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Unexpected links for every PDF acronym to the topic Main.Pdf

We are having a problem with our installation of 1.0.9. One of our departments has a web with a number of linked PDFs. Recently a PDF was uploaded as an attachment to a site off the Main web, which was entitled PDF. After this attachment was uploaded, all of the links on the original site now point to this new site, and its attached PDF. Removing this site does not fix the functionality of the linked PDFs. Linked PDFs on other sites seem to work all right, as do attached PDFs, which open in the Adobe plugin. Any idea what could be going on here?


It sounds as though someone renamed a topic named PDF resulting in the link updates? Just a guess though, because I don't understand your terminology about "sites". Could you provide some additional detail about what was done and what you mean by sites? Check the event log - was the topic or attachment renamed?

-- GeorgeClark - 03 Aug 2011

This is what I'm seeing in the event log.

2011-06-20T19:29:59Z info guest view Main.Pdf (not exist) Mozilla
The page was created off of the Main web. I spoke with the user that uploaded this, and she said she didn't upload it here, but to a different web. I'm not sure how a web called Pdf would affect other linked PDF's on other webs, in any case, but it seems to have. I don't know exactly what was done here, other than after the creation of this web off of the Main web, the PDF links on one of our sites now refer back to this Main.Pdf

Sorry, in referring to another site, I mean another web. In this case, a web full of linked PDFs that refer to files sitting on the FosWiki server.

Ah - do you have the FindElsewherePlugin enabled? If I recall correctly, Acronyms like PDF only link when there is actually a topic existing with that name. If FindElsewhere is enabled, then it might be finding the Main.Pdf topic and activating the acronym links.

There are a couple of possible solutions. You can set "LOOKELSEWHEREFORACRONYMS to "none" to stop the acronym links. You could also disable completely by setting DISABLELOOKELSEWHERE = 1 in the topic containing the PDF acronym.

The ControlWikiWordPlugin can be configured to automatically insert a <nop> to prevent links as well.

-- GeorgeClark - 04 Aug 2011

We don't have either of those plugins enabled in our installation. It does sound like this is the behavior we're seeing though. Know of any other plugins that could cause something like this? Any idea why removing the Pdf topic would not solve the issue? After removing it, the original web still tries to link to the Main.Pdf topic, and gives a 404 error instead of delivering the page.


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