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Can support pages list all related questions - not just Asked and Answered?

I recently asked Question644 which was answered with a state change to "Answered but needs rewriting". I was confused that when I visited the Support page Support.SyntaxHighlightingPlugin that I could no longer see my question after the state change.

I'd like to suggest that we update ExtensionHub to show all questions related to the extension, not just Asked and Answered. I already made a slight modification so that "Answered" now includes "Answered but needs rewriting" but I'm not sure what to do about the rest of the states. Having a special section for each state seems like overkill. I was thinking 3 sections might work:
  • Asked
  • In Progress (this section would probably be in table format and show the current state)
  • Answered
I would go ahead and update the page myself, but I'm not really sure which states I'd put in which sections, partly because I'm not that familiar with the use or purpose of all the states (a state diagram would be handy if there is one). Here's a first cut with the ones I'm not sure of highlighted:
  • Asked -> Asked
  • More info required -> In Progress
  • Answered but needs rewriting -> Answered? In Progress? Answered
  • Answered -> Answered
  • Closed unanswered -> Answered? Not shown? Unanswered
  • Needs followup in Tasks -> In Progress
  • Needs Documentation Task -> In Progress
  • Task filed -> In Progress? Answered? In progress
  • Task closed -> Answered? In Progress? Answered
  • Marked for Deletion -> In Progress? Not shown? Discarded

-- LeilaPearson - 27 Sep 2010

I have marked a couple of suggestions in blue.

The issue page on GitHub has a nice example of categorizing issues/questions.

-- ArthurClemens - 29 Sep 2010

Thanks Arthur. That helps. For "Unanswered" - would "Discarded" potentially work? I think Unanswered might potentially be confused with Asked. I could show the "substate" (Closed unanswered or Marked for Deletion) in the table inside the section.

-- LeilaPearson - 02 Oct 2010

Unfortunately users pull in two directions - mosre simplicity versus more information. I have tried to balance the two by making the support main page very simple, and providing links to other pages that provide more information. If you think you can improve on this, then please do so.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 06 Feb 2012

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