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How to call a popup-window from an external source

I want to make some checklists for my users to remind them, what they have to do in a task.

And I want to make them at a popup-window, so that they have enough space on the monitor for there application and the checklist.

so i make a popup-link like:
<a class="foswikiPopUp" target="Support.WebHome" href="%SCRIPTURL{"view"}%/Main/WebHome">%MAKETEXT{"Support.WebHome"}%</a>

When i call this from foswiki, it works fine. But now I want to call this popupwindow from an external source (the application). But how can I realize this? All trys up to now results, that the link whas opened in a new full-screen-task of the browser.

Here's an example of popup a new window and setting the size and place of the window. I have replaced the Foswiki macros in case you mean to have this link on a web page not on a Foswiki server:

<a href="#" onClick="'','','resizable=yes,width=400,height=300,top=200,left=300')">open popup</a>

Renders like: open popup

I see different behaviour with Google Chrome and Firefox, Chrome opens new window and Firefox a new tab. Looks like a browser preference.

-- LarsEik - 28 Nov 2010

Thank you. But I don't think, this would help.

I want to call it from ohter applications, and this apps dont understand html. The only way is to call url's. Slowly, but surely I think, there is no good way to realize this. So my second plan is to call a normal url from the app and open the checklist a normal tab in the default-browser and offer a link on the checklist to make it as popup.

-- MaikSchoenfeld - 28 Nov 2010

Well, there's alway a way if there's room for creativity :). I suppose this still doesn't solve your problem but anyway I thought I just should mention also that Foswiki can return from URL just plain text. Using INCLUDE functionality, you set up a section in the topic with STARTSECTION{"theSection}.. and ENDSECTION. Then in calling URL http://..../MyTopic?skin=text&section=theSection. So an application that can call an URL can receive text that is not html formatted. The "theSection" content should be inside <nop><literal> or verbatim tags. With literal tags you can use macros, like %TOPIC% and %BR%. Authentication could be a thing to solve depending on how you do this, of course.

Here's a short example, view page source to see what the URL gives back: open popup (text)

The include can be seen from wiki text of this page.

-- LarsEik - 28 Nov 2010

Maybe I've expressed my problem incorrectly (my english could be better ;)
The app don't need to recive any text from an topic.
The user klicks on a link or a button in the app and the app should open by a command a 'popup'-like browser-window with the checklist.
Most likely there is no way to open a popup-window of the defaultbrowser by a command.
I reed the parameter-list for IE and Firefox, but there is no parameter for this point.
So after a while with google I found something, that could work.
I could make a vbs-file and start the IE with some IE-Properties like:

With the skin- and the section-argument in the URL I could make the browser-window look like a popupwindow. That means unfortunately, the users have to use only the IE, so I must wait, what of my two options are better for the users (or find a better one)

  • opt 1: open the checklist in a full window-page with the default-browser and insert a link, to open the same checklist in a popup-window for better clarity (drawback: the user must click on an extra link in the browser and then minimize the full-browserpage, to have the desired effect)
  • opt 2: open the checklist with IE by vbs in a popup-like small window (drawback: the user is bound on IE)
Both drawbacks are not fatal, I only want to make it as perfectly as possible.

The include & the section macro I do allready use for this problem,
e.g. a full-page checklist-topic contains (like a container) a include the main-section of the actual checklist-topic and also a popuplink to this main-section.
(after reading your text again, I understand, that I don't need to make 2 Topics, to realize this. So now I'de put it all in 1 topic)

The "MyTopic?...section=theSection" hint was very helpfull for me, thank you.

edit: I don't want to open a new topic for my second problem because its a 'child' of this problem.
How can i customize the presentation of sites with: SomeTopic?template=viewplain.
In the web, where the topic is saved, a other skin is defined and certainly I don't be able to configure 2 diffent skins in for WebPreferences or else for one topic.
So now the vieplain try to show a image, but only the description of the image will be displayed. So I want to set a new image, but I've no idear, how to make this.
(at the login-page the problem is the same)

-- MaikSchoenfeld - 28 Nov 2010

So I'de now the app link the hole site and has a link, to make it as popup (with the popup-macro).

-- MaikSchoenfeld - 06 Dec 2010

Why do you want this? What do you try to achieve?

-- ArthurClemens - 06 Dec 2010

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