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MailerContrib not working with LdapContrib

I'm having trouble with the LdapContrib+MailerContrib combo. I believe it could be a bug in LdapContrib but debugging it is unfortunately a little beyond my meager Perl skills.

Essentially MailerContrib isn't getting the email addresses from LdapContrib. MailerContrib gets back "ARRAY(0x2e5a150)" (with some random hex number for each run). I suspect there was some type of API change in the getEmails function which did not get reflected in LdapContrib.

Any ideas? Is this a bug or do I have some type of config issue?

-- JamesPeverill

Hi James, any recipe how to reproduce the error?

-- MichaelDaum - 30 Sep 2011

Sorry I wasn't very clear in the first post. I'm using LdapContrib for both the user mapping and password management, and using LdapApacheLogin for the login manager. It appears that when using LdapContrib for the password management (Which is where the wikiname to email lookup happens), MailerContrib can't get the username's email address. This also affects ActionTrackerPlugin::ActionNotify, which exhibits the same symptoms.

The Ldap email lookup itself is working, but it appears the array passing format between LdapContrib and MailerContrib/ActionNotify is incorrect. I did some poking around but I'm not too clear on the Perl syntax. I think we may be ending up with an array of arrays instead of an array of strings.

To reproduce I believe you just have to use LdapPasswdUser and try to use MailerContrib.

-- JamesPeverill - 30 Sep 2011

Apologies I think I made a mistake. It appears that it is working now. While I was testing I realized I did not have LdapPasswdMapper setup, and this was preventing email lookup. I fixed this but only after I had poked at the code a bit. My sendmail was also not working with foswiki (as I was using ssmtp). Now that I have reverted the code and fixed these two issues it is all working.

Sorry for the false alarm!

-- JamesPeverill - 30 Sep 2011

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