Item10180: Initial release of JQueryMenuSkin

Priority: Normal
Current State: Closed
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Applies To: Extension
Component: JQueryMenuSkin
Reported By: PadraigLennon
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Initial release of JQueryMenuSkin

-- PadraigLennon - 20 Dec 2010

Version 0.0.3
  • Moved loading of Superfish into the view.jqmenu.tmpl file to allow for easier Menu customization using include
  • Renamed JQueryMenuBarMenu to JQueryMenuBarMenuDefault and added support for JQUERYMENUSKINBAR preference variable
  • Inherit jquery.superfish.css from JQueryPlugin which allows menu.css to be customized easier (This also removed the need for images MenuArrow.png and MenuShadow.png
  • Removed header css definitions from style.css
  • Removed header/button/submit css definitions from style.css (removing local edit...)
  • Use %USERSWEB% consistently across all files
  • Updated the extension document
  • Fixed Shortdescription in extension documentation

-- PadraigLennon - 22 Dec 2010

I mentioned to you to replace SEARCH with a Set. Sorry, that advice was clearly wrong (will break view from FastReport). So another way is to use an INCLUDE section. But please don't worry about my suggestion to remove the SEARCH, what you've done seems to me that you have a good understanding of Foswiki ways smile

-- PaulHarvey - 23 Dec 2010

No worries..

I've uploaded the last update for a while..

Version 0.0.4
  • Removed the setting of PATTERNSKIN_THEME/PATTERNSKIN_COLUMNS in the docs.. This is not needed
  • Minor Docs update

-- PadraigLennon - 23 Dec 2010

Version 0.0.5
  • added missing JQREQUIRES to ensure the jq plugins are loaded, and are in the needed order

I've also noticed that on my 1024x768 screen, enabling the menu on pattern forces the leftbar below the main text region - so there's something wrong with the css - ah frown, sad smile pattern skin uses a very careful float combination - something is messing that up :/

ok, so i should have opened a new task - i'm too braindead

-- SvenDowideit - 27 Dec 2010

This menu is a replacement for the Leftbar.. I'm going to add some functionality to allow user menu item based on a search which may achieve what you want. Thanks for the fixes above. I will close this task and start up a new one

-- PadraigLennon - 11 Jan 2011
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