Item11470: Parameter linkattachments doesn't work / is inconsistent

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Component: DirectedGraphPlugin
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Reported By: ChristianZiemski
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Last Change By: GeorgeClark

The parameter linkattachments="on|off" doesn't work.

After some exploring I found an inconsistency and an (intermediate) fix:

In lib/Foswiki/Plugins/

in line 292 it's named "LINKATTACHMENTS" like in the documentation:
    # Get the default link file attachment default
    $linkFilesDefault =
      || 'on';

but in line 418 it's named "linkfiles"
    my $linkFiles     = $params{linkfiles}     || $linkFilesDefault;

So one has either
  • to use linkfiles="off" instead of linkattachments="off" in the <dot> tag
  • or change $params{linkfiles} to $params{linkattachments} in above line

Additionally in line 865 I changed the if() as follows to get it finally working:
    #if ($linkFiles) {  # doesn't work
    if ( $linkFiles =~ m/on/ ) {   # is working

-- ChristianZiemski - 24 Jan 2012

Since linkattachments is the documented parameter, it will be the preferred parameter. linkfiles will still work if specified, for backwards compatiblity. Switched to use Foswiki::Func::isTrue() to test the parameter.

-- GeorgeClark - 21 Dec 2013
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