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Active Tasks

Id Summary Priority Current State
Item10107 WYSIWYG editor protects macros inside tags by inserting spans, which then breaks the enclosing tag. Normal Confirmed
Item10239 Class Attribute is missing after Wysiwyg Transfer of Table Nodes Normal Confirmed
Item10790 script error while saving a topic Normal Waiting for Feedback
Item10930 When editing using the 'wiki text' editor no WYSIWYG button is shown Enhancement Confirmed
Item10995 Wysiwyg destroys umlaute Normal Confirmed
Item11031 Enable the TinyMCE editor for data form textareas Enhancement New
Item11486 TinyMCE IE7 bugs: 1. can't set font color 2. blockquote disappearing on save Normal New
Item11497 set ending multi-line pre does not detect end of pre because it is encoded on a protected set statement Normal Confirmed
Item11751 TinyMCE breaks numbered headers Normal Confirmed
Item11788 Consecutive verbatim blocks are merged. Enhancement Confirmed
Item11815 Bulleted list - continue with normal - bug in the WYSIWYG Normal Confirmed
Item12044 WysiwygPlugin: REST upload response should be retrievable in parseable format Enhancement New
Item12230 WysiwygPlugin: tml2html: introduces spurious hidden whitespace in HTML table cells that contain blank lines Normal Confirmed
Item12322 WysiwygPlugin could remove TopicEnd spans if it notices them (and maybe even anything after? Normal New
Item12341 WysiwygPlugin identifies spans inside protected macros with TMLhtml, but fails to remove the class during save. Normal Confirmed
Item12388 HTML2TML relies on XML-specific ' entity Normal Confirmed
Item12578 WysiwygPlugin has problems displaying tables and following content Low Waiting for Feedback
Item12847 Weird blank line in WYSIWYG mode when first line is a MACRO followed by a table Low Confirmed
Item12848 Two tables in a row unexpectedly merge to one table Low Confirmed
Item13102 WYSIWYG Editor breaks when loading certain content from comments box Normal New
Item13114 Unable to position cursor beyond verbatim block at end of topic. Normal Confirmed
Item2123 tinymce fullscrene mode appears without save&cancel Enhancement Confirmed
Item2489 WysiwygPlugin Constants should use export instead of aliasing it to some WC module Enhancement New
Item2515 Add support for underline and line-through text decorations Enhancement New
Item5103 TMCE replaces non-breaking space with normal space Normal Confirmed
Item5492 Black font tags are usually unwanted Enhancement Confirmed
Item5955 WysiwygPlugin failes to roundtrip tables that are created with align center Normal Confirmed
Item8032 The means to put WYSIWYG on form fields Enhancement Confirmed
Item8475 Foswiki introduces errant spaces into table cells Normal Confirmed
Item8690 html tags inserted by the WYSIWYG editor prevent Wikiwords expansion Low New
Item9651 wysiwyg converts bold table content to table heads Normal Confirmed
Item9726 How to disable Wysiwyg from an EditTemplate. Normal New
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