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ActionTrackerPlugin Edit Bug?

Hi there,

~ got another question concerning the ActionTracker..

I have been using the CommentPlugin, type="action", to create new actions and I have also edited some new attributes to the action. The problem now is that if I use the edit function(which I have added the new attributes) the action is not only updated but it generates a copy of the updated action to the end of the page. This only happens if I edit the action for the first time. Further edits are correctly transferred to the site.

Thanks for any help!


Update: I think the state-attribute is buggy and the cause of this problem. If I create a new action with the default action-type from the CommentPlugin the state-attribute is not displayd as a select-option but as a plain text. I added a dummy select-option and it worked out fine.If the state-attribute is displayd as a select-option editting just work out fine. -- 05-Okt-2011

Update: We found out that actions created by the CommentPlugin don`t get an uid due to in the output field. This causes the problem with the edit-function. But we couldn`t figure out to automatically assign a uid to the new action. The question I have now is how do you initialize an action if you are using a template? -- 06-Okt-2011

Action uids are automatically allocated when a topic is saved, so long as the plugin is invoked during the save process. The problem you are seeing may be a result of the ordering of plugins - because plugins are by default invoked in alphabetic order, the action tracker will be invoked to create the UID before the comment plugin is invoked to generate the action. So try putting CommentPlugin and ActionTrackerPlugin into the {PluginsOrder} field in configure.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 07 Oct 2011

I deleted the NOP macro from the OUTPUT definition. It seems to work, but I don`t know if it has any negative sideeffects that i don`t see right now.

-- JackSpam - 11 Oct 2011

The new action gets an uid, but the uid is the one from the Template-action within the CommentPluginTemplate, which means there will be only one uid given to all new actions created by the CommentPlugin.

-- JackSpam - 11 Oct 2011

Ok, we read your comment thoroughly and now replaced the order in the PluginsOrder field and it works. We first thought we had to enable the CommentPlugin before the ATP wink Thanks again!

-- JackSpam - 11 Oct 2011

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