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Item14759: Error messages/warnings from PublishPlugin (when publishing from the command line)

Priority: Normal
Current State: New
Released In: n/a
Target Release: n/a
Applies To: Extension
Component: PublishPlugin
Reported By: RobertSchuettler
Waiting For:
Last Change By: MichaelDaum

Steps to reproduce

  • cd /path/to/your/foswiki/bin
  • perl rest /PublishPlugin/publish format=file topic=Main.WebHome

Error messages

Variable "$this" will not stay shared at ... lib/Foswiki/Plugins/PublishPlugin/

   (W closure) An inner (nested) named subroutine is referencing a
    lexical variable defined in an outer named subroutine.
    When the inner subroutine is called, it will see the value of
    the outer subroutine's variable as it was before and during the *first*
    call to the outer subroutine; in this case, after the first call to the
    outer subroutine is complete, the inner and outer subroutines will no
    longer share a common value for the variable.  In other words, the
    variable will no longer be shared.
    This problem can usually be solved by making the inner subroutine
    anonymous, using the sub {} syntax.  When inner anonymous subs that
    reference variables in outer subroutines are created, they
    are automatically rebound to the current values of such variables.
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at ... lib/Foswiki/Plugins/PublishPlugin/ line

 (W uninitialized) An undefined value was used as if it were already
    defined.  It was interpreted as a "" or a 0, but maybe it was a mistake.
    To suppress this warning assign a defined value to your variables.
    To help you figure out what was undefined, perl will try to tell you
    the name of the variable (if any) that was undefined.  In some cases
    it cannot do this, so it also tells you what operation you used the
    undefined value in.  Note, however, that perl optimizes your program
    and the operation displayed in the warning may not necessarily appear
    literally in your program.  For example, "that $foo" is usually
    optimized into "that " . $foo, and the warning will refer to the
    concatenation (.) operator, even though there is no . in
    your program.


System running Debian 9.5 (Stretch), Perl v5.24.1, Foswiki 2.1.6, PublishPlugin 3.4 (30 Jan 2018 ).


Bugs me. frown, sad smile

-- RobertSchuettler - 17 Sep 2018


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Summary Error messages/warnings from PublishPlugin (when publishing from the command line)
ReportedBy RobertSchuettler
Codebase 2.1.6
SVN Range
AppliesTo Extension
Component PublishPlugin
Priority Normal
CurrentState New
TargetRelease n/a
ReleasedIn n/a
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