10:49:40 AM) IngoWolf:  try "which convert"   for ImageMagick,  and "which dot" for GraphViz - this is helpful information
(10:50:05 AM) gac410: Okay - I'll mention that too.  

Also - other doc changes:
  • Add an ImageURL to the plugin to display in the configuration tool
  • Remove the plugin table from the distributed system topic.

-- GeorgeClark - 30 Jan 2010

Clarify the vectorformats option - document the dot option for attaching the parsed input file.
Topic revision: r7 - 09 Mar 2010, GeorgeClark
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