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Installation on Apache 2.2 / WinServer2003 Problem


following the installation guide, i get an error message saying "Bad Request: GET denied for save" after submitting the form for "Install TopicClassificationAddOn into a web". apache logs don't show anything.

tcao/webhome topivtypes look like:
%DBQUERY{"Classification = 'TopicType'" web="TCAO" format="$percntSPACEOUT{$topic}$percnts ($percntDBQUERY{\"TopicType=~'$topic'\" web=\"$web\" format=\"none\" footer=\"$dollarcount\"}$percnt)?" separator=", "}%

%DBQUERY{"Classification = 'Classification'" exclude="TopicType" web="TCAO" separator="$n" format="| $percntSPACEOUT{$topic}$percnt?: | $percntDBQUERY{\"Classification = '$topic'\" format=\"$dollarpercntSPACEOUT{$dollartopic}$dollarpercnt ($dollarpercntDBQUERY{\\"$topic =~ '$dollartopic'\\" web=\\"$dollarweb\\" format=\\"none\\" footer=\\"$dollardollarcount\\"}$dollarpercnt)?\" separator=\", \" }$percnt |" }%

maybe a problem with my perl interpreter (activeperl 1006, which is corresponding to perl 5.10.1).

thanks for your support,


I've never used TCAO myself but it looks like you ran into an incompatibility between this add-on the the Foswiki version you're using. Newer version of Foswiki (> 1.0.5) don't allow the GET method for forms. See Tasks/Item1624 for a simple fix.

-- MartinKaufmann - 04 Feb 2010

Here's the fix referenced in that task:
  1. Edit RenderInstallTopicClassification in the TCAO web.
  2. Find the html form tag that says:
<form name="installTCAO" action="" >
and add a "post" attribute as so:
<form name="installTCAO" action="" method="post" >
  1. Save the topic and you're good to go.

-- LynnwoodBrown - 20 Apr 2010

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