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Can not upgrade or intsall extensions

When I try to upgrade or install and extension from configure I get the following error. I am running on Centos 5.5. It does not matter which extension I try.

Can't locate object method "preinstall" via package "Foswiki::Configure::Package" at /var/www/html/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Configure/ line 266.

I guess this question may be part of the problem noted in Question722

I'm not sure what is going wrong here. Each Package file (WhatEverPlugin _installer) should contain 4 subrouines: for example:

sub preuninstall {

    # # No PREUNINSTALL script;

The package installer tries to execute the routines - pre and post install. The vast majority of extensions have empty scripts as in the above example.

Could you try running the _installer package from the command line? This problem is not related to the issue reported in Question722.
  • What version of perl are you using?
  • Do you have Mandatory Access Controls (MAC) enabled. (Might be the default in Centos)
  • What's the output of "sestatus" command
It might be easier to debug this on IRC if you can get signed, ask for some help and reference this question.

-- GeorgeClark - 20 Dec 2010

  • SELinux is diasabled.- so no MAC enabled???
  • Sestatus does not return anything : command not found
  • Perl version is 5.8.8

I am a bit of a linux novice so have not used IRC to chat.. I will look into that.

The odd thing is the configure extension upgrade and installer did work at first. I am assuming a Centos package upgrade broke my system somehow... but did not keep track of what packages I upgraded

-- HansSchwing - 27 Dec 2010

I ran the installer for JQuery from the command line and it failed. Here is the ouput:

 perl JQueryPlugin_installer
Do you want to use locally found installer scripts and archives to install JQueryPlugin and any dependencies.
If you reply n, then fresh copies will be downloaded from this repository.? [y/n] n
Package repository set to 

fetching installer from ... succeeded

JQueryPlugin Installer
This installer must be run from the root directory of your Foswiki

    * The script will not do anything without asking you for
      confirmation first (unless you used -a).

    * You can abort the script at any point and re-run it later
    * If you answer 'no' to any questions you can always re-run
      the script again later

JQueryPlugin version $Rev: 20090710 (2010-08-18) $ is already installed. Are you sure you want to re-install this module? [y/n] y

JQueryPlugin ready to be installed Do you want to proceed with installation of JQueryPlugin? [y/n] y
Can't locate object method "preinstall" via package
        "Foswiki::Configure::Package" at /var/www/html/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Configure/ line 266, <STDIN> chunk 3 (#1)
    (F) You called a method correctly, and it correctly indicated a package
    functioning as a class, but that package doesn't define that particular
    method, nor does any of its base classes.  See perlobj.
Uncaught exception from user code:
        Can't locate object method "preinstall" via package "Foswiki::Configure::Package" at /var/www/html/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Configure/ line 266, <STDIN> chunk 3.
 at /var/www/html/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Configure/ line 266
        Foswiki::Configure::Package::fullInstall('Foswiki::Configure::Package=HASH(0x8cd991c)') called at /var/www/html/foswiki/tools/ line 445
        Foswiki::Extender::_install('JQueryPlugin') called at /var/www/html/foswiki/tools/ line 599
        Foswiki::Extender::install('', 'JQueryPlugin', 'JQueryPlugin', 'MANIFEST', 'data/System/JQueryAjaxHelper.txt,0644,\x{a}data/System/JQueryAuto...', 'DEPENDENCIES', 'Foswiki::Plugins::ZonePlugin,>=3.1,( $Foswiki::Plugins::VERSI...') called at JQueryPlugin_installer line 136
-- HansSchwing - 30 Dec 2010

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