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I'm using a fairly standard (debian packaged) installation of foswiki with the FullCalendar extension. I had all sort of troubles, which I sorted mostly by configuring all extensions I could figure out, but am now hitting a brick wall.

I placed a calendar on the Main page. It seems to work mostly. I can add items by clicking on the respective dates and filling in the form (more on that later) and they subsequently show up in the calendar.

However, one thing missing from the form is the ability to select "Attendees" ("Who" for leave). For example for "Who" in leave, the drop down box is there in principle, but it doesn't contain anything.

In error.log I get entries looking like this:

[Tue Aug 31 11:57:59 2010] [error] [client] [Tue Aug 31 11:57:59 2010] rest: Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/FullCalendarPlugin/ line 78., referer:<long number here>

I found this:


and added explicit references to Main.<user1> StefanMPetters etc. instead of %CALGROUPLIST%, but no luck.

probably missing something small here.



Hi Stefan,

the default installation expects a USERGROUP variable to be set to a Group topic from the USERSWEB that gets parsed to provide a multi-select list of attendees from that group. e.g. you could define the variable in WebPreferences Alternatively, you can change this default by creating UserFullCalEventTemplate in System web (note that this is wrongly defined as UserCalEventTemplate in the documentation and I'll correct for the upcoming update) and redefine the following template being careful to maintain the id, name and class attributes as they are used by the calendar's javascript

%TMPL:DEF{apptUserList}%<select multiple size="5" id="appt_users" name="users" class="userlist urlParam" resetmultiple="5">
%SEARCH{"*" nonoise="on" topic="%USERGROUP%" web="%USERSWEB%" format="$percntFORMATLIST{$quot$pattern(.*[\t\s]*\* Set GROUP = (.*?)[\r\n].*)$quot split=$quot[\s,]$quot separator=$quot $quot format=$quot<option value=$dollarquot$dollar1$dollarquot>$dollarpercntSPACEOUT{$dollar1}$dollarpercnt</option>$quot}$percnt"}%

The CALGROUPLIST setting is a bit of a red herring as an EventObject would/should never be edited "in the raw."

I'll fix the error.log messages for the next update.

Hi Patrick,

I reverted the EventObject and added the USERGROUP to the WebPreferences, but no good.



-- DavidPatterson - 31 Aug 2010

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