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On file Ts.rtf I get the error Filename Logo Ts.rtf is not legal for a TWiki attachment.

rest of message:
Certain characters are not permitted in filenames, and other filenames are not permitted for security reasons. Your filename matched one of the following regular expressions, so it was rejected:
Rename the file on your local machine and try uploading again.



Seconded. This makes TWiki:Codev.AutomaticAttachments pointing to my "My Documents" folder quite a lot less useful!


agreed. first, there's no reason spaces can't be used. to handle the more troublesome file extensions will require some apache config so that files under pub/ aren't executed. -- WN

But rtf couldn't be a troublesome file extension, could it? Perhaps 'just' a bug? -- AC

with Filename Logo Ts.rtf, the problem isn't the .rtf extension, it's the spaces. i don't know why spaces aren't allowed, but yes, i'm agreeing this should be fixed. -- WN

Spaces are not allowed in filenames for various reasons stretching back into the dim-and-distant, but mostly because there aren't any tests and it's too late to open that can of worms (I tried, and everything went tits-up).



Spaces mostly work (Item822) except for edge cases (Item957)


Undeferred, post Dakar CC

See also Item3456


Rod Beckstrom wrote:
Dear Crawford,

Not sure if this is a bug but you would save millions of mouse clicks by either shutting off this useless warning message that the file name has been changed or by adding a checkbox choice at the bottom to never see the message again. It is the most annoying of regular messages I see in the system and the most useless. It is obvious to a user that the name is changed when they look at the Attachment list.

Can you please remove this simple roadblock?


I realise this isn't directly on-topic, but it does justify raising priority to "Normal" IMHO. CC

Arthur has sometimes discussed doing a "flash" message system for this kind of messages. Putting energy into a generic solution for the messages are probably the better way to go.

-- TWiki:Main.SteffenPoulsen - 14 Sep 2007

Renamed item to reflect the remainder of the problem. Spaces in filenames and extensions like rtf are handled by renaming the file now, but the message could be less intrusive.

-- TWiki:Main.SteffenPoulsen - 22 Dec 2007

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Summary Attached file renamed message too intrusive / not necessary
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