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Extensions.TwistyPlugin balks at bulleted content under Extensions.NatSkin and JQuery 1.4.1

Under Foswiki 1.09 and latest Natskin and twistyplugin.

Twisty works fine with simple content.

However if the content is bulleted then, the Twisty encapsulated content displays regardless of the Twisty toggle state.

It appears to work normally on this site under FoswikiSiteSkin in the sandbox:


Though I note that this site is one rev behind the latest TwistyPlugin and a much older version of JQueryPlugin (from last July? that's a bit unsettling to see for a plugin moving to core).

Can't reproduce on. Your test works just fine here. Please upgrade TwistyPlugin and JQueryPlugin using the latest versions available on

-- MichaelDaum - 09 Mar 2010

As said above, I am up to date.

JQueryPlugin 6601 (2010-03-01)

NatSkin 6288 (2010-02-12)

NatSkinPlugin 6287 (2010-02-12)

It works fine with URL appended ?skin=pattern

-- CraigBowers - 09 Mar 2010

Found something. In Configure:Extensions reverting back to JQuery 1.3.2 resolves the issue. Going back to 1.4.1 re-enables the issue.

Though pattern skin appears fine with 1.4.1

-- CraigBowers - 09 Mar 2010

There was is an error in the configure interface of JQueryPlugin: it does list 1.4.1, but the plugin ships 1.4.2. So most probably you should see lots of 404 and javascript errors on any page that uses jQuery. Will be fixed on next JQueryPlugin release.

NatSkin switches on jQuery by default, while PatternSkin does not.

-- MichaelDaum - 13 Mar 2010

Good to know, filed away.

With that I was able to test further.
  • Updated JQuery yesterday after seeing the new release.
  • Set Jquery to 1.4.2
  • Retested that test topic which again failed, other results
    • choice-no?skin=jquery,pattern
    • choice-no ?skin=dojo,nat
    • choice-no ?skin=nat and presumably the redundant ?skin=jquery,nat
    • DONE ?skin=pattern
    • DONE ?skin=dojo.pattern
  • No javascript errors noted on that topic with 1.4.2 in the developer tools in Chrome.
  • I didn't observe a difference with JQueryPlugin No Conflict enabled.
However what does work is:


Apparently there's an issue with the default, span class.

I've set TWISTYMODE = "div" in SitePreferences as a fix for now.

I've set this back to asked so you can let me know if there's still something there for a Task, or if there are additional checks I should do to look for a local config issue.

-- CraigBowers - 16 Mar 2010

Is this still an issue with current releases of JQuery and Twisty plugins? Or can we close this?

-- GeorgeClark - 27 Nov 2011

This isn't an issue anymore: default mode for twisties is div for quite some time already. Apparently this never was a jQuery issue, just a plain HTML one.

-- Main.MichaelDaum - 14 Dec 2017

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