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Item13294: Translation quality issues with maketext source strings.

Priority: Normal
Current State: Closed
Released In: 2.0.0
Target Release: major
Applies To: Engine
Branches: master
Reported By: GeorgeClark
Waiting For:
Last Change By: GeorgeClark
This is a "catch-all task to report translation issues that need developer corrections. Strings that have translation issues caused by their context in the source, embedded variables, mislocated punctuation, etc. Please list here with a link to the source:

Fixed Source Link Issue Suggestion
lack of punctation ":"
add a ":" at the end should be better ?
lack of final point
add final point
The Registration page has a string that is impossible to translate well. Select %multiple% to join: Where multiple is substituted as "group" or "groups"
Needs macro rework
see Item13299 for a full description
Correct wording or alter the NatEditPlugin dialog as commented in the Task
This English sentence meaning is opaque: "New password did not match existing password for this user". If a password exists and has to match an existing password, it cannot be a "new password"
Not sure what should be done with this one, but correcting to a clearer wording could help
the string "Please enter a Wiki name." is not consistent with the use of !WikiName or WikiName elsewehere to refer to the same concept
since this is a string in System Web and System Web contains a WikiName topic, the string should really be "Please enter a WikiName." (without a nop so as to resolve to the proper topic in the same Web).
This particular string is displayed by javascript, and is not rendered by Foswiki. WikiWords will not be linked. Any use of [ ] are displayed literally. However the string has been fixed to read WikiName
the MAKETEXT does not contain a translatable term for Login name
the MAKETEXT should include a
[[[_1]][Login Name]]
There is a full stop followed by a colon in "Unsafe redirect to [_1] is denied.: The requested host does".
Either . or : have to be removed. If removing the . and leaving the : no capital should be needed after the colon (
the string should be URL, since this is an acronym
change it to URL
NatEditPlugin contains parts of the template referring to a Javascript uploading interface, which is not actually in use
deletion of that part of the template -- see Tasks.Item13311
Done by MichaelDaum in distro:2ec0525f197d
"User name %1." should be "Username %1." since what we really mean here is the name used by the user to log in, and not just his "name"
change it to "Username %1."
the string "Wiki administrators should read about the Foswiki:SecurityFeatures." does not contain a translatable term for "SecurityFeatures"
since the Foswiki: prefix refers to a Topic on f.o, the MAKETEXT could contain
"Wiki administrators should read the [[[_1]][SecurityFeatures topic on]]"
this string containing WikiName is in a html
tag and I believe that it will produce a link to the topic in the System Web.
allow its translation and linking of the translated term to the proper topic, and thus include it as

The label tag was preventing the expansion to a link. In order to clarify that this WikiWord does not expand to a link, its MAKETEXT now includes a
After discussing this with MichaelDaum, this "Upload a file" button's real usage is to display a button on the toolbar in NatEditPlugin when TopicInteractionPlugin is enabled, allowing the user to access an interface where he can attach a file to the topic
the proper term used should be "Attach a file" in order to be consistent with the language used elsewhere in Foswiki
several lack of Maketext
- for the "Saving ..." when save is press
- "retriev information from server, please wait..." when go from wysiwyg to natedit (not sure of the string)
add maketext for enable translation big grin

-- GeorgeClark - 06 Mar 2015

Some other issue/question
  • in a sentence, should we write web or Web ? : Web is a main concept of Wiki, so Web seems to be appropriate (is not a common word)
  • in a sentence, should we write Wiki or wiki ? : same than above
  • javascript should be written JavaScript according to the trademark : my suggestion is use Wikipedia:JavaScript for linking to wikipedia.

-- GuilainCabannes - 06 Mar 2015

Regarding DefaultUserRegistration, none of the field names on that page use the colon, so we'd have to change all of them to be consistent. But yes, other similar pages - ChangePassword, ChangeEmailAddress, all use : in field name. So really the registration page should have consistent look to all other forms. But... Looking at generated forms, like the tasks form, no colons are used. So the larger question is should we be removing colons everywhere, or adding them?

period at end of registermessages ... yes it should be there.

-- GeorgeClark - 06 Mar 2015

Closing. 2.0 is released.

-- GeorgeClark - 06 Jul 2015
Topic revision: r35 - 06 Jul 2015, GeorgeClark
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