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FoswikiOnAStick/Strawberry Perl/GCC/LDAP issue - help!

I am evaluating multiple wiki systems for corporate use at my company.

One requirement is LDAP. I know that Foswiki does support this via the LDAPContrib plugin, but I am having many problems trying to get it installed due to (apparently) multiple dependencies.

To make things simple, I am trying to use FoswikiOnAStick and I have it on a USB key. Basic functionality works OK (though it is pretty slow - I don't know if that is just an issue with it running off the flash drive or not). It has Strawberry Perl and Apache as part of the installation.

Here is my status in trying to install LDAPContrib:

Anyway, here’s my status on installing the modules required for LDAPContrib:


I was able to install this OK. Version is 2.15.


I was able to install this OK. Version is 2.39.


After several attempts I was able to install this, though to do it I had to exclude the (optional) SSL sub-component. Version is 0.4001.


This is the greatest problem child! Tons of errors (see attachment). It says it is missing various prerequisites (Unicode::Map, Unicode::Map8, and Unicode::String) but apparently these also have problems installing. It’s a mess!

  • You sure you need this module? Unicode::MapUTF8 is for perl < 5.8. And I think Foswiki on a stick uses 5.8.8, or maybe even 5.10, so:
    1. You shouldn't need it
    2. It might have very odd results when used with perl > 5.8. Doc says it should work, but...


Less errors but no go. See attachment for error text. It looks like it needs the gcc compiler but it isn’t installed. Not sure the best way to “install” gcc into the existing structure of the Flash drive and where it is expected. Haven't used gcc in many many years. If anyone can advise on how to integrate gcc into the WikiOnAStick directory structure so that it is found where it is expected, then that would probably help here.


This is supposedly optional so I don’t know if I really need it, but it gives errors too. I’ve included those in the attachment. It looks like one of its dependencies (Net::SSLeay) also needs gcc. Again, if you let me know how to put it on the flash drive in the right directory structure and what environment variables or configs need to be set up with it to integrate into the whole Flash package, then this can probably be made to work.

If anyone can assist or give me pointers, I'd appreciate it. Ultimately I won't be the administrator for this - I am only evaluating it and need to ensure LDAP works OK in our environment and I'm just struggling with the various dependencies and gcc setup to make this all work.

Thanks in advance!

- Cameron

The perl libraries you mentioned are rather commonly used ones. Strawberry on the contrary isn't a very common platform. FoswikiOnAStick iis only there for a quick technology preview. Nothing more. For anything else on top you are best off install foswiki on an ubuntu server system using the available debian packages. That's by far less of a hassle than getting LdapContrib up and running on Strawberry. In addition the system will behave more like what you expect with regards to performance.

-- MichaelDaum - 26 Aug 2010

Michael, thanks for your answer but I do need to make this work with Windows because my company is definitely a Microsoft shop and ultimately that will drive the support/IT requirements from that end. So moving to Linux is not an option.

Actually, FoswikiOnAStick being a "quick technology preview" is perfect for me, considering that I am evaluating various wiki systems. I definitely need to run this under Windows. It seems the sticking point might simply be that Strawberry Perl is expecting the gcc to be installed somewhere different and can't find it. If it could, then everything might compile and work.

But in any event, what combination of Foswiki, Perl and any other needed libraries do you (or others who are familiar with running Foswiki under Windows) suggest?

- Cameron

one thing that may help someone is to note that Strawberry perl comes with a compiler and make - so it should be possible to build all cpan modules and their dependencies - the issue may be portability bugs in those modules - for which talking to the Strawberry perl guys ( #win32 for eg) will help.

I have memories of having it work last year for someone, but I just havn't had time to work through it this time frown, sad smile

(later) erm, huh? I just installed Unicode::MapUTF8 trivially, and DB_File and IO::Socket::SSL are in the strawberry perl I have on here.

um, I'm confused - i'll poke this all on the weekend when I build a new USBversion using 1.0.10rc

-- SvenDowideit - 27 Aug 2010

You will need DB_File thought, so poking at your logfile to see, but as Sven pointed out, cpan DB_File should do the trick.

D:\c\bin\dmake.exe -- NOT OK

Ok, maybe the PATH is wrong there, hence cpan doesn't find the exe. As I don't have the stick, I can't test, but Sven should come back to you.

-- OlivierRaginel - 13 Sep 2010

Happy to share a complete setup guide from a recent install of foswiki 1.1.9 running under windows server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5 and ActivePerl.

AD authentication fully working.

Can anyone suggest a good place for me to put it?

-- StevenHill - 10 Jan 2014

Apologies, didn't see the date on this smile Still, happy to share if anyone wants.

-- StevenHill - 10 Jan 2014

This would be great. you could create a topic like FoswikiOnWin2KR2IISAndActivePerl similar to FoswikiOnWindowsApacheAndActivePerl.


-- GeorgeClark - 10 Jan 2014

Done smile

-- StevenHill - 13 Jan 2014

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