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Nested search returns 0 results

I'm trying to do a nested search to separate my FAQs into categories. The individual searches both work, but they don't play well together. Here's what I've go so far; split into multiple lines to make it easier to see, but all one line on my wiki:
%SEARCH{ "\|[^*]*?\|" topic="FaqCategory" type="regex" nosearch="on" nototal="on" multiple="on" noheader="on" 
format="---++ $pattern(.*\|\s*(.*?)\s*\|.*) FAQ $n 
$percntSEARCH{  \"FaqCategory='$pattern(.*\|\s*(.*?)\s*\|.*)'\" type=\"query\" nosearch=\"on\" nototal=\"off\" 
format=\"   * $dollarpattern(.*---\\+\\+ FAQ:\s*([^\\n]*).*) [[$dollartopic][Answer]]\" }$nop%" }%

The idea here is that I added a form to the FAQ, and the user picks the category for the FAQ. Then the search prints each category followed by the FAQs therein. But the second search yields 0 results. I've tried several different versions of escaping, and if I change $percntSEARCH to just SEARCH, so that the text of the search shows up on the page, rather than the result of the search, it looks like it should work.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Maybe not exactly what you want but I have done something similar with grouping procedure topics

%FOREACH{"category" in="%SEARCH{"   * " web="%BASEWEB%" topic="FaqCategories" type="regex" casesensitive="on" nosummary="on" nosearch="on" multiple="on" noheader="on" nototal="on" separator=", " format="$pattern(.*   \* ([^\n]*).*)"}%"}%
---++++!! '$category' Faq's
$percntSEARCH{"Category='$category'" web="%BASEWEB%" type="query" topic="Faq*" order="formfield(Title)" excludetopic="*Template*" multiple="on" casesensitive="on" nosummary="on" nosearch="on" noheader="on" nototal="on" format="   * [[$web.$topic][$formfield(Title)]] <span style=\"font-size: 70%; color: #808080\"> last modified by  $wikiusername on $date</span> "}%

Note: you will have to install and use the ForEachPlugin but its a really useful extension. It should be self explanitory. If not let me know. As always there is probably an easier way to do this..

-- PadraigLennon - 09 Feb 2010

Wow, what a maroon I am. The category was "NewUser", and when I moved the categories to a separate topic, I spelled it "NewEmployee". Then I wondered why it didn't match...

But I'm glad I posted anyway, because the ForEachPlugin is pretty cool, and I've installed it.

Thanks for answering my question!

-- DougClaar - 09 Feb 2010

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